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Bonus Chapter: Kiss your sex life goodbye!
Well, here it is. My bonus chapter, that when I read, it sounds super corny in my head, but once you read it, you'll know why. Can't make it any less corny. I've been thinking about doing a sequel, but haven't decided what to base it around yet. Maybe a prequel or something, I'm not sure. Got to finish my other stories first. And thanks to those that commented on my writing style, you don't know how much that makes me smile. Makes me know that my crazy Comp 2 professor isn't the only one that likes how I write. Again... ITS SUPER CORNY! I apologize in advanced. Enjoy!
Sasuke sat, staring intently at his hands, as he twirled his thumbs around in his open/closed palm. He had a serious look on his face and his friends sitting beside him were afraid to say anything to him, in fear of being yelled at. They all had the look on their faces that said, 'What is he thinking about?' They almost jumped when he shock his head.

'Myo, No. Thomas, No. Patrick, No. Sai, Hell no! Gah, blasted woman, giving me the chore to pick the second name.'

"Copying me again. Tsk Tsk! Can't you ever do anything original?"

He looked to the left of him to see Naruto looking down at the infant girl in his arms.

"Shut up before you wake her."

"Hey! Language! She might not be able understand what you are saying, but it's better to start curving your tongue now!"

"Whatever. And I didn't copy you. Just because you had twins and I'm having twins means nothing."


"You can't control how many kids are going to pop out!"


The baby in his arms started to squirm.

"Oh! I'm sorry Lulu, Shhh, it's alright, go back to sleep sweetie." Naruto said in a light whisper.

"Great job. Idiot!"

It had been one year since Sasuke and Sakura had gotten married. Hinata had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Three months after they had gotten married, Sakura found out she was pregnant as well. Soon after Hinata had given birth, Sasuke and Sakura found out they would be having twins likewise. Naruto had never shut up about Sasuke copying him.

"Copy Cat! Copy Cat!"

"Shut up or you'll wake your daughter again."

"Oh… yeah…" Naruto looked down and smiled at his three month old, black haired, blue eyed baby girl. He looked across the waiting room at his son, with blonde hair and white eyes, in Ino's arms and wide awake.

"Who's the cutest little boy in the entire world? You are. Yeah! You are. I just love you, my little godson!"

Naruto had chosen Sasuke to be the godfather of his son, Naruto Jr. and Kiba to be the godfather of Lulu. Hinata had chosen Sakura to be the godmother of Lulu and Ino to be the godmother of Naruto Jr.

"They're only three months and they already have tiny personalities. Naru is like Hinata and Lulu is like me."


"Yeah… Well, his name might be Naruto Jr., but whenever Hinata says Naruto and she is talking to him, I think she's talking to me. So we've just decided to nickname him Naru and there you go!"

"Ah… sounds kinda of girlie to me."

Three months ago, Naruto would have yelled at him for saying such a thing, but kids had quieted him down a lot. So, he only mouthed yelled at him.

"Where is Hinata by the way? She is going to be one of my son's godmothers, so shouldn't she be here?"

"Yeah… well… The twins kept her up all night, so she is a little tired. So, I told her to stay home and rest. There are plenty of people here to watch the kids."

"That's hardly an excuse! She should be here."

"If you have the courage to call her up and tell her she has to be here, then be my guest. But I actually want to keep my b.a.l.l.s. Thank you!"

"She can't be that fearsome." Sasuke asked, raising his eyebrow at Naruto.

"Oh… but she can! Anyways, what are you doing out here with us? Shouldn't you be in there with her?"
Sasuke only looked down at his feet and mumbled a response.

"I didn't catch that."

"She… kicked me out…"

Everyone sitting around them just looked at Sasuke with a puzzled expression.

"She… kicked… you out? What the heck did you do?"

"She is completely dilated doctor."

"Alright Sakura, it's time to start pushing. Mr. Uchiha please come over here and help her with her breathing. Mr. Uchiha… Mr. Uchiha!"


Sasuke only looked at the form before him with a shocked expression. No one told him it would look like this.

"Huh? What?"


He stepped back, afraid of what his wife might do.

"Mr. Uchiha, I need you to help her with her breathing. Please, come over here."

He didn't move a step. He was paralyzed with a mixture of fear, shock, and dizziness.


He couldn't stop himself before he ran out of the room. When his breathing stabilized, he walked back to the waiting area and his friends.

"Oh. My. God! I can't believe you did that!"

"She told me too!"

"Hinata was the same way. When she grabbed my hand, I thought she was going to rip it off. But at least I stood my ground. Who knew Sasuke Uchiha would be such a coward when it came to a hormonal woman!"


He stopped when he saw Naruto glare at me.

'Jeez, it's worst than mine!'

