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Well I promised you an epilogue to tie things up into a tiny little package and here it is. After this its back to my Dears story and then I'll think of something else to write about. Lots of ideas.

So sit back and enjoy the aftermath of Fracture.




Looking up the stairs that lead to the old inn, Keitaro felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him. While he did keep up on the visits at first they tapered off as the residents lives all evolved and moved on. At first he visited twice a week, then after a few months it became a weekly event, after more time had passed he came one or twice a month, and finally for the last six months he hadn't shown up once. Mutsumi would occasionally go with him or on her own but the girls didn't quite enjoy the Okinawan's visits as much as Keitaro's.

Holding his now-wife's hand, Keitaro didn't look at her, "You ready for this?" The wedding had been at her parent's house in Okinawa not more than a week ago. "I could go and tell them myself first and let them get things out of their system before you go up." He didn't think the girls would take it too badly, but Keitaro had come to terms that they did love him. Suu had been the hardest for him to accept.

But three weeks after his initial move out the Mol-Mol princess broke into their apartment and put a mind control collar on him. Before she activated it she declared 'Now brother will love me and only me! You'll get me all the banana's I want and always play with me!' Luckily for Keitaro the device malfunctioned and simply exploded. After making the upset princess clean up the mess Keitaro hugged her and reminded her that all the things she wanted he could still do. When Suu asked if that went into the realm of the flesh Mutsumi had to step in as Keitaro's brain stopped functioning.

Back at the daunting stair case, Mutsumi's smile was radiant. She could still feel the warm ring of metal around her finger and it reminded her daily that life wasn't a dream. "No Kei-chan I want to be there with you." She hugged his arm closely. "It was a long road to get here for us and I won't let you walk it alone anymore."

Taking a deep breath, Keitaro started up the stairs. "I wonder how much things have changed since our last visit." He didn't really ask Mutsumi and was just commenting. Unless Mutsumi was clairvoyant, which Keitaro didn't believe, she couldn't know that answer. "I feel so jittery and I don't know why."

Feeling his stride tapering off, Mutsumi increased hers and in effect started dragging Keitaro with her. "You're worried is all silly. Don't be. Nothing has changed except my last name," she nuzzled his neck with her nose. Partially to calm her nerves and she knew his neck was one of his pressure points. "We've been through worse than a family visit Kei-chan."

She was right of course, their relationship had all the quirks and problems that had often sunk others. Being the beautiful and charming woman she was, Mutsumi had a bevy of attempted suitors in college. Once she had started dating Keitaro she opened up even more, almost glowing with positive energy and it affected others. Rich men, strong men, charismatic men, and forceful men all tried to woo the woman away from her man. And while Mutsumi's affection never wavered one accident on her end almost broke the pair apart.

It was during a long study session with one of her groups for speech communication. The meeting had started with the full group of five, three men and two women, but as time moved on the other woman left and the men shared a knowing look. Ordering rounds of beers at the tavern they had taken to studying at the foursome enjoyed more than a few. Ohiko knew how deeply Mutsumi cared for her boyfriend, but he couldn't see why and his buddies were determined to help him. Once they had a great deal the friends left and Ohiko made his move.

Maybe it was because he looked a lot like Keitaro, Mutsumi brought him back to the apartment. That was wear Keitaro found them making out on the couch. Walking in after a long day of helping Seta to find Mutsumi with one of her study buddies, Keitaro just walked back out to shocked to say anything. But luckily that shock broke Mutsumi's befuddlement and she sent Ohiko out the door with the worse case of blue-balls he'd ever suffer in his life. When she found Keitaro afterward, in the beef bowl place where she confessed to him, she found the man already well into his fifth drink.

Despite how many times she told him she loved him, Keitaro had insecurities about Mutsumi. At the time he didn't think he deserved her feelings, and that what he saw was the end. It took Mutsumi over a month to recover the damage she'd done, and from that point she made sure to limit her intake when Keitaro wasn't around.

Keitaro's bouts of near infidelity were just more of the same happenstance that always cursed his life. Walking into the wrong room while women were changing, slipping and falling onto the most inappropriate body parts, and of course worming his way into the hearts and occasional lusts of the female populace where he spent time with. The college now had a small clan of women that eyed Mutsumi with contempt. But through it all, Mutsumi rather enjoyed, Keitaro never noticed and she had no intention of pointing it out.

Recalling all the problems they had, the few fights they had, and the time spent making up, Keitaro had faith in the woman on his arm. "We did have one hell of a time getting here didn't we?" Turning to her, Keitaro kissed her lips chastely, "And I love you more than I did back when we started."

