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I could feel my self slipping away, slipping away from life. I knew I was about to die soon. I had no strength left to hold on any longer. As I slept in my bed, I could hear the moans and groans of the dying and I was one of them. As hard as I tried, I wouldn't die. I didn't want to suffer any more because I was tired of it. I was tired of getting ill, tired of watching people suffer. I was finished watching this and I was ready to let go. I was going to die soon and it was inevitable. But I feared death. While I wished that I could die, I feared it. What if it was painful? Could I bear that?

I didn't want to die, not like this. Couldn't they see that I was still breathing? I was too weak to say any thing. I wanted to leave this place. I couldn't take it any more. May be, I would die while I was asleep. It was the most peaceful way to die.

I remembered Mother nursing me from her death bed. She had said nothing about Father. I watched her weep quietly from her bed but when I asked her, she would say that she was fine, that it was the pain that caused her to cry. I knew she wasn't lying, in a way. When she said pain, I knew she had meant physical pain but not the emotional pain that was so much greater. I found out the day after we were admitted in to the hospital that Father had passed away during the night. I was awake when the nurses wheeled his corpse out of the room. I pretended to sleep while Dr. Cullen told Mother about Father. I cried silently like her when I thought no one was watching. But there was always Dr. Cullen who was watching over us. He was a great man but I would never see him again.

I could sense that some thing was going to happen to me soon and I would not enjoy it at all. What else was worse than death, worse than the pain of death? What had we done to deserve such punishment? I had tried to be a selfless person and a gentle man. I had tried not to lie. I suppose I had failed. I could feel death over powering me. Quickly, I tried to think of cheerful thoughts. I would take these memories with me to my after life. I thought about the life I had with my parents when we were all alive. They had given me the happiness no other parent in the world had given their child. I felt euphoric at the memories. I felt like smiling but too weak to do so.

Suddenly, I felt a strong, cold pair of hands lift me off of the bed. I was too tired and worn to open my eyes and see who it was.

"Every thing will be all right. I promise you that, Edward," a quiet, comforting voice whispered in my ear. It sounded vaguely familiar.

I could feel my self being carried away. The groans were dying out slowly. The sound of the pain became muter every second I was moving farther away from the morgue. I wanted to see where this person was taking me. Some one probably realized that I wasn't going to die. I may still have a chance at living life. Before I could open my eyes, I became still and fell asleep.

I woke up feeling a sharp pain at my throat. I yelled in agony. The pain at my throat pulled on me but it became worse when some thing clawed it self in to my wrist. I shrieked and gasped. All I wanted at this moment was death. I wanted to die from this torture. I opened my eyes and tried to see what could possibly cause so much pain, but when I looked, I couldn't see any thing but the darkness that was over powering me. Suddenly, I could see a flame that was close enough to touch. It seemed so tangible, but when I tried to grab at the flame, I could feel nothing. I was being burned. Why couldn't any of the doctors see the fire that was burning me? Couldn't they hear my screams? Why was I being burned? What had I done? These questions swirled around me but I could think of no answer as the agony became more violent.

As I cried out, I tried to distract my self by thinking about my parents. I wondered if Father had felt this way before he had died. I had not seen Mother at all after I had fallen asleep while she talked to Dr. Cullen. May be, I was dead, and she had made it out alive. I would be content if she was still alive.

If I was dead, I suppose this was how purgatory felt. I wanted to get used to the pain since it had lasted for an undecipherable amount of time. Suddenly, the pain started to subside. Was I chosen to go to Heaven? The pain was slowly fading. I must have been ascending up to Heaven. The fire was growing dimmer as if some one had poured water on to it. I could feel my self cooling down.

"Edward?" I heard the calm voice ask. It sounded anxious.

I opened my eyes slowly. When I looked at the face in front of me, I confirmed the fact that I was in Heaven. A beautiful angel was staring at me with a concerned expression in his eyes. I thought I had seen him some where before.

