Odd little fic. Kind of an Akito stream of thought about her role in the curse and how that makes all of the cursed ones her's, and not Tohru's. Please note that this is my first attempt at writing a Fruits Basjket fic, so please go easy on me, yeah?

Disclaimer: Fruits basket does not belong to me, clear?

They're Mine

They're mine.

Not yours. You can't have them. I won't let you have them.

You don't know anything. You can't save anyone. You weren't born with this curse. You don't know what it's like, and you can't break it. It's not your burdon to bear.

It's mine.

I'm dying to save them, not you. They live because I'm dying, not because of your silly little smile.

You don't even deserve to have them.

You can't hold them.

I can.

You can't hurt them.

I can.

You can't do what I can, so you can't have them. They're not yours to take, but they're mine to give.

I was born to be loved by them.

Not you.

I was born to die for them.

Not you.

I was born for them, so they all could live. What are you to them? What can you do for them? Will you sacrifice all I must for them?

No. You won't. You can't, so I won't give them to you. They're mine. Mine. You can't take that away. An outsider cannot take away God's children.

You can't have them, no way. I won't give them to you.

You can't take them. I'll fight to hold them.

You can't steal them. I'll hurt you before you do.

They're not yours.

They're mine.

So, that's it. Um, yeah. Tell me whatcha thought? Pretty please with a cherry on top?