Blushing softly, Keitaro rarely took the initiative or said his feelings so bluntly, Mutsumi giggled. "We're at the top silly, time to let them know about Mr. and Mrs. Urashima." Maybe nobody would be home and Mutsumi could make good on one promise she made to herself. I did always want Kei-chan to take me in his old room, and today I would really like it. Mutsumi had taken her role as Keitaro's lover very seriously and enjoyed each coupling more than the last. With a mental titter I wonder if that makes me a pervrt?


"I should just open it and then be depressed the rest of the day," Kitsune said as she held a small brown envelope in her hand. "I mean it can't be good news or they'd have called right…it has to be bad." But she worked so hard, and tried so many before this one. "Maybe it was a bad idea after all…should go back to freelancing," but she didn't want that work anymore. Summing up her courage Kitsune ripped the letter open and read its contents. A fire worked from her stomach, up to her lungs, and out of her mouth as she re-read the letter. "FUCK YEAH!!!!"

Throwing her door open, Kitsune ran down the stairs to find somebody, anybody to tell her great news too. Shinobu should have been either studying or cooking and would make a great hugging post. "Shinobu-CHAN!" Kitsune called out knowing it irritated the girl now to be called chan. No matter how big her breasts get she's still little Shinobu-chan to me. But once she descended the stairs she saw a pair standing in the doorway and came to a halt, more importantly she saw him. "Kei…taro?"

"Hi Mitsune, how ya been?" Keitaro said a little uneasily. The moment they opened the door they heard Kitsune's scream and for a second they thought maybe they should leave. "Good news?" he pointed to the letter and the jovial expression on her face.

Tell him first or? Fuck it, if Mutsumi gets upset she wouldn't care. Rushing up to the man that had brought about the change in her, Kitsune wrapped the stunned man in a fierce hug and planted a sloppy kiss right on his lips. Guess that answers the other question I had, she thought. Had Mutsumi not coughed gingerly Kitsune would have continued kissing the prone man. "They're going to publish it! Kokukawa publishing firm has bought my book and they're going to publish it!"

Mutsumi looked at Kitsune and Keitaro and felt left out. Something had passed between her husband and this woman that she didn't know and she did feel a tiny prick of anger. "Kei-chan what is she talking about? Kitsune-san I didn't know you were writing a book." Nobody did, all the residents thought was Kitsune was still the same Kitsune.

Rubbing the back of his head, "I promised I wouldn't talk about the subject matter or the fact she was writing a book Mu-chan." He turned back to Kitsune with a genuine smile, "And I'm so proud of you Mitsune. It takes a lot of courage to do what you're doing." The conniving fox had really changed since he'd left. "If she's comfortable telling you Mu-chan, why not ask her yourself?"

Those old feelings of love rekindled the moment she heard the fact that all this time Keitaro never spilled the beans about her past. Pre-empting Mutsumi, Kitsune just came clean. "I wrote about a girl that was sexually abused by an apartment manager in her past and how it affected her life." Not seeing the connection on Mutsumi's face, Kitsune's smile lost some of its luster, "its basically an autobiography of my life before coming here."

Her anger died instantly as she put two and two together. Drawing Kitsune into a hug, Mutsumi cooed, "I'm so happy for you Kitsune-san." While hugging the fox, Mutsumi eyed Keitaro and mentally checked off another reason she was going to make tonight special. He would have kept that a secret to his dieing breath wouldn't he. Plus on learning Keitaro's and Kitsune's secret it also alleviated one of Mutsumi's internal questions. She had asked why Keitaro used the name 'Mitsune' and not 'Kitsune' but he would never tell, well now she knew.

Breaking out of the hug, feeling more than a trifle nervous, Kitsune looked at the pair. "I'm going to put you on the front page Keitaro, I'm dedicating it to you." Rubbing her arms, suddenly very cold, "If it wasn't for you I'd never have come to terms with it, never have taken the steps to recover." Feeling his eyes on her without looking at him, Kitsune felt even more embarrassed. "So what brings you two here?"

"SEMPAI!" Shinobu's call interrupted the pairs first attempt to confess their marriage. Running up to the man, Shinobu wrapped him up in a fierce hug, "You big meany, you promised to visit and you haven't been here in months!"

Confused at the strange girl hugging him, Keitaro pointed at the mop of hair attached to his chest. "I'm sorry miss but do I know you?" She sounded like little Shinobu but couldn't have been. The last time he saw Shinobu she was up to his shoulders and flat as a pancake. The girl hugging him was his height and only a few cup sizes lower than his wife.

