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Chapter 1: The Break Up

So, I came up with this idea in my head while trying to come up with the last pairing's story in my other fanfic. Enjoy.

"Do you think I made the right choice?"

"With what?"

"What do you mean, with what; with breaking up with Sasuke?"

Sakura and Ino were standing in line at the University food court for the last time before summer break.

"Don't ask me, it's your life."

"WHAT! You were the one that advised me to break up with him."

"No, I told you to talk to him."


"Alright, jeez yes. Yes, I think you made the right choice. I mean, with the way he had been treating you. Breaking up with him became your only opinion."


"Don't tell me you are regretting your decision. Sakura, you finally grow some back bone with the guy and now you are letting it slip away."

As they sat down at their favorite table, Sakura thought back to when she'd finally had enough and had broken up with Sasuke.

Sakura was sitting in her dorm room, like she always did right before an exam, studying like crazy. She knew medical school was tough but her third year seemed to be harder than the others.

"Just be glad you aren't crazy like the other med students and take summer classes."

Ino was sitting on her bed, flipping through this month's Cosmo. While she was already out for the summer, her best friend still had three exams left.

"Ha. I'd already be in Grad school if I did that."

"I don't doubt that. When you plan to take a break, we can talk about my latest date with Chouji."

Sakura rolled her eyes at this. She had thought their friend Naruto was dense, but Ino's inability to see Chouji's feelings for her, made her reevaluate her thinking. She pulled her nose out of her books and wheeled her chair around to look at Ino.

"So, how is it going with Mr. Wonderful?"

"Well, now that you ask! Wonderful as always! Last night he took me out…"

Sakura sat there as she listened to Ino's terribly fantastic story of how the love of her life was the love of her life and she had no doubt they would get married after graduation.

"Speaking of boys… How's Sasuke these days?"

"He's good, I guess."

"Sakura, don't tell me you haven't talked to him yet."


"Jeez, you have absolutely no back bone when it comes to him. You need to talk to him, or your relationship will never get better."

"Our relationship is fine."

"Yeah, you don't fight, you don't argue, you don't talk, and you don't go out anymore. Oh yeah, sounds just fine to me."

"I never asked you Ino."

"No, but you've told me plenty enough times to get me involved. Listen Sakura, you know I love you right."

"Like a sister, yeah I know."

"So, when I see you suffering like this, I can't just sit by and watch it. You need to talk to Sasuke about how you feel. I know he isn't good at it, but you certainly are."
"But what if he doesn't care."

"Then break up with him."

'WHAT!' Sakura thought to herself. She had never thought about breaking up. Even though she loved him, she didn't love the way he treated her.

"Maybe I should just do that instead."


"You're right Ino. He never tells me how he feels. I just feel all we do nowadays is have sex. I don't want a relationship like that and I know he doesn't plan to tell me how he feels ever."

"Are you sure about this? I mean, I'll support whatever you do one hundred percent. But maybe you should give this some more thought."

"I've done enough thinking; it's time to act."

After the next two days were over and her finally three exams were finished, she planned to break it off with Sasuke.

"So tonight is the night?"


"You nervous."



They had plans to go to dinner tonight, but for the last thirteen months, they had never made it to the restaurant. Tonight would be no different, except that sex wasn't going to be the cause this time.

Sakura had dressed up in her most sexy dress, Sasuke's favorite. She wanted to appear as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

"So, when is he going to get here."

"In about fifteen minutes."

"I should get going then. Call me afterwards."

"Yeah. I'll want to get drunk after this."

"Don't want that dress to go to waste."

"This dress will only bring more trouble. I'll change before we go out."

Ino left and shortly after she did, there was a knock on Sakura's door.

"Come in."

Sasuke walked in. He hadn't bothered to dress nicely, which pissed Sakura off more than she already was.

'So, he doesn't even bother to put up the act anymore.'

"Why aren't you dressed? We have reservations at seven." This was a lie.

"Thought we could go by my apartment first; didn't want any fan girl to stop me on my way."

'Well, that's no lie.'

Sakura's entire floor consisted of Sasuke fan girls. But, during this time, no one was on the floor with them. Some had already gone home and the rest were out partying.

"Actually, I thought we could talk first."

"What about?"

"About us. I know it is not your favorite subject, but maybe you can at least listen."

He didn't like the coldness of her voice, but sat on the bed and looked at her. She was still facing the mirror in the corner of her room, not bothering to look at him.

"Go ahead."

"I won't deny that the last two years haven't been great. I loved everything we use to do."

'Use too?'

"But lately, and I mean within the last year, things haven't been going the way I would have liked. In fact, I've down right hated what this relationship has become."

'No, not this.'

"I'm sorry if you don't agree with me, but I can't stand this anymore."

She turned around to look at him, his expression the same as it always was, cold.


"Its time we break up."

Sasuke was shocked; he had never thought this would happen. He secretly knew it might, with the way he was, but he always never wanted it to. He got up off the bed and walked towards her.

"If that's the way you feel."

"It is."

He softly kissed her on the cheek before walking out of the room.

'That's it. Well, what did I expect from the man devoid of emotion.'

"Sakura… Hello, earth to Sakura."
Sakura shook the thought of Sasuke and their break up out of her mind.

"Well, I see you are back. So… you like a little lettuce with your dressing?"

"Uh." Sakura looked down to see her salad completely drenched with Italian dressing.

"Shit." She picked it up and attempted to drain most of the wet dressing off the plate.

"It's okay."

"No its not, my salad is ruined."

"Not that, I meant Sasuke."


"You'll be fine without him; you don't need a man like I need a man."

This was the first time Ino had admitted that Sakura was better than her. She was deeply touched.

"Thanks Ino. That really means a lot."

"Yeah, but if you ever get back together with him, I'm taking it back."
"Thanks, Ino Pig."

"Anytime, Forehead girl."