Zelos' relationship with Sheena was often more argument than affection.

Not that he minded. He found her more attractive for it. She was a welcome change from the girls who were constantly swooning over him (not that he minded them either). Her feisty spirit kept things interesting.

But, sometimes, he wished that, when he wanted to be close, to wrap his arms around her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear, that her elbow wouldn't jab him in the ribs, or that her tongue didn't quickly denounce his words as meaningless (even if they were).

It made him wonder why he bothered with her, when there were so many others more willing to be his one and only. It made him wonder why he was so set on her.

Part of him figured it was simply because he needed to prove that he could have her, that she could belong to him. She had always been the only one who could resist his charms, could return a complimentary purr with a retorting hiss, could counter a warm squeeze with a sharp right hook.

Another side of him remembered why he had always been in love with her. The distant loneliness that shined in her dark eyes, the way she sprang and leapt on the battlefield like it was an intricate dance and not a fight, the blush that she tried to hide when it crept pleasantly into her face – they were constant reminders of her beauty.

And, he knew for certain he loved her whenever it rained. He had no doubts about it then. She would lift her face, letting the water kiss her skin, trailing across her cheekbones, her earlobes, the graceful, curving column of her throat. A smile would settle so softly across her lips that it seemed a clandestine thing he shouldn't witness. Her dark eyelashes fluttered against her skin as her eyes closed, her breaths deep with the fresh air.

Zelos always wondered then if Colette was the only angel among them.

And he would say her name, so gently and quietly, his voice would sound foreign to his own ears. Even stranger, though, would be the adoring gaze she would turn, through the hair clinging to her face, in his direction, like she could see through his bravado.

The rain washed their facades away, and, for a moment, they could see clearly.