Knowing exactly who it was, Mutsumi gently pulled Shinobu away from her husband. "Now Kei-chan aren't you being stupid today," she giggled as she bent over a little to look at the puffy eyes of Shinobu, "Ara Ara hasn't little Shinobu-chan grown into a lovely young woman."

"She hit one hell of a grown spurt in the last few months," Kitsune laughed along with Mutsumi as Keitaro continued to balk. "Bet her little boyfriend is happy with the changes too…that is if Motoko hasn't tried staking a claim in him." It was always fun to tease Shinobu about her boyfriend and how Motoko took more than a shine to him as well. Another round of two girls after the same guy, love triangle round two at Hinata Sou.

Thrusting her arms down and glaring at Kitsune, "Shin-chan doesn't like Motoko! He's just being trained by her is all!" How many times did she have to hear from Kitsune that Motoko might not just be training him with the sword. "So stop staying that!"

Her laughter increased at Shinobu's little tirade, "But you've seen how Motoko and Shinji are together Shinobu-chan. Better keep an eye on her." Teasing had always been a fun thing for Kitsune, and today would be no exception. It was a day to party! Keitaro was visiting and her book was going to be published. Truly a good enough reason to break out the special stuff.

On hearing that his quasi-little sister was dating somebody, Keitaro's paralysis was finally snapped. "Wait you're dating somebody? Tell me about him Shinobu-chan," he put his hands on the girl's shoulders and as usual missed the rosy blush it elicited. Anybody that hurts Shinobu-chan will have to answer to me…this boy better be worthy of her.

While she'd moved past her young love for Keitaro, Shinobu hadn't been able to resist the warmth spreading through her. "Keitaro-sempai can you…let go of me? Breakfast is almost done so…we can eat and I'll tell you about him if you want to know." It wasn't cheating, but Shinobu felt upset at how nice it was to be in Keitaro's arms, especially now that she'd blossomed into a woman. Now that she knew what a real relationship was, now that she knew what sex was, Shinobu was a little ashamed of her young crush.

Wrapping her arm around Keitaro's, Mutsumi lead him to the dining room. "Ara Ara Kei-chan are you jealous of Shinobu's boyfriend?" No edge was present in her voice, Mutsumi knew better but she had to keep Keitaro on focus. If he pressed to hard, Shinobu might just break things off with her boyfriend to appease him.

"No I'm just," sighing as he sat down, he shook his head. "Just concerned I guess." Looking towards the kitchen where Kitsune and Shinobu were filling plates with food, "Never thought about her growing older, dating, or falling in love. Thought she'd stay that innocent little girl forever." Time changed things, and few things didn't change over time. "I hope that boy realizes what he's getting into."

Hand to palm, "Shinobu-chan has an entire house of guardians watching over her. If the boy does anything I'm sure he won't life long enough to regret it." Her smile never left her face as she mentioned the death of any boy that dared hurt Shinobu. Seeing Keitaro pale, "Ara did I say something odd?"

"Sorry for the small portions but we weren't expecting company. I'll make something bigger for lunch," Shinobu interrupted. Setting plates down in front of the yet unknown newlyweds. "Motoko-san, Kanako, and Narusagawa are gone right now so it's just us. So where should I start?"

In unison the Urushima's replied, "The beginning." And the assembled let out a group laugh. Shinobu's story, to their amazement, started before the visits stopped. Due to a ruptured gas line at her old school, Shinobu had to start going to a school in Tokyo, that much they knew. What the didn't know was that Shinobu had started talking to a timid boy their named Shinji Ikari.

To call their first few months of interaction passion filled would have been a laugh. The two just talked and got used to each other. Shinobu bashfully confessed her first date with him had came from her missing the train back to Hinata after cleaning the classroom. They went to eat and watched movies at his apartment with his guardian. Next week she missed the train again, but on purpose. After a three such accidents, he asked her out officially. She never looked back.

"Such a lovely story," Mutsumi cooed through closed eyes and an empty plate, "Does he make a good lover?" she asked as if she was asking if he had brown hair.

Spitting her tea all over the table, Shinobu stammered. "Mutsumi-san how…how…" how could she ask such a blunt question! Her face felt warm, but her whole body was glowing read. "Shin-chan and I um…" looking at Keitaro, Shinobu was ashamed to confess exactly how far she went with her boyfriend.

Catching on, Mutsumi shoved Keitaro away from the table, "Kei-chan how about going and talking to your aunt for awhile?" Mutsumi wanted to insure Shinobu wasn't getting in over her head, and by the rapt attention Kitsune was paying to the conversation it was proof that Shinobu's activities were still at large unknown.