"Dr. Cullen?" I asked. The voice speaking sounded like mine in a way but it was more melodic. Was that how my voice sounded?

"How are you feeling right now?" He looks so tired and thirsty. His eyes are so red.

He wasn't speaking but I could hear his voice. May be, I was weak enough to be hallucinating.

"I'm fine, Dr. Cullen. How is my mother? Is she fine?" I wanted to know how my mother was. She would be so happy to see me recovered.

His face turned down and he looked unhappy. "I'm sorry. I tried my hardest but I could not save your mother. Please say you will forgive me." His voice sounded melancholy.

I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn't come. It wasn't his fault that Mother was dead. Why would he ask for my forgiveness? He had done nothing wrong. "Why should I forgive you? It wasn't as if you killed her. She was destined to die. We all are."

Dr. Cullen's face looked as if it was carved out of stone. His eyes were cautious and wary. For the first time, I noticed that they were made from topaz. Was that possible? Could humans have golden eyes? I can't believe it. We are destined to die. How ironic. I can't believe I have to tell him the truth about us.

Again he didn't say any thing but I heard his voice. I decided to ask him about it. "How did you do that?"

He looked confused and said, "Do what?"

"How did you speak with out moving your mouth?"

His eyes widened and his mouth opened slightly in shock. "What did I say?" he asked slowly as if he was choosing his words carefully.

May be, I really was hallucinating. "You said that it was ironic of me to say that we are destined to die. Did I say any thing wrong in that?"

He became adamant and leaned far away from me. I watched as he smoothly walked away to the other side of the room. He leaned against the wall and was as still as a statue. "You can read minds, Edward." It wasn't a question.

"Can I?" I asked in a bemused tone.

"Yes, you can."

"So, once you recover from the Spanish influenza, you get a special power?" This seemed nonsensical.

"Edward, you did not recover from the influenza. You were on the verge of death when I brought you straight to my house." He seemed aggravated and his words flowed quickly. "You were in the morgue with the dying but no one seemed to notice that you were still breathing. There weren't enough people to watch all of the patients. There were so many people dying. Your mother told me to save you and there was no way for me to do that except by changing you."

Changing me? What did he change me in to?

He started to speak slowly now. "Edward, I changed you in to what I am. I am a vampire and so are you. We both are also immortal."

I stared at his face blankly. He was joking with me. There were no such things as vampires. They were only myths in books. I started to laugh. His face softened at the sound of my laughter. "You have a good sense of humor, Dr. Cullen. You lightened my mood. I know you are saying all of this to make me feel better at the fact that you could not save my mother. As I had said before, we are destined to die. I will not forgive you for committing no crime at all. It's not in your power whether we die or not."

"I know that you dying is some thing I can not control, but you have to understand that once I changed you in to a vampire, you became immortal. You will never be able to die. Edward, you are a vampire and this is not a joke. I will prove it to you if I have to. You can read minds because I believe one of your personality traits has strengthened. You were probably very sensitive to people's thoughts with out knowing it."

I gave him an incredulous look and he continued. "I want you to understand that we are not like the stereotypical vampires that are described in books. We are much more different than that. The pain that I inflicted on you was the pain of being converted in to a vampire. I had to bite your neck and your wrist which are your pulse points to get the venom in to your blood system."

"Why did you do this?"

"Edward, when I saw you lying there, it hurt me. You have the face of an angel. You are so good and pure that I acted out of loneliness. I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for your mother. She made the decision for me. I advise you at the moment to think about this. I suppose you have many questions for me and I will answer them when you can comprehend what I have just told you. By the way, please call me Carlisle. " He smiled at me, then. He opened the door and walked out quietly.

I sat on the bed and tried to think about what Carlisle had just explained to me. Was there such a thing in life? Did vampires exist? I suppose that was possible. May be, humans were too stubborn to actually believe that mythical creatures existed. It was an impossibility for them and they did not wish to believe it. It was probably the same for me.

