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Chapter 1

Nothing is indestructible. Some things are more durable than others of course, but nothing is totally indestructible. Keitaro Urashima was far more durable than his tenets in the Hinata dorm, but only in body. Call it his heart, spirit, or even his soul whatever you think of it as was ready to sunder. Many things had happened to him since he mistakenly walked through the doors thinking it was still an inn. Some were good and some bad but through it all he had his dream and his hopes. Going to Todai, meeting his promise girl, falling in love, and nice simply life after.

But sitting in Naru's room at the kotetsu with the room's occupant to his right and likely the best friend he ever had, Mutsumi Otohime, on his left, studying together things seemed bleak. Naru was still upset over the events two weeks past, his near betrothal to the resident sword maiden, so her words were terse and painful for him. "Keitaro I don't know why you're even bothering with this. You're not going to be able to go to class this semester so why are you bothering us by trying?" she finally asked as she shut her book.

Smiling softly at the pair, Mutsumi tilted her head. "Because he doesn't want to slip back down?" she said softly. The Okinawan couldn't very well tell Naru she didn't want Keitaro to leave the room for personal reasons, Mutsumi knew Naru to well for that. "And he isn't hurting anything by learning is he?"

Nodding to Mustumi's logic, Keitaro grinned a little, "It took so much effort to get into Todai I'd hate to mess up once I finally get to go to class." And the added benefit of being in Naru's presence was a boon. He was still so smitten by her, even though with every punch and accusation he felt it dwindle more, that he wanted to spend as much time together as possible. But his hope was running dry on an empty tank that was his heart.

Huffing out a loud sigh, Naru crossed her arms under her chest. Why was Mutsumi encouraging this? "Well I'm sorry Keitaro but your questions are disturbing me alright? We have a test in this coming up, but you don't. Plus you keep asking annoying questions." Naru slapped the Biology book hard. "So could you just get out of here and leave us to study in peace?"

Her words rang true but Keitaro couldn't accept it. Getting up he balked at her, "But I'm not trying to cause you any problems." Was she still angry about the thing with Motoko and her sister, was that why she was so mean? What will it take to make her understand me? He hated how she was always so quick to judge yet so resistant to compliment him.

It pained Mutsumi to hear such tender care in Keitaro's words directed at Naru only to be received with contempt. Mutsumi cherished both Keitaro and Naru, loved them dearly and had such high hopes that Naru would drop her defenses and let Keitaro into her heart. "Kei-kun is right Na-chan," she used her calmest voice and the terms for her friends to best sooth Naru. "His questions are helping you to remember aren't they?"

"I don't care. This has to end now Keitaro, and Mutsumi you know it," Naru was no longer thinking logically about it, emotions flooding her mind. She just got so confused when Keitaro was involved. Part of the girl reveled in the attention he lavished upon her, but the dominant part of her brain wanted control over him, to have him look at her and only her. She hated him and loved him equally. "We can't hold this idiot's hand forever like we did to get him into Todai. He'll just hold us back and keep us from getting our dreams. Sorry Keitaro but I'm done with it."

Each word penetrated his heart deeper than the last. She didn't trust him at all after all this time. "But Naru you can't mean that…I mean I've gotten so much better with your help." He took a step forward, and had Mutsumi not shifted her legs in order to get up and help defend her friend things would have been different. The impasse of fate of all the residents of Hinata house was about to shift because of an act of compassion. Catching Mutsumi's leg with his shin, Keitaro stumbled forward. One hand landed on the kotetsu while the other fell firmly on Naru's right breast. For a brief moment Keitaro felt through the cloth to realize Naru wasn't wearing a bra. "Oh God…sorry Naru it was an…"

As usual, Naru didn't let the man finish and didn't care that she knew it wasn't on purpose that he did it. "That does it! I'm through with you! You damn pervert!" Mutsumi opened her mouth to speak, her hand reached out to stop Naru but it was too late. A patent pending Naru punch sent the one time ronin through the roof and flying towards his aunts Teahouse. Watching him fly with a smug grin on her face, Naru turned back to Mutsumi and her studies. "Finally! Now with him gone again we can get back to our studies." But Naru didn't see Mutsumi opening her book again. No she just caught the sad look on her face. "What? He deserved it anyway, for touching my breast like some filthy little pervert."