Putting his hands up in defeat, Keitaro stood up, "I'll see how the old tea house is doing. Maybe Kanako is down there." Eyeing up Shinobu firmly, "Glad to hear you're with somebody and happy Shinobu-chan." He'd fight to the death for that girl's happiness, but judging from the body language it wasn't needed. Walking out the door and back down to the tea house, Keitaro was met with an amorous hug from Kanako and a slap from Haruka's fan when he slipped and called her aunt.

Waiting until she heard the door close, Mutsumi turned back to the squeamish Shinobu. "Now Shinobu-chan, we're not asking you this to upset your or embarrass you at all. We're just want to make sure you're being careful." Scooping up Shinobu's prone hand in hers, Mutsumi hoped the girl believed her.

Her face couldn't have been as red as the heat suggested to her, but Shinobu would have thought she was on fire. "I…we…" hearing encouraging sounds from both women, and Mutsumi gently rubbing her hand, a new feeling came to Shinobu. Connection. She was connecting to these women, they were accepting her as a woman and not a child. "I…touched his thing a few times…" she wasn't brave enough to actually say the word, thought they'd think her dirty.

"Is that all hun?" Kitsune asked knowing the man in question quite well. While before the boy was taken under Motoko's wing for training he had been to the inn only a handful of times, Kitsune was there for all of them. She liked the boy. Saw a lot of Keitaro in his actions and was a little surprised at the progress Shinobu was having. "And did you initiate this or did he?"

Again eying both women then looking down at her legs, the shame was ebbing away. "Well it was at my prompting, we were watching a romance movie and the want just hit me. He's never denied me anything before and he was reluctant, but he agreed to it." Peeking at the older women, Shinobu saw glee there not anger, but she did see they wanted more. "And he's um…touched me a few times."

Hearing such innocence in Shinobu made Mutsumi happy. She'd worried about how long it would have taken for the girl to recover, but sounded like she was doing just fine. A little exploration is a fine thing, this boy is perfect for her and not pushing her. All in her own time. But the need to know more was powerful! This was Shinobu talking about her entry into adulthood! "Where did he touch you Shinobu-chan, and remember we're not upset at all."

A heavy petting session after the third time she asked if he'd let her touch him, he asked the same. "Well…down there…" her body tingled pleasantly at the memory. "And before you ask it's been a few times."

Wrapping an arm around Shinobu's neck, Kitsune pulled the young woman into a hug. "My how times change. Here is our little Shinobu getting to third base with her boyfriend, never thought I'd live to hear the news." And no sex yet made Kitsune a lot happier, exploration was fine but that last step was a dozy. "Just wish Suu-chan could be here to hear it."

Curiosity peeked, Mutsumi released Shinobu's hand and placed it back to her cheek. "Ara that is right we haven't seen Suu-chan. Where is she?" The Mol-Mol princess had been a handful over the years but never a nuisance. The few break ins and forcing Keitaro to play with her, the red moon adult Suu attempting to seduce him once, and a couple of ill gotten machines were endearing.

Pulling away from the smiling Shinobu, Kitsune answered for them. "She went back to Mol-Mol to see if she can't get the inn turned into an embassy." Waving her head back and forth, the fox couldn't refute Suu's aims. "If she can get this place listed as Mol-Mol territory she said she'd ask her father to instate some old laws and by proxy Keitaro would be her husband and we'd be her wives." It was the fourth time she tried, and nobody thought she'd succeed.

They all let out a good laugh at the thought of being in a cluster marriage with Keitaro, but they had moved on. The trio settled into general conversation and catching up. They talked of school and jobs and all the comings and goings of life. When Kitsune asked about Naru, Mutsumi said she'd talk about it later. Shinobu headed to make lunch and by the time Keitaro came back from catching up with family the meal was about to be set.


The bag full of books was heavy, but it really didn't slow Motoko's ascent up the stairs. Tomorrow was going to be another sparing session with her first and best pupil and that always put her in a good mood. Sure he was two years her junior but that didn't really mean much did it? Grinning to herself, "Maybe another master/student bonding session will be needed." Underhanded yes, but if she learned anything of the events a year past was it didn't matter until the game was over how you played.

Opening the door, "Hey guys the study session ended early so I didn't eat in town. Any lunch left or do I have to wait for supper?" How she failed her first attempt to get into Tokyo University, Motoko would never know but she was determined to get in now. Cram school was the first place she went after not seeing her name on the board. Seeing a strange set of shoes at the door, "Do we have company?"