No. I could not believe that. I couldn't be a monster who feasted on human blood. It was absurd for me to believe it. I was becoming insane. I was hallucinating after I heard about Mother's death. But I knew that that wasn't true.

I looked around the room. Every thing seemed so open. There was light in every direction. Didn't vampires live in places where there were coffins? Didn't they sleep at night and come out during the day? Didn't they turn in to a bat? How could Carlisle be at the hospital taking care of patients when he was supposed to be sleeping in a coffin? How could he be a doctor if he was tempted to drink humans' blood? I laughed a hard laugh internally for believing for a second that Carlisle was actually a vampire. He didn't even have fangs.

For the first time, I realized that I was no longer in the hospital. I was in some sort of a room. The curtains in the room weren't drawn so I could see the sun light outside. The bed I was lying in was queen sized. The white sheets on the bed were torn from when I had grabbed at them while I was writhing in pain. There was a peach leather chair next to the bed where Carlisle had sat as he watched me. I noticed a large mirror on the wall in front of me. It was made from dark cherry wood.

I cautiously got up from the bed and walked up to the mirror. I looked at my self and opened my mouth in shock. I looked like how I had before the influenza but some things about me had changed. I looked even paler than before. What looked different about me the most were my eyes. They were no longer green. They were a very burgundy color. My skin was now flawless and my teeth were ultra white. I smiled too much and noticed that I looked frightening. I should be careful of how much I smiled. My skin felt very muscular and hard, as if I was made out of marble. It also felt as if I had been lying in snow. I looked inhumanly beautiful, as if I was trying to lure my prey in with my beauty. I thought vampires didn't have reflections, but how did I look like this? My thoughts became incoherent as I tried to wrap them around the concept.

I didn't hear him enter but he was suddenly there, standing right next to me. I think he's starting to trust me. I hope he can stay under control. I don't want to see him hurt. Edward has to stay inconspicuous. "I hope you are starting to believe me. I am not lying to you, Edward."

"How could this be possible? I can't believe it. I am a vampire," I mused.

"I couldn't believe it either when I got changed. I loathed what I had become. This was mainly because vampires feasted on human blood."

I looked at him in disbelief.

I'm going to communicate with you through my mind, Edward. Is that all right? There are some things that are very hard to say and it would be better if I thought them instead.

I nodded.

Edward, you don't have to worry about our diet. When I became a vampire, I made the decision that I was not going to drink human blood. I had decided that I was going to feast on animal blood instead. This is why my eyes are not a ruby color. They are gold. I hunt every few days. The longer I wait to eat, the darker my eyes get. If I don't hunt for two weeks, my eyes become jet black. I try not to wait for so long, though. The dark color scares the humans. I hope you are willing to follow my foot steps. I hope you decide not to take human life for your craving.

"Carlisle, I thought that vampires were incinerated by the sun. I've read that they sleep during the day and go out at night."

"Edward, you can't believe every thing you read in books. They are all just myths." His voice was now a whisper. "We can't sleep at all, actually. We can't cry either and we can't live with out speed." He smiled when he said the last part.

I was going to do what he had told me. He was a good man who trying to make up for some thing that was not his fault.

"Come, let me show you around our house."


"Yours and mine."

I followed him out the door quicker than possible.

"Please be careful when you touch any thing, and try to control your temper."

I laughed. I was known for my temper problems. "Why is that?"

"Newborn vampires are usually very strong and are known for their heated tempers. There's really no point to show you around the house since we are going to move to Ashland, Wisconsin."

"May I know why? Can we not stay in Chicago?"

"I apologize, Edward, but it would look strange if I was seen with a man walking with me who's supposed to be dead. There are a lot of things you need to learn about your self. Don't worry. We'll take it slowly since you have plenty of time to learn. Today, I'll show you how to hunt. You must be very thirsty."