"Na-chan that's not what happened and you know it," Mutsumi had seen it with her own eyes and it troubled her. Naru had so many times been given what others wanted only to squander it. Mutsumi's hope for Naru and Keitaro seemed so fruitless now. A dream was all it would remain. "I tripped him on accident and that is why he fell. You hit him because you never let him explain. You just keep hurting him Na-chan. And I can't stand by and watch you do it anymore." Gathering her books into a bag, the anemic girl got to her feet and left the room without even a goodbye.

Flabbergasted at the sudden shift in atmosphere, Naru watched her door softly close. The wind from the hole Keitaro created had done the job where Mutsumi had left it open. "What just happened?" she asked herself. One moment everything is going on like normal. Study group, punishment, and the next thing would have been Keitaro coming back in to apologize. But that isn't what happened was it? The cold night air chilled her, or was it her conscious saying that maybe she really had been in the wrong. It's ok…he'll apologize to me and I'll apologize to Mutsumi and everything will be normal.

Only things weren't going to go as she wanted, because nothing is indestructible. With her punch she had broke what remained of Keitaro's fragile heart.


Lying in the dirt behind Haruka's shop, staring up at the moon Keitaro had finally given in. The moon, a small crescent, appeared to be smiling at him from up in the heavens. It mocked him for the audacity to dream the simple things that caring men do. He wanted to cry but refused to as he always did. Nobody needed to know how he suffered, nobody cared he thought. To Kitsune he was a walking bank or a way to have some free fun. Motoko saw him as a 'vile and perverted' male and a test dummy for her special arts. And the girl of his dreams saw him as a stupid letch that only held her back.

Sure Mutsumi, Shinobu, and Su were pleasant company for him if not downright friendly but he couldn't see it clearly in his depression. The dark brown haired and generously endowed Okinawan could do better than him for a lover if she considered it, Shinobu would get over her appreciation for him, and Su had her real brother and didn't need a pale imitation. They didn't need him so he was going to leave. He would gather up his shattered hopes and dreams and start anew someplace else. Aim lower than ever before and hope he didn't starve to death. "Why must life be so hard?" he asked in a broken voice.

"Who's out there?" a sharp voice called from the now open door to the teahouse. Hearing the crash, Haruka had thought it was her nephew but if it was him why hadn't he come in yet? He was always so quick to enter and confess the crime he had committed to her over a free cup of tea. "Keitaro is that you?"

His aching jaw made talking painful but he answered regardless. "Yeah it's me Aunt Haruka," he slipped again. Why she hated being called 'Aunt' now when she had forced him to when they were younger mystified the man's mind. The whap of the fan followed as expected, and a helpful hand pulled him up. "Sorry about that Haruka-san."

It was his voice, warbled and soft, that tipped her off that this little crash had done more damage than usual. "Want to come in for a cup of tea?" she asked taking a deep drag of her cigarette. In the pale light streaming out from her shop her nephew looked haggard and decrepit. "Maybe a piece of pie, have one last piece of cherry left from this morning."

Letting himself be led into the small shop, its warm light and the smell of antique wood warmed him. Stale smoke mixed with hot tea when his aunt set a plate of pie and a cup of tea in front of him, her smoke right in his face. "Thanks Haruka-san." He'd have to tell her first about his plans, maybe she'd have some words of advice for him now that he going to strike it off on his own. She's going to be mad though. She'll have to do more work in the dorm with me gone. It wasn't his intent to inconvenience her but it just hurt so much. Each hit, scream, accusation, and prank stealing more of his light and happiness until he sat as he did now, broken.

"Are you going to tell me what you did to get sent here or you just going to look at your tea?" Haruka asked mindful that she still had several customers mingling about the building. They were regulars so they'd not be upset if she wasn't waiting on them like a dutiful owner should. She'd seen Keitaro down before, but this was something different, something unsettling.

Bringing the cup to his lips and taking a long draught of it, bitter just like he liked it, Keitaro felt the liquid burn all the way down to his stomach. "I'm going to leave Haruka." Just saying it caused his body to quiver slightly. He didn't want to leave, he loved this place and all his tenants but it hurt too much to stay. "I wasn't really sure of it when I landed but I am now." Clumsy with the fork she had given him for the pie, he fumbled to get the food into his mouth.