It was Shinobu's voice that sang from the kitchen, "Supper is going to be early today so you can just wait. And yes we do have company, they're in the living room with Kitsune." After some more girl chat with Mutsumi and the resident fox, Shinobu wasn't as worried about losing her boyfriend anymore so the edge was gone in her voice. The additional fact that her beloved sempai was going to stay the night made her day. Glad Shin-chan isn't going to visit today, wouldn't do much good to have me fawning on Keitaro. But it's just for today.

Kicking her own shoes off, Motoko pulled out one of her study aids from her bag before setting it down too. "Alright, smells good," she replied after taking a whiff of the air. Great as usual, and from the aura in the inn everybody was in great spirits. What irritated the sword maiden was how she couldn't identify the guests immediately. Aura reading has been one of her exceptional traits, but these two guests were flooding her senses with positive energy and joy. Rounding the door into the living room, Motoko came to a crashing halt.

"Hey Motoko-chan, Kitsune told us about your problem with the entrance exam," Keitaro said with a silly grin on his face. "Guess you have more in common with me than you thought." The ex-ronin had to ripe his eyes away from Motoko's aged body as to not give the wrong idea. Motoko-chan really has become the beauty her sister was…maybe more so.

Noticing her husband's reaction, Mutsumi's grin sharpened a little. She didn't mind the wandering eye on occasion, even she though Motoko was a fine specimen of feminine curves, she wouldn't allow a wondering hand. "Ara Ara I believe that is why she failed the exam on the first try."

Silence filled the room after Mutsumi's comment as the residents all thought about it. The more they thought the more it made sense, and finally Kitsune let out a loud whooping laugh. "I never would have thought that, but it sounds right. Mo-chan just had to have something to relate with her lost love." It was now common knowledge between the three women that feelings were shared around.

Walking to the couch with shut eyes, Motoko wasn't going to respond to that. All she did was sit next to the man…then hug him. "You big dope, weren't you going to visit us more often than this?" Oh how she had missed him. After learning she was capable of love, and that she loved Keitaro, it hurt to not see him even if he was with Mutsumi. As time moved on though the pain dulled, and now she had something to divert her attention.

Again noticing her husband's reaction, Mutsumi giggled as well. "Looks like Kei-chan is noticing you're not wearing those chest binds anymore…trying to entice your student Motoko-chan? I could teach you a few maneuvers if you like." A lie, but Mutsumi knew Motoko would never take her up on the offer. Mutsumi was done playing matchmaker, let Shinobu and Motoko fight each other fairly for the future they want, and let the best woman win.

Hearing the woman yelp and push away from him, Keitaro scratched his nose and tried to ignore the ghost senses on his arm. "So you're next test is coming up right Motoko-chan…ready for it?" Best to change the topic and fast, Keitaro knew Mutsumi better than anybody and from her voice just now he could tell she was getting a little defensive.

Fumbling with the ridges of her garb, Motoko nodded. "Yeah I think I'll pass this time. I've been studying really hard for it this time." If he could get in, Motoko was sure she could. Maybe they could even have some classes together if he had any general education left to take.

"Tell him about your novels Motoko," Kitsune snickered and enjoyed the frantic arm waving that followed as Keitaro turned to ask her what Kitsune meant. "Oh didn't you notice what is been on the top seller list for the last three months. Maybe you've heard of Sakura Miyazki?"

Shrugging Keitaro said, "All I know about her is that she writes romance novels. That her debut novel came out to rave success." He didn't need romance novels to get by, his wife was more than willing to provide romance. Honestly Mutsumi was the driving libido in the household while Keitaro rarely got the itch.

"You can be so dense sometimes Kei-chan," Mutsumi patted her husbands back. "How did somebody get a hold of your journal Motoko-chan?" Mutsumi knew the novel in question quite well. It was the one she read over a year ago before she induced her punishment on Motoko, with a few updates and modifications.

A profound grimace stretched across her face from ear to ear, Motoko pointed at Kitsune. "That foul temptress sent it off to a publisher claiming it was an accident." Whether it was or not, Motoko doubted. But what she couldn't doubt was the response it got. Wide success and a huge helping of fan letters from women just like her. The monetary value was going to put her through college.

"Supper is ready so come and get it!" Shinobu called out preventing Keitaro from asking any questions about the novel or if he could get a copy. Why Motoko wouldn't want him to read a book she wrote was confusing, but Motoko was adamant he not read it. More chatting and joking followed supper. The atmosphere was pleasant, marred only when Naru came home, saw the group and left to her room immediately. She'd eat alone after Mutsumi left, still not forgiving the woman, but making small progress to it.

