These are just some poems i came up with. They aren't really good but I'm submitting them any ways. Here goes.

Shadow moves, you are still,

Air changes, you don't breath.

You are the shadow following me,

Watching, waiting to reveal yourself to me.

Startled but not suprised, I see you come out,

I've been waiting for this moment.

Warm embraces,

Tender kisses,

And You with me,

Not a shadow.

This one was in Bella's point of view.

Edward's point of view.

I take away my presence for your safety,

Yet you think I don't love you.


I tell you a thousand times,

I love you.

Why won't you believe me?

The answer is fear.

Fear of being let down,

Or of being left.

I'm sorry,

So sorry.

Bella's POV again.

Crowded trees and broken leaves,

All is still as you walk away,

Leaving behind he person who loves you.

Falling into a black abyss,

A state of mortification,

I try to follow you.

But too fast are those who wish to leave,

Too fast for those who wish for you to stay.

You left me,

Left me.


So alone.

Come back,


Tell me what ya'll think, please.