"Leave him alone Naruto. You've never seen Sakura when she gets mad. It's a very scary thing!"

"Thank you Ino."

They had been at the hospital for over seven hours, well, Sasuke had been there for seven hours. After she kicked him out, all his mind could think about was the name for their second son. She had picked out the first, always wanting to name her first son, Shinji, after her grandfather. She had left the second name up to him.

'I was suppose to have this figured out months ago.'

"You haven't picked out a name yet. Have you?"

He looked over at Kiba and gave him a glare, the man just glared back.

"No. She has one of them picked out already. But… I'm completely stumped."

"Just wait, when you see him, you'll know exactly what to name him. Which one will you name, the first or second."


"Oh… Might be harder than. Well, maybe you should pick something that goes with Shinji; twins usually have similar names… Right?" Naruto asked as Lulu began to wake up.

"You have twins and your kids don't have similar names."
"Not many names are similar to Naruto!" Kiba said before receiving a glare from Naruto.

"Sure there are!"

"Okay, let me rephrase… Not many girl names that actually make sense."

Naruto thought for a second and admitted defeat.

"I guess you're right."

"Mr. Uchiha."

Sasuke looked up to see Sakura's nurse standing before him. He stood up and gulped.


"Would you like to come meet your sons?"

He nodded and followed the nurse towards Sakura's room. He quietly opened the door and stepped inside. He saw Sakura on the bed, sweat covering her face and her hair messed up. He smiled at her and waved. She waved him towards her and he obeyed.

"Hi honey… Are you okay?"

She only looked at him with a 'What the hell do you think; I just gave birth to twins' expression.

The nurse brought over one of the boys and laid it in Sakura's arms.

"This one is Shinji." Sakura said, eyeing her son lovingly.

"He is so… beautiful."

The nurse brought the second boy over and placed him in Sasuke's arms.

"Have you come up with a name for him yet?"

"Um… not yet."


"Everyone said it would be easier to wait till I saw him."




"You don't like it?"

"I think it's perfect. Kin and Shinji, perfect names for brothers, both unique and yet, still alike."

Sasuke breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't know where he came up with that name, but it all of a sudden popped into his head.

They looked at the door when they heard people shouting from the outside.


"Naruto, please! Be quiet! The babies might be sleeping."
"Sir, please! Until the parents say it's alright for you to enter, you can not."

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he headed towards the door, with Kin in his arms.

"They can come in. Just so long as you are quiet Naruto. I don't want my children to end up deaf because of you!"

There was a group 'aw' when everyone saw Kin in Sasuke's arms.

"Which one is that?" Naruto asked as he shifted Lulu to his other arm.

"Kin, my first born."

"Oh, I like that name." Ino said as she eyed the baby boy. She looked around the corner at Sakura.

"Which one is my godson again?"

"This one." She said as she looked down at the sleeping baby nuzzled in her arms.

Sasuke and Sakura had decided to choose Ino and Shikamaru to the godparents for Shinji and Naruto and Hinata to be the godparents for Kin.

"So, when is the first play date?" Ino asked, shifting her eye between Sasuke and Naruto.

"Not for a few months Ino. Newborns can't play right away." Naruto said as he received weird looks from the crowd.

"What? I may be an idiot in other things, but not when it comes to babies. Hinata made me take so many classes and read so many books; I would have nightmares about feeding techniques."

Laughter erupted from everyone around him, but soon became silent when they saw Sasuke glaring at them.

"My boys are trying to sleep. Keep your voices down."

"Sasuke, it's alright. It's a happy day, let them laugh."

"But Sakura…"

"Let. Them. Laugh."

Sasuke's glare disappeared when he saw Sakura's.

"Guess the hormones haven't returned to normal yet." Naruto whispered to Sasuke.

"How long does it take?" Sasuke whispered back.

"It all depends on the woman I guess."


After the nurse had cleaned the babies and tucked them into warm blankets, everyone took turns holding them. Ino almost didn't give Shinji back to Sasuke when it was time to leave.

"Just a little longer! Please!"

"You have the rest of their lives to hold them…"

"But… But…"

"Ino!" Sasuke glared at her.
"Oh, alright." She gave Shinji one more kiss goodbye before leaving the room.

"How are you feeling?" Sasuke asked after he handed Shinji to Sakura.

"Much better."

He didn't dare bring up her kicking him out earlier; she was just starting to return to normal.

"I want to sleep a little bit though."


The nurse came over and put the babies in their beds as Sasuke sat in the chair at the side of Sakura's bed. He smiled when he saw all three asleep.

'So peaceful. Tomorrow, when we take the twins home, it won't ever be this peaceful again.'

As Sakura squeezed his hand in her sleep, he too, drifted into dream land.