Spotting a flash of red and white in the corner of her eyes, Haruka saw the trailing black hair of Motoko. Wonder what she was here for, but more importantly what will she do after hearing what he just said. Inhaling the last of her cigarette, Haruka digested Keitaro's words. It wasn't like the other times he hinted at leaving, this time he had no reservation in his voice. Something drove him to this, "Any reason why Keitaro?"

Giggling a little, Keitaro finished his pie. It was funny. He was laughing and fighting so hard not to cry at the same time. "It hurts Haruka. It hurts so bad that I can barely go through the day sometimes." The dam was broken, once he started to confess he couldn't hold it back. "I try so hard to make them happy, to give them a good life here but all I get in return is pain." He sniffed hard hoping his eyes weren't turning red. They were.

Listening in silence, Haruka's anger was slowly being stoked into a mighty bonfire. What were those girls doing to her nephew! "Go on Keitaro, get it all out. You'll feel better if you do." Bullshit but she wanted, no needed to know all of it. She'd deal with the girls later, for now she had family to attend to. Never breaking her stoic expression, Haruka patted Keitaro's shoulder.

Drinking more tea with shaking hands, he almost dropped the cup. "It's just all this time I spent with them. All I try to do just seems to get messed up. I've heard 'Keitaro the pervert' and 'Keitaro the idiot' so many times now that I can't stand it." Was it his fault he was a little slow at times or a little clumsy? "I'm not angry at them for it, I know they have issues with men, but it still hurts." He couldn't hate them even if he tried, which he did once but he failed.

"Have you thought about eviction?" Haruka said the word easily. Kick the ungrateful cunts to the curb! How could they see this man as anything other than the prince he was damn it! He tended to their every whim and they repaid him with punches and insults. "You are the manager so you could simply kick them out."

Keitaro's head jerked back as if he'd been smacked. "No!" His eyes blazed at Haruka for a moment for even suggesting such a thing. Several moments of silence passed before he spoke again in his soft tone. "No Haruka I can't do that. They all have some family problems and I won't force them to go back to them." He wouldn't hurt them because they had hurt him. He wasn't that type of guy. "It's just easier for me to go."

The finality of his voice caused Haruka's mask to falter momentarily, she frowned deeply. "So it's ok for you to suffer more because you don't want them to go through minor inconveniences? You'll take even more on yourself because you don't want them to?" She knew the answer before she asked the question, of course it was yes. He put them ahead of himself at every turn, and where he should be loved for it he was treated as an abused slave instead.

He smiled at her, held her hand for a moment, and nodded. "I said it already. I care about all of them to much to make them suffer because of me." His smile, withered from weeks of constant abuse, was still dopy and happy. Finishing the last of the tea, he set the cup down with a soft tink as the porcelain met the table. "I'm going to gather my things tonight and leave before they wake up tomorrow. I'll put an ad in the paper looking for a new manager to take over for me, can you cover till then?"

If it was anything she hated about Keitaro it was that smile, it destroyed all of her defenses. "Don't Keitaro. Don't go alright?" At first Haruka wasn't going to suggest anything, let Keitaro make his own way through life, but not this. He couldn't leave like this! "Give it a week and see if things don't get better alright?"

The conviction he held, wavered under Haruka's request. Possibly he didn't want to go, he didn't, but hearing her ask him to stay where she never asked for anything he folded. "I'll wait a week but I'll be looking for my replacement while I'm here. Deal?" He held his hand out and when she took it gave it a firm shake. "Thanks for the tea Haruka-san."

"Don't mention it, it's what family is for," she made a small hand gesture, batting away his compliment. "You get a good night sleep and I bet everything is better in the morning." She doubted it would be but she had to hope right? Watching her nephew get up and walk away, she felt a snap in her hands. The chop sticks she was holding to keep herself calm and broken in her hands. They had snapped into a myriad of splinters and dust. She was beyond angry now, she was furious!


Walking up the long set of stairs from the tea house to the dorm proper, Motoko didn't know how she felt. Initially she went down to Haruka's to hopefully get a few tea leaves to brew herself something soothing to drink while she studied, not to spy. However she heard it, Keitaro's plan. There had been a time when hearing that the lecherous male was leaving would have set Motoko's heart aflutter. But after the ordeal with her sister she wasn't so sure how she felt about him going.

No flu could be blamed for her feelings now, or the confusing ache in her heart that was growing from a dull pinch to a cacophony of agony. A life without Keitaro, a dorm without his silly yet heartfelt smile, could she live like that? Worse was the question of how much of his planning to leave was her fault? Not all of it but a damn big chunk she suspected. "The others must hear of this." What good it could do though if he really meant to leave them though she didn't know.

