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Carlisle and Esme had been married for six years now. Since they were content with each other, I tried to stay out as much as I could and spent those times trying to make up new compositions. Esme some times had a dilemma with the way we had chosen our diet. It was difficult for her to control her thirst but every mistake she made was forgiven because she was a loving woman.

Carlisle had created me ten years ago and I was ready to defy him. After my first incident with a human, I tried very hard to explain to my self that taking human life was not justified. But it was my existence. Wasn't I supposed to make my own decisions? I knew Carlisle was a great man but I resented him for controlling my diet. I knew why he made him self thirst for animals and I was set against his reason.

He contemplated that taking away the lives of humans would not give him the chance to live in a good after life. He did this to keep his soul pure. But what would be the point to live weakly and not satiate my thirst if I didn't have a soul? I could be a monster or I could be an angel and it would not matter at all because there is no after life for our kind. If we were doomed to an existence of night, there was no chance of us having souls.

I was not human and I saw no reason to act like one because I was tired of it. I knew that I could not risk exposure but if I used my strength and knowledge, I would lead the life I was seeking.

I had made my decision that I would leave Carlisle and Esme and start my way of existence. I would be rebellious. I would try very hard not to kill an innocent human. I would only shadow those that were as human as I was. I would hunt the evil.

I had hunted earlier that day and decided that I would leave when Carlisle and Esme went hunting. I would not be able to face them. Instead, I wrote them a letter.

My dear family, Carlisle and Esme,

I apologize for what I am about to do. I know I will be disappointing both of you for saying that I can not be with you for curbing my diet. Carlisle, I know you do it because you have faith. You believe that you have a soul but I do not. I see no reason for me to continue my existence like that when I would have no after life no matter what my deeds are. I will read the minds of my victims and will only hunt those that are evil. Please take care of your selves.


I was ready to leave but I felt nervous and guilty for betraying them. No. I couldn't think that way. I was going to try a new way of life. Humans were supposed to be my prey. They were a vampire's natural diet, and it wasn't as if I had chosen this existence for my self.

I headed out side and in to my car. It was thunder storming outside and the rain would not stop. It reflected my mood perfectly. I had no earthly idea where I was going as I moved farther away from humanity.