"Nice haul." A twenty-five-year-old girl commented.

"Yeah, Bo. We could've really used your help up there. So it's official, huh? You're joining the Rebels." The speaker, who could've been Bo's twin, was wearing a grim look on his face.


"Be careful. When are you shipping out?"

"After dark tonight. I have to finish repainting my bird first, and say good-bye before I sign out. Drop me a line by the grape-vine once in a while, eh?"

"Of course. Take care, Bo."

"You too, Luke."

After Luke left, tears began streaming down her face. A turquoise and silver R2 unit beeped sympathetically from her socket on the X-wing. Bo stood and dried her tears. "C'mon, Hotwire, let's get this done."

Hotwire beeped an affirmative and continued running checks on anything that she could reach from the astromech socket, while Bo painted over the flag she had fought under and for, the kills she had earned, and the insignia of her first squadron that she had defended for more than ten years. It took less than two hours of work to effectively erase the evidence of a decade of hard work and sacrifice.

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