Once the last of the food was shoved down, and the saki Kitsune passed around, Mutsumi stood up and gestured to the onsen. "Alright women…time for one last group bath…Kei-chan I think I saw Kanako lingering around in the living room…why not talk with her about how she can't fuck you ok?" Hiccupping as the alcohol worked deeper into her brain, "Oops…meant why she can't have a relationship with you."


Once all the clothing was shed, the four women hunkered down into the steaming onsen for what Mutsumi claimed was the last communal bath. "Ara Ara I missed how wonderful this bath felt." She hissed out as she sank deeply into the water. "What are you all looking at?"

The three women looked at each other and back to Mutsumi, Shinobu was the brave one. "Why are you calling this the last bath Mutsumi-san? Are you not going to visit us again?" While Mutsumi was always welcome, the girls were more worried about Keitaro not showing up again.

Sipping from the saki cup, Mutsumi sighed. "It depends on you four actually. Naru is included in this choice." Mutsumi looked at the changing room where she saw the flap close, no doubt Naru was listening. Holding her hand out, the moonlight reflected off her ring perfectly, "As you see I am no longer Mutsumi Otohime, I am Mutsumi Urushima."

A collected gasp filled the onsen at the news. Motoko scoffed and then laughed. "Tell us something we weren't expecting." They had wondered why it hadn't happened earlier, not that they minded the dwindling hope that the couple would split up.

Easing deeper into the water herself, Kitsune nodded with Motoko. "Yeah, we were waiting for this since day one. Sure I'd have loved if you broke it off with him so I could steal him…I never really expected it to happen." Gazing over at Shinobu, she saw the young women agreeing. Taking a long drought from her own saki cup, "It was all a matter of time."

With a broad grin, "I was worried you'd not want me here if you knew I was going to make love to Kei-chan. Thought you might be offended." It was expected wasn't it? They were married, they loved each other, and she loved making him feel good and vice versa.

"M-Make love to sempai?" Shinobu asked with all her mentality forcing that image to not appear in her mind. "Do you…do that a lot?" If Mutsumi had opened the can of worms, Shinobu was going to fish…and the other girls seemed just as interested.

"Ara Ara while I wish we would more I'd say we make love every other day," Mutsumi said easily. Her sexuality never bothered her before, why let it now. These girls were her family and her husbands, their was nothing to hide from them. "Kei-chan isn't nearly as much the pervert you made him out to be in the past."

Confused, Motoko squinted hard and set her half empty cup down. "Wait, you mean to tell us that he isn't the one making you…that its you asking him to…?" Wasn't the man supposed to be the pillar of the sexual activity in a couple? Women were more refined and less wanting right?

"Usually it's me asking him…Kei-chan never has refused me since we got together. On a rare day, usually after a stressful dig he'll come to me." And those times were lovely as she let him guide the whole affair. A wistful gleam came to her eye, "Kei-chan is very skilled." A few months of steady practice with a willing and capable student would do that.

Leaning forward, Kitsune was getting into the conversation. "So if its Kei-chan's skill on the docket of conversation. What is he best at?" This was forbidden knowledge! Things they never expected to learn with him being with Mutsumi, but here she was so candidly telling them about their sex life. "What does the little pervert like the best too?"

Holding her closed fist before her lips, Mutsumi giggled. "Actually that is one in the same." Casting her gaze to the night sky, "My darling rather enjoys oral pleasure…giving and not receiving if you understand me." Keitaro had become very skilled with his tongue and Mutsumi was more than happy to let him practice.

"So the spore isn't making you degrade yourself then huh?" Naru surprised the group by giving up on the subterfuge and joining them. With the option of trying to make amends or staying forever mad at the two, Naru chose the former. "Would have thought he'd be all about you sucking him off."

Meeting Naru's eyes with her own, "Funny you'd say that Na-chan." Mutsumi hoped this was the ending of the standing grudge between them. "He said the same thing. Silly man said he didn't want me degrading himself for him. Little does he know is that I'd gladly degrade myself for him whenever he wanted…he does for me." The pair loved and cherished each other, no degradation existed at all.

Amazed at the conversation around her, Shinobu was overwhelmed by it. This was an adult talk and they were including her. "So…what about you Mutsumi-san? What do you like sempai to-to do to you?" Just saying this was making Shinobu giddy with the sense that she was being naughty and bad.

Finishing her cup, "I just like having him inside me…anywhere at all." It was the connection that did it for Mutsumi. Having her most cherished person physically connected to her, feeling every twitch and movement of his body as they coupled. That was all she wanted, and she enjoyed every moment of it.

"I think that's a fine place to end this little talk," Naru said quickly. Having come to terms that she'd never have Keitaro for her own was one thing, hearing how Mutsumi liked having him plug every hole in her body was something else. "So…tell us about your wedding?"