Though one thing about his plan to vacate the premises was a good thing a small part of her mind noticed. If he is willing to leave then he has gotten over his feelings for Narusagawa. If that were the case could somebody else take Naru's place, somebody like her? Motoko's forward momentum stopped when that thought hit her. Keitaro and her together? Slapping her cheeks, more roughly than intended, Motoko banished such thoughts to the void that spawned them. "I do not have feelings for that man," she lied to herself.

Either way the girls needed to hear that their manager was planning an escape. Getting up the last of the stairs Motoko saw the door opening. The loving Otohime was walking out with a sour expression on her face. Motoko ventured, "Leaving so soon Otohime-sempai I was planning on calling a meeting of the residents and I think you would like to hear what I must say." For whatever reason Mutsumi had feelings for Keitaro, Motoko couldn't fathom. The girl was as kind as a saint, beautiful, and her breasts even stoked a small flame of jealousy in the sword mistress.

Not angry with Motoko, well not too much, Mutsumi's smile returned to her face as if putting on a well worn pair of gloves. "Oh Motoko-chan I'm sorry but I'm not in a very good mood at the moment. Naru-san did a rather tasteless thing and I was hoping to find Kei-kun and talk to him." She meant do a hell of a lot more than just talk to the man she loved, but that would have to wait. I am sorry Naru but I will not hold back my heart any longer for you. I gave you every chance to be with him but you wasted them all. The kind hearted girl from Okinawa was taking off the kid gloves.

What did Naru do this time and was that the real reason Keitaro planned on leaving? Motoko would have to ask the short tempered girl later, but now she had to deal with Mutsumi. "It's about Urashima actually Otohime-sempai," on saying his name Motoko saw she got Mutsumi's attention. Never had she seen the soft spoken girl's eyes turn hard. Under the woman's gaze Motoko found herself a little skittish, "He's actually planning on leaving the dorm and finding a replacement for himself."

Walking the short distance to stand squarely in front of the raven haired woman, Mutsumi's grin slipped. "So it's finally come down to this has it? I had such great expectations for Naru and Kei-kun but that seems impossible now. I even thought maybe you would be able to make him happy, but no. You two only saw fit to hurt him," looked down the stairs at the tea shop she sighed heavily. "It is a shame you couldn't see him for the wonderful man that he is." Saying no more Mutsumi walked away from the stunned woman. She went looking for Keitaro but fainted into a bush half way down the stairs and when Keitaro did walk past was to well hidden to be spotted.

With Mutsumi gone, Motoko walked into the dorm and right to the common room. "Everyone get down here now!" she called the assembly to order. Yes it was late, almost ten, but this had to be taken care of quickly, or even if they did tried something to keep their manager they might not have the time needed. Why did she say those things to me…Urashima isn't a wonderful man at all he's just…just a…But even in her mind she couldn't really come up with anything she believed anymore. Calling out again, louder this time, she saw Su walking down the steps rubbing sleep out of her eyes.

Waiting for the others, she heard footsteps so stopped yelling, Motoko tried again to demonize the man she in her secret heart knew she cared for deeply. If he was a pervert wouldn't he have taken her virginity already? She had offered it to him during her banishment from the school but he refused. She wanted to call him an idiot, but he did succeed in getting into Todai. Again and again she hoped to find something about the man to pick apart to make him leaving sound good.

She couldn't! Not one damn thing did he do wrong to anybody at the dorm on purpose. He gave and gave and gave to them without taking anything back. Oh my, could Mutsumi have been right? It was an epiphany, as if the light of heaven struck her down. Just how much did that man do for her and all the other girls here? Short answer was a lot.

By the time Motoko recovered from her mental trip the last resident called was taking her seat on the couch. Kitsune slinked in much like the fox she was named after and curled up with her racing form on her lap. "Hun you better have a good reason to pull me away from my horses. I have to win big or I'm in a ton of trouble. Money is tight right now." With the horses failing her and her articles not selling either she was in the hot spot. Blacklisted freelancer's were a death knell to a career.

"Yeah Motoko I was finishing up some studying so can you make this quick?" Naru fibbed. She had just been sitting in her room waiting for Keitaro to show up and apologize like always, and trying to get Mutsumi's hurt face out of her memory. What was taking him so long this time?

