Author's Preface

Because of the nature of this story and how I will be writing it I thought a preface of sorts necessary. This story has its beginnings a long time ago (I don't think I have that version anymore, but it might be somewhere, and if you happened to read TA fanfiction around that time this story will be very familiar), but I'm bringing it back because I enjoy it. That is the primary focus of the writing of this story, my enjoyment and betterment. As such it will be at my pace, in my way. I plan to do small 500 word chunks so that I can slowly go back through and edit it while continuing to write more. I will perhaps create larger chapters as I edit through stuff, but I'm not sure on that. Now, separate messages for separate groups of people.

TA Fans

For those of you who play and love Total Annihilation there are some parts of this story you may not like. I am not devoted to "canon" and I will take license with story elements, units, etc. It is based on Total Annihilation as you will see, but I am fleshing it out as I see necessary. I will also be attempting to write this story so that someone who has never played Total Annihilation will still understand, so I will be explaining things you may know better than I do. This seems especially necessary since the TA fanfiction scene looks to be dead or dormant at this point, so most of my readers will probably be friends looking for a good story, not a video game.

A couple specific things of note for you guys: I am ignoring Core Contingency because I think that story line was fairly weak, but I will probably still use the units from CC. I may work them in as 'new developments' or I may just use them like they've been around, not sure yet. This story is based on the original campaign with the outcome of the Core side. Beyond that, just read the story.

The Uninitiated (those of you who have never played TA)

My goal with this story is to make everything understandable for you apart from the game. Those who have played it will perhaps understand "better" because they have a way to visualize much of what I'm talking about, but you shouldn't have to go play to understand what I'm talking about. If you ever feel lost or like you don't understand, feel free to say something (either directly to me or in a review). As I mentioned above I'll be editing as I go along, so I can go back and put in extra details if necessary, but I've played so much TA I may not notice those details, so I need your help. Above all I want you to enjoy the story, though, so let me know if that isn't happening, too.

That's all, now for the prologue.