With that the adult conversation ended, and more traditional topics were picked up. Questions about children, homes, jobs, and the future became the shifting topics. Through it all Naru and Mutsumi moved closer together, the healing had begun and with time they'd be friends again. Never as close as they once were, but closer.


She found her husband where she expected him after she got out of the bath, in his old room. "How did things go with Kanako?" she asked fluffing her hair. The sulfurous water made it sticky and she didn't want any tangles.

Already in his baggy sleeping pants, Keitaro was unfolding the futon as Mutsumi walked in. "She saw the ring and cried. I never thought she was that attached to me. But I reminded her that no matter what I'll always be her brother." Laying the blanket on top of the futon, Keitaro was still astonished that he had to have that type of conversation with his sister. "How was the bath?"

"I slipped and told them about the wedding. They all took it better than we expected," Mutsumi confessed. They had planned to do it jointly, but the alcohol made her tongue a little to loose. "Mad at me?"

Setting his glasses on the dresser, "Never. Actually I half expected it. Kanako had to have some indication too since she's letting use have her room tonight. She said she'd bunk down at Haruka's." Why she said she didn't want to be in the inn right now puzzled the ex-manager but he wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Shedding her clothing with abandon, Mutsumi slide herself into the robe she used for sleeping. Catching the quick glance Keitaro had before turning away from her, Mutsumi chuckled at how bashful he still was. "Ara this isn't your room anymore is it," she said forlornly. "You ready for bed?" she asked out of necessity. Knowing Keitaro as she did, he wouldn't ever think of coupling in the dorm with the girls about. No she'd have to make this dream a reality herself.

Getting under the blankets and fluffing the pillows, "Yeah I am." Something about the room was different than when it was his. He couldn't put his finger on it, but the magic of the dorm was oddly vacant from the room now. Guess it's not magic for me anymore. It's Kanako's and the girls that stayed behind. Holding the blanket open for Mutsumi, he pulled her close after she got into the futon. "Did you talk to Naru?"

Facing him, Mutsumi nodded. "She joined us in the bath after we started our girl talk." Keitaro would have passed out if he knew just what they were talking about so that was a secret she'd keep. "I missed this place Kei-chan."

Grinning his dopy smile, "So did I. I had so many dreams and hopes while I lived here. But I'm glad that things are starting to get better around here." Laying his head heavily on the pillow he allowed himself a small reminiscence. Such lofty and unattainable goals he had set for himself when he first arrived in the dorm. He failed to meet some of them, but in failing learned that it wasn't the end of the world and in the process fell in love with Mutsumi.

"I have a dream about this place too Kei-chan," Mutsumi's voice lowed in tone making her husband lean in to hear him. "One you can help me achieve." Her hand slowly snaked its way down waiting for the question she knew was on Keitaro's lips.

True to form, Keitaro took the bait that was offered. "What is your dream Mu-chan?" He'd help her with anything she wanted. For all the good times she gave him, for all the bad times she suffered through to be with him. Keitaro gave himself freely to his wife. A compromise of existence, mutual beneficial to both.

In a deft display of skill, Mutsumi's hand shot through the band of Keitaro's pants and grabbed his deflated manhood with her hand through the hole of his boxers. "I always wanted to make love to you in this room." Kissing him before he could reply, her hand slowly stroked his rising member. Its heat engulfed her hand as she moved it back and forth. Breaking the kiss after she felt his penis grow to its full length, she said, "Will you help me with that dream?"

While he didn't have his wife's libido, Keitaro was never one to complain about it either. Part of the reason he so infrequently stressed any sexual desires was because all he had to do was wait and she'd come to him. Gulping down as he felt that soft hand so expertly massaging him, "We'll have to be quiet."

Tittering with delight, Mutsumi cast off the blanket and sat back up. "We can try Kei-chan, we can try." But if the other girls could hear, and they would be listening Mutsumi thought, let them enjoy the show. Extracting her hand from his pants, she moved her hand to the silk belt that held her robe closed and pulled it free. "Would you do the honors husband?"

Enjoying undressing Mutsumi as much as she enjoyed being undressed, Keitaro's calloused and rough hands moved to her shoulders and pealed the pink silk robe off exposing Mutsumi's nude glory for him to see. No pubic hair crested her maidenhood as she shaved it off to give Keitaro less trouble when he often tongue bathed her. "Beautiful as always," he stated for the countless time. Mutsumi must have been lovingly crafted by Aphrodite herself Keitaro believed.

