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Sakura: So, are all of us gonna be chibi, and who's gonna look after us?

SA4: Well, only Sakura is gonna be turned into a chibi, and all the guys and the rest of the girls look after her XD and the pairings are SasuXSaku, NejiXSaku, ShikaXSaku, KibaXSaku, GaaXSaku and maybe SaiXSaku! You readers can decide if Sai should be in this story through your reviews! This story is probably similar to BlackBelt's 'And For Something Completely Different!' and that's the story that inspired me to write this XD the story is gonna be like BlackBelt's but different XD her story has different plots in it (I think) but mine would have one plot and one only. So enjoy reading!!!



'Inner selves'


(SA4, Harman or other people talking in the middle of you reading)

Oh no! Sakura turns into a chibi!

Sakura was delivering paperwork to Tsunade that afternoon, Shizune was ill and it was her original job but Sakura has done her work in the hospital and also Tsuande ordered her to get the paperwork.

'Lazy woman, she should get them herself!' Sakura thought, grumbling something in the real world, everyone around her were too busy to notice since they were hurrying about.

Sakura reached the Hokage's office and managed to open the door, as she walked in Sakura saw some sake bottles on the floor.

"Tsunade-shishou! You've been drinking again!" Sakura screamed at her female sensei and had placed the papers on Tsunade's desk.

"God, you're like Shizune! Oh and Sakura, your mum came here today, she said she needed you back home for some reason. After you've done your business there come back here." Sakura then nodded and went out the room.

As Sakura was walking home, she was talking to Inner Sakura, 'I wonder what 'Kaa-san wants...' 'Probably gonna ask if we have a boyfriend yet! I'm tired of her giving lectures about boys!' when Sakura had turned 15 her mum, Ichigo, has been giving lectures about Sakura becoming a grown woman and needs a man and other stuff like that. 'I don't wanna deal with that stuff today --sigh--

Sakura reached her house, turned the door handle and a woman that looked like in her early 40's with red hair was standing infront of Sakura.

"Welcome home sweetie! Don't you have a guy with you yet?" Ichigo said teasingly.

"Okaa-san!" Sakura blushed with embarrassment, a man emerged from one of the rooms and he had silver hair.

"Well, your 'Kaa-san is right you know. You need a boyfriend." Sakura's dad, Hiroshi, said.

"So, why did you need me 'Kaa-san?" Sakura came into the house and took off her black boots.

"Well, I made a new drink and I asked your 'Tou-san to try it but he refused." Ichigo pouted as Sakura and Hiroshi laughed.

"Okay, I'll try it. But I need to get back to Tsunade-shishou afterwards." Ichigo went into the kitchen and brought out a jug and a cup, in the jug was a light pinkish reddish coloured liquid, it smelt nice too, which made Sakura want it more. Sakura took the jug and cup and poured a bit of the liquid in the cup and took a quick sip of it.

"It's really nice, 'Kaa-san!!!" Sakura had now finished the whole drink from the jug, swiped the liquid on her lips with her tongue. But then Sakura felt something tingling her whole body then everything went black.

More than an hour later...

Sakura woke up in her room, but something didn't seem right, everything looked a bit bigger to her. She then looked at her body, she was wearing her 4 year old clothes but why? She got out of bed, but she fell because the bed seemed a bit high. She then walked to her full length mirror, she then screamed.

Ichigo and Hiroshi ran to Sakura's room to see what she was screaming about, of course they now know why she would scream after she had fainted.

"You're up Sakura!" as the parents entered Sakura's room, they saw a 4 year old girl with short pink hair, wearing clothes of a 4 year olds and a red ribbon tied to her head to keep her hair in place.

"What 'Kaa-san do?" Sakura started to talk like a 4 year old now! But she still has her 15 year old mind. 'Great, now I'm talking like a 4 year old...'

"--sigh-- Since she's awake, I'll take her to Tsunade-sama." Hiroshi picked up Sakura and went out the house, Ichigo ran to catch up with them.

In Tsunade's office...

Ichigo and Hiroshi explained everything that had happened to Sakura when she got home.

"Do you remember what you had put in the drink, Ichigo-san?" Tsunade asked, rubbing her temples.

"Er...Sadly, I can't remember, hehe..." Ichigo scratched the back of her head and laughed nervously as Hiroshi slapped his forehead.

"You two will help me find a cure for this, but it'll take a while," Tsunade looked at Sakura's direction, Sakura was playing with unneeded scrolls, making a mess on the floor, "SHIZUNE!! Get Team 7, 8, 10 and Gai's team here!" Tsunade shouted.

A few minutes later...

"Tsunade-obaa-chan! Why do you need us?! And where's Sakura-chan?!" Naruto banged the door opened, making the three adults in the room cover their ears.

"Sakura's right here, Naruto-kun." Ichigo said, pointing to her legs, the 4 teams looked down and saw a 4 year old Sakura hiding behind Ichigo's legs.

"Who are tall people?" Sakura asked in a whisper but everyone managed to hear it.

"Ichigo got Sakura turned into a chibi, I need you guys to take care of her as us three adults look for a cure. This is your mission for now." Ino, Hinata and Tenten started to coo Sakura and saying how adorable she is. The teams left the office and went to the park, letting Sakura have her fun.


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