Shinobu and Su sat dazed on the loveseat in a semi sleep. They didn't know what really to expect from a sudden meeting in the middle of the night but if it was really important Keitaro would be there. "Are we going to wait for Sempai?" Shinobu asked after a long yawn.

Sweeping the room with a gaze, Motoko didn't know how to soften the blow so opted to be blunt. "Urashima is planning on leaving the dorm and his position as manager." She said it flatly, still unable to make up her mind on how she felt. The reactions were a mixture of what she expected and surprise.

Su and Shinobu had acted as expected. Shinobu's eyes glistened with tears almost instantly and cried out if she was to blame. Su stuck her finger in her mouth, looked down like a scolded kitten, and said nothing. She was too shocked to reply outwardly, how could she react to the knowledge that her favorite toy was leaving?

Kitsune had been the biggest surprise to Motoko. The ash blond jumped off the couch neigh instantly, her racing form fell to the ground forgotten, but it was her eyes that stood out the most. Those sly and conniving slits had opened fully and despair was the only thing in them. "How can he do that? He can't! He can't leave!" She was fond of him damn it! Sure he had eyes only for Naru but a little drink now and then with him was fun! He treated her like a lady and was enjoyable as hell to tease with her body. Kitsune never suspected the ronin to be a pervert the others did. He was too innocent to be.

Naru shrugged it off like it was nothing. She didn't believe for an instant that the geek would leave. Keitaro was just blowing off steam like always. He threatened to leave before hadn't he, and he came back. He would always came back to her, and when she was ready she'd let him in totally. "Is that all Motoko because if it is I'm heading back to my room."

"Is that all?" Kitsune parroted out shocked. "How can you say that Naru, Keitaro might leave us? Do you know what normal managers are like because I sure as hell do?" Kitsune knew her friend was too selective with her emotions, hiding behind a tough shell, but this was too much. The last place she stayed before coming to Hinata dorm had left nice little scars in Kitsune's heart.

Her hand waving dismissively, Naru was already walking towards the stairs. "Listen to yourself Kitsune, just listen. This is Keitaro we're talking about KEITARO. He won't leave this place, he can't. It's all a bluff and you fell for it. If he does try to go he'll be gone for a week at most then come back begging for us to take him back." But inside Naru suspected it might not be so, though she'd never admit it even to herself. He said he loved me and he can't leave me if he loves me. Yes, Keitaro loved her so she could believe he wouldn't leave her or break her heart. She just wasn't ready, needed more time, and he would give it to her. Right?

The girls watched as Naru walked away, trying to believe her but fearful if she was wrong. Clearing her throat again to get their attention, Motoko continued. "I don't really have anything else to say. I just wanted to let you all know this so if you did want to try something you could." Would she try to make him stay…she couldn't answer that yet. To much had happened to quick for her to say anything definite, but the others had a look about them that said they were.

Su and Shinobu were quick off back to bed, thoughts and plans for their beloved manager racing in their heads. Kitsune picked up her discarded form and set it on the coffee table before sitting back down with legs crossed. "This really sucks I hope you know," she said to Motoko.

Sensing the conversation was just starting with the fox, Motoko took her own seat on one of the plush chairs. "I am unsure how I feel about this, but he has the right to do what he wishes doesn't he?" Prolong the thought process, while hiding from it and anything she had to do with driving the man away. Simple lies were the best.

"You have no idea do you?" Kitsune said and rolled her magazine into a tight wand gripping it tightly. "You and Naru always hitting him and calling him a pervert but did you ever stop and think about it? How things could be worse if he was a different type of person?" And that shit with Naru just brushing it off was irking her to no end. Keitaro worshipped that girl and she didn't even bat an eyelash at the idea of him leaving?

Being talked back to by Kitsune wasn't something Motoko expected at all. Where was this coming from anyway? Kitsune never really showed any interest in Keitaro outside of his wallet and now she was acting strangely. "You're no different than Naru and myself so I don't want to hear you talking so high and mighty. How much of his money did you con from him? How many times did you lead Naru or myself into thinking he was doing something all so you could get a good laugh?" The more she thought about it, Kitsune had been the manipulating force in a lot of Motoko's 'pervert punishment.' It angered her to realize it.