Supple and pert breasts peaked with small dark brown nipples, the left having a birth mark. Her stomach was smooth and firm, and her rump was a lovely peach shape. "Thank you Kei-chan," Mutsumi whispered as her hands pulled gingerly at both his pants and boxer. Rolling them down just past his knees, Mutsumi's hand reclaimed the well worn tool. He wasn't the biggest man in the world but he was more than enough to satisfy her. "How would you like to take me?" she often asked but was often given the choice herself.

Laying back down, Keitaro took the initiative he so seldom did. "I think I'd like you on top Mu-chan." They seldom did it in that position, again cause Keitaro never wanted his wife to feel like he was demeaning her or soiling her. But today was different and even he could feel it.

With a nod, Mutsumi gave Keitaro's member a few more small pumps to insure it was gorged with blood before climbing on top of him. "Would my husband like to see me or shall I look away?" Oh how she loved these little games with him. While normally she was the dominant force, right now she gladly put herself at his mercy.

Moving his hands to her waist, Keitaro set her down on his lap facing him. "I want to see the woman I love do this…if it's her dream." It was hard for him to keep up this air of control, he was never one to force anybody to do anything. As her husband though, Keitaro knew his wife wanted him to be. She likes it when I tell her what to do…I guess I should feel honored. And he did.

Bending over, Mutsumi kissed Keitaro breaking character for just a moment but she couldn't help it. "If you so wish it," she sat up on her knees high enough to position Keitaro's member right in line with her maidenhood. "I love you Kei-chan," she murmured right as inched back down engulfing him fully. All the mental foreplay had done a great job at getting her moist enough to take him with no friction.

"Mu-chan…" he groaned as incased his member. Even after the many times they made love, it never lost its magic to him. Always felt powerful beyond words. Electricity running from her into him. When he once asked her about it, she said it was love that caused it. "Fan-tastic."

For her it was just as pleasant. Moving in small circles, her breasts popping up in small circles with each gyration, Mutsumi pushed down on Keitaro harder each time. "Kei-chan…your hips…please…" She wanted him in her deeper.

Taking the command, Keitaro started pumping his hips in sync with her cycles, his hands firmly on her waist just above the hip to make sure she didn't fall. "Mu..Mu-chan," he moaned again as she sped up.

"Kei-chan…mmmhh…more…" Mutsumi moaned loudly as a trickle of drool escaped her lips. Not only did she speed up but she pulled his member out further and pushed down harder, hands planted firmly on his chest. "Kei-chan…you're so…deep."

Her dew was already soaking into his crotch, and that made him feel better knowing she was getting into it. Pumping harder himself, "You're clenching me so tight Mu-chan."

"What is clenching you Kei-chan…what?" once her engine got started Mutsumi pulled all the stops. Dirty talk was just as good as the actual act at times. "Tell me Kei-kun…what is your dirty penis pounding into." She moaned again followed by a few whimpers as Keitaro pulled her down in time with his pumps now.

Feeling his body start to quiver, an early sign that things weren't going to last much longer. "You're pussy…you're wonderful pussy Mu-chan," he groaned out loudly as he felt her clenching around him tighter and tighter. She's just about ready to go too.

Stopping her cycle of pumps, Mutsumi rested her maidenhood against Keitaro's body and started grinding against him. "Yes…you're dick…in my pussy…Kei-chan I'm burning!" Such a dirty mouth she had in the throws of passion, but on any other night only Keitaro knew it. In their respective rooms, the girls all listened and for that night imagined it was them with Keitaro. "I'm going to…I'm going to…"

He could feeling it growing in him from his legs up to his shoulders, Keitaro was at his limit. "Mu-chan I'm…guuh!" Not needing to pull out, Mutsumi was on the pill since neither wanted kids yet, Keitaro fired his essence deep into Mutsumi's womb.

"CUMMING!" Mutsumi finished for Keitaro as she herself climaxed and doused Keitaro in a mixture of their juices before collapsing on his chest. Not bothering to pull him out of her, Mutsumi just let the deflated member stay inside. "Kei-chan…wonderful as always," she said breathlessly before kissing his cheek.

Hugging her close, "You too my love." He held her until she giggled and rolled off him. "Mutsumi what's the matter?"

Looking down at her dirty body and Keitaro's dripping crotch. "I guess my other dream can come true as well." She stood up and put her robe back on while heading for the door. "Are you coming?"

"Where too?" he asked confused as he pulled his pants up and put his glasses back on. Part of his mind realized that they had been awfully loud towards the end and no doubt at least one person heard them.

Latching onto Keitaro's arm and pulling him to his feet, Mutsumi prodded him out of the bedroom. "To the onsen silly."

The End