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This is set in a future that I made up so it means that is not related to the Naruto story.

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Chap 1: Coming back

It had been a long time since he was last there. Too long. And yet it didn't seem to have changed at all. But he couldn't say that for sure since he was standing only near the gates, his best friend and rival next to him. They had met again and, even though he had already decided that after he killed Orochimaru he would go back to Konoha, they fought. He knew the blond shinobi wouldn't be satisfied in bringing him back without a fight. And now he was standing in front of the gates of his village. For once he felt nervous; he didn't know what people have been told about him. Did they know he went away with the person who had killed the Third? Then he looked at his side, to his friend and all those thoughts went away. The people he needed would understand him and that was more then enough.

"Ready now?" His friend asked. They had been standing there looking at the gates for quite a while now. He had a feeling of what his dark haired friend was thinking but didn't really worried about it, he was too happy that he brought him back.

"Yeah, let's go." The other said going the direction of the gates. It was past midnight and the guard only let then in because he recognized Naruto. There wasn't anyone on the streets and entering the Hokage's office was easy. If they were assassins she could be dead by now. Tsunade had fallen asleep on top of her paper work.

"Tsunade-baasan. Wake up!" Naruto said approaching her and shaking her lightly. Tsunade looked up and saw a blurry orange thing that she recognized as Naruto, when her vision adjusted she noticed another person in the room. Wide eyed she stared at him, not believing what she saw. Naruto had actually brought him back.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" She asked suspiciously. For all she knew he could be there to kill her.

"This is my village isn't it?"

"After five years you still consider this your village? I never thought of Uchiha Sasuke as being a person who held on to things."

"Only important ones."

"Important? What about gaining power for killing your brother? Why aren't you still with Orochimaru?

"Orochimaru had nothing more to teach me, so I killed him."

"Y-you what?"

"I. Killed. Him" He repeated slowly.


"It's true."

"I see. I have to tell it all to me. All that you've been doing the last five years."

"Fine. I don't have to tell you the way I got there, you already know that. When I got there they immediately taught me how to use the curse seal properly. That didn't take long and after that my stay with Orochimaru resumed on training. Intensive training that usually ended with me bloody and knocked out. I, of course, already knew that the promise of making me stronger was only an excuse so that he could take my body later on. What he would have done o long time ago but when time came he was far away from me, in another country. Then he had to take another body, which made him to have to wait another two years and a half to try to take my body which I continued to train with him. But that proved pointless because I had already surpassed him in power. So last month when he tried to take my body I killed him and short after met with Naruto. That's it."

"I see. For now this is fine but later I want more details. You're going to be under observation so don't even think of anything."

"Ch. Do you really think I would try anything?" Tsunade was about to say "yes" but a knock on the door interrupted her. She told the person to come in and when he did they saw it was an ANBU. He stopped a few moments when he took notice of the people in the room. He took a moment staring at the Uchiha and then walked to the Hokage.

"He is the report from the last mission Hokage-sama" He turned to leave but Naruto interrupted him.

"Don't you greet people, Neji?"

"He isn't supposed to be recognized Naruto" Tsunade said impatiently.

"Oh, sorry. But is easy to recognize you with the hair and all."

"Whatever Naruto. May I go now Hokage-sama?"

"Of course, Neji-san" HE turned and walked past Sasuke who whispered something to him.

"Tell her to meet me tonight. She knows where." Neji only glanced at him to let him know he heard him but didn't respond anything as he leaved the office.

"Well, you two are dismissed too. Now let me go back to sleep." With that they went off. Naruto went to his apartment to sleep, not even caring were Sasuke would go. He trusted he wouldn't try to escape the village again. While Sasuke was going to the opposite direction to met with one of the thing he held on to.


While heading to the Hyuuga manor, Neji was having a huge mental battle with himself if he should tell her or not. If he didn't and she found out she would be mad at him or worse sad. If he did she would go to met with the Uchiha and that was a bad reason enough. In the end he decided to do the right thing and tell her, it was her choice to make.

When he entered her room he saw her hand go under her pillow, probably to grab a kunai. He smirked at this, she had improved greatly.

"Relax. It's me Hinata-sama."

"Neji-niisan? What brings you here at this hour?

"I bring news. When I was at the Hokage's office moments ago I saw Naruto and the Uchiha. Apparently he's back."


"And he wants to meet with you tonight. He said you knew were."

"Meet with me?" She put her hand on her mouth thinking then she got up and went to her closet.

"You are going?"

"Of course. I can't leave him waiting."

"Why not? After what he did to you it's only fair that you…"

"Neji-niisan…" She whispered interrupting him. It was a plea; he knew that Sasuke was a sensitive subject for her.

"Do whatever Hinata-sama" He got up and when he was almost of the door he heard her whisperer

"Thanks Neji-niisan."


Sasuke was waiting on the dead gardens of the Uchiha residence where he used to play when he was young, before everything happened. He had been waiting for almost an hour now and began wondering if she would come. She had no good reason to and what he was going to tell her wasn't exactly pleasant.

"Sasuke?" He turned to be face to face with the person he was waiting, Hinata. But she wasn1t exactly how he remembered.


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