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Only after a storm can the skies truly calm, serenity restored in the balance of nature, everything back to the way it should be. Storm after storm had raged in my life, seeming to change into endless hurricanes and cyclones, striking me until it sucked everything out.

Except him. He kept me going. He held my head up.

As I lay beside him, his arms wrapped around my bare skin under the sheets, I mused silently. When I turned seventeen, I never imagined that I would die that age. Eternally seventeen – a melancholy and yet sweet thought.

Then again, I never imagined that I'd find the reason for my existence at seventeen. The boy who seemed so hateful on that first day, in Biology, but who was destined to remain at my side until the end of days. Truly unpredictable.

I smiled as I felt the back of his fingers trace circles on my bare arm. I sighed, rolling over to face him, and surveyed the expression on his face. His golden eyes were pouring into mine, his lips quirked up in a smirk.

It seemed that finally the storm had calmed in my eternal life. After James…Llewellyn…the Volturi…even my own mother had intended to destroy me. And after losing Edward, even for that short period of time…

…it was only fair that after hell, one can reach heaven. One who hadn't committed any sin in the first place, anyway. Except maybe slaughtering a whole werewolf pack. And my own mother. With good reason.

Exhaling slowly, I wrapped myself in his arms, bare skin meeting bare skin again. I felt his lips against the top of my head, and I pressed my cheek against his shoulder. Amazing how I could be with the Volturi, and threaten them into sending me back to Forks…and yet, one vampire could render me senseless with one glance.

A laugh escaped at this thought, and I felt Edward tense. "What are you laughing at?" He asked, confused, and I chanced a look into his thoughts. "Is she laughing at me…? What did I do wrong?" Horrified at the thought, I shook my head.

You could never do anything, I thought, touching his cheek. He jerked upright, and realization flashed through me. Did you hear what I just thought?

He nodded, choosing to speak out loud. "But…but how? Your mind was shielded to all…how could it be that I'm the one to break the wall around it?" His eyes were almost bright with excitement, and I grinned, sheepishly aware of the fact that I'd need to guard my thoughts when the wall was down.

"I trust you…so utterly and completely. It's only fair that subconsciously, I'm aware of that." I smiled. "We'll have to work on that wall now, wont we? Even if you're the only one who can read my thoughts, I wouldn't want to go entirely weak." I kissed him gently.

Edward's smirk grew further. "I won't read your thoughts without your permission if you don't read mine." His hand searched for my own, and he gripped it firmly, his other hand resting on my hip casually, but so blissfully protectively.

"Agreed." I pressed my cheek against his chest, sighing as I returned to my peaceful state of thinking. I could hear him start to sing our wedding song, fingers tracing the back of my hand, his breath blowing against my hair.

It was only fair that I got my happy ending.

And so, I had learnt more than most vampires ever could in my lifetimes. Don't go into the woods alone, but you can never avoid the woods completely, and sometimes it's necessary to burn the woods to the ground. Only then can the new woods grow.

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