Chapter 1

Part 1

Adam 32560 slowly opened his eyes, and then closed them again. Then he opened them more quickly. He was actually still alive. How could that be? He had watched as the Core Commander destroyed the last Arm Commander. Surely they must have destroyed all the Arm units by now.

Perhaps his Construction K-Bot was so far gone that it had been passed over. He had been buffeted by enough explosions there at the end that he would not be surprised. He flicked a switch and the systems lights all came on properly.

Construction K-Bots had been designed as low level construction units. The plans they had were slightly more advanced than the Commander's (since he was designed to get a base going from nothing) but the nano-lathe used to construct buildings from small nano-bots was much less efficient. However, as Adam suddenly remembered, this was not quite a normal K-Bot.

Commanders took a large amount of resources, too much to be building them as the Core was pressing their advantage. Instead, a new experimental construction K-bot was designed, with some of the features of the commander. It had limited self-repair ability and a very small radar as well. Adam's unit must have been damaged enough that the Core units passed it by and then the self-repair feature took over bringing things back online.

But the self-repair feature was extremely slow, which meant that…Adam was shocked to see that a week had passed since the destruction of the last Arm Commander. He didn't know what had happened to him, but his survival instinct immediately took over. If he was the last human left he had to try and survive.

But there was no way. How could a single K-bot survive on a planet completely conquered by the Core? His only chance was to hide, which was next to impossible. In spite of that conclusion he flipped on his radar and checked to see if anything was moving nearby. There was nothing.

He stopped to think about his options. He remembered a rumor about a valley that did weird things to radar. That wouldn't stop sight, but it might buy him a little time. That was to the west, a few miles, past the wreckage of the Arm base and into the forest a little ways. But he would have to pass through the open spaces of the base.

Flipping on the external cameras he took a look at the outside of his K-bot. It looked pretty beat up, and might be taken for wreckage as long as it wasn't giving off energy signals like an active unit. At night his heat signature would give him away, so he decided to risk daytime movement, going extremely slowly.

Once his plan was set he focused down as he had been trained and nothing else mattered. He sat there for a few hours without any thoughts, just waiting and watching the few Core patrols that came through. Then he started moving.

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