Kitsune's mouth hung open for a moment, she hadn't expected Motoko to so expertly retort. Reality was harsh when the light is turned on you to review your sins. Keitaro had covered many of her bills, bought her saki, and eased her through many jams. And I was planning on doing it again if I don't do well at the tracks tomorrow. But she'd make it up to him later, assuming there was a later. Now she had to knock Motoko down a peg. "I never said I was innocent but I'm nowhere near as bad as you. Attacking a defenseless man with your sword and chi attacks no concern for what it might do to him." Motoko's head dipped for a moment and gave Kitsune leverage to press on, "Tell me Motoko-chan, what would happen to me if you used those attacks on me?"

Her fingers trembled as the truth sank in and washed away the dirt of the lies she told herself. They were soft simply little lies to make her sleep soundly at night. Motoko heard Kitsune ask her again what would happen if she was hit with any of her attacks. When she answered her voice was something she hated more than anything, it was weak. "You would be hurt." She choked on the last word.

Having her opponent so disadvantaged at the sudden twist of events, Kitsune pressed on. "Would it be safe to say I'd be more than just a little hurt?" Mokoto winced. "How about maimed? Would your sword cut through my flesh and break my bones?" Kitsune's face reddened with anger and exhilaration the more she thought about it, while Motoko's paled more and more until she was white. "Would that lovely little sword of yours end my life unlike it has for Keitaro…yet?" she had waited on the last little syllable until Motoko had opened her mouth to attempt a rebuttal.

"I…but he never…" Motoko couldn't lie to herself about what Kitsune was saying. Her attacks weren't meant to punish people they were made to kill. Swift brutal justice and she had enacted it on a normal caring man. "They…they would…" she wanted to add the negative qualifier, say 'they wouldn't', but Kitsune never gave her the chance.

"How does that make you feel then, knowing that you have done things that could kill somebody to an innocent man. A man that fought a martial arts master for your sorry lying ass, how does it feel?" Kitsune was drinking in the irony of her winning a fight with Motoko. Even if it was just a war of words created by anger, a victory was a victory. But it wasn't anger at the other person but anger at themselves they were venting. Angry that they had been so blind to the pain they inflicted on the best thing to ever happen to them. "I'm going to bed I hope you have a good time thinking about this and what you did." Walking up the stairs to her room she added to herself, "And when I wake up watch out Keitaro Urashima because I'm going to make you wish you never thought about leaving this place!"

Left alone to her thoughts, Motoko clenched her hands shut so hard they drew blood. "I have shamed myself, my school, and my ancestors." And over what did she toss away all concepts of honor? Fear that a man was a pervert or had ill intentions for her. It sickened her how easily she had taken any slight offense as something greater from him. "I cannot let it end like this," but what could she do? She didn't know but she would have to think of something. If I cannot make amends to him my honor will be tarnished for the rest of my life.

Taking her weary body back to her room, she pulled out her leather bound journal she needed something to help her sleep. Reading her stories often helped with that, but today as she read her odd attempts at romance novels she couldn't help but notice how they changed over time. The lead male had gone from being a fearless warrior to something meeker yet kinder. The harshness of the lead man became soft. What had started as her ideal man became Keitaro. "How did this happen?"


Sneaking into the dorm after all the girls had found themselves alone with their thoughts, Keitaro went to his room to think. "This place has a lot of good memories but the bad are over shadowing them." The good was there, all around him like a shawl, but the bad was on the for front of his mind. It ate away at the good things until he couldn't see them clearly anymore.

He promised Haruka that he would stay for at least a week but the idea of running off into the night like a phantom was pretty damn good. He hoped the girls would forgive him for being weak and leaving them, but he just couldn't' take it.

Turning his futon down and getting into his sleeping cloths, an oversized t-shirt and sweatpants, he got into bed. Yes he did love this place and everybody in it, but love only lasts so long when the thing you love is used to beat you senseless. Eying the hole that connected his room to Naru's a lone tear escaped Keitaro's eye. "I guess it wasn't meant to be," he had given Naru his heart and she stomped on it and returned it to him.

First love, real first love, was hard to step away from and even harder to forget, but he had to put Naru in the past. He couldn't cope anymore with what she did to him. Whispering one last 'I love you' to where his dream Naru slept he was ready to move on past dreams and hopes.

All of his hopes and dreams had done nothing to improve his life, they strangled the life out of him. But fate was going to show him that when things get bad, they can only get better.

Hinata dorm slept listlessly that night.


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