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Well, it's finally over! Hopefully I accomplished my goals of a) exploring what would happen as they got older and grew a bit apart and b) what would happen if one turtlecest couple broke up and another formed. It was fun to write, though I think I'm more of a short fic, lots of little details girl. I found it harder to put details I wanted into this fic, don't know why...maybe I need a beta reader to bop me over the head and yell at me to do it?? Anyway, after I'll be spending more time on Flesh and Blood...then I'll write lots of happy little Leo/Don pieces to make up for this one. After all, I have that fanfic100 thing on lj to get working on ;)

Frankly, it just seemed like this fic needed something else...like an actual Leo/Don confrontation...so I hope this fits with the rest of the story!

10 years later

Leonardo gazed contentedly at the bright lights of the city surrounding him; the noises of the city street only a faint drone below him as he stood on a familiar rooftop.

"It's nice to be back."

Leo glanced down at Mikey. Mike had his arms latched around Leo's left one, his head lying comfortably on Leo's shoulder as they took in the memorable sight.

"Yea, it's been awhile," Leo replied.

"Awhile," Mike chuckled, "five years to be exact."

"You've been keeping track."

"Of course," Mikey teased, "I remember the exact date. We left five years ago on December 26th and haven't been back since. We left right before Raph did, remember?"

Leo nodded absently.

"Yea, you're right," he murmured.

Over the last ten years his family had been rather scattered. Up until five years ago they had done a pretty good job keeping track of each other, always reuniting at the lair for holidays and the anniversary of Splinter's death. But over the last few years the pair hadn't seen either of their brothers. There had been what Leo referred to as 'a falling out'. Not that Leo didn't 'check up' on his siblings through various contacts every now and then. After all, he had promised Splinter he'd watch out for the family.

"I wish we were back in Japan," Leo sighed.

"Leo, we haven't been there in years!"

"I know. But when we were there, things were perfect."

Mike let go of Leo's arm, turning Leo to face him.

"And they're not perfect now?" Mike asked in a dangerous voice, narrowing his eyes.

Leo smiled, holding up his hands defensively.

"No, no things are perfect now too. I just meant—"

Mike rolled his eyes.

"I know what you meant, Leo. Don't you get that by now?"

Leo leaned forward, gently kissing Mike's forehead, only to hear a loud snort behind him.

"Well, if it ain't the lovebirds."

Leo and Mike turned, both grinning happily as Raph walked towards them.


Mike jumped Raph first, then somehow Leo was pulled in as well and the three of them hugged tightly. They drew apart and Leo looked over his brother. He wore an old baseball cap and a faded jean jacket. The only thing that stood out on the jacket was a pair of etched initials on the left breast pocket of the jacket: RH & SL. Leo stowed the information away for later. Now wasn't the time to pry.

Raph stuffed his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he returned Leo's examining look.

"I'm all here, Fearless, quit fretting," he stated gruffly. Leo smirked.

"Just wondering what happened to make you suddenly go crazy and decide to pull together a reunion like this."

"You didn't have to come if it was so crazy," Raph countered. Leo could tell his brother was overjoyed to see them but of course Raph was Raph and he couldn't come out and say it. Leo just shook his head, realizing he was thrilled to see Raph too.

As Mike began to chatter happily with Raph, Leo heard the soft pad of feet land on the rooftop. He turned around and noticed the familiar shape of Donatello silhouetted on the other side of the roof. Slipping silently away from his brothers, Leo walked towards Don.

He stopped a few feet away and waited. Finally, Donatello stepped forward into the light where Leo could see him. Donatello didn't look much different after so many years. Just older.

"Hey there, blue boy," Don greeted him softly. Leo smiled sadly at the familiar pet name.

"Hey yourself, bookworm."

Don shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He could see Mike and Raph chatting happily behind Leo and part of him wanted to join them and skip his reunion with Leo. Don's eyes traveled to Leo, taking his older brother in. He looked just as Don remembered with only two differences. One was that his mask was new; it was a dark blue, almost black, color. Realizing he remembered seeing Leo's familiar blue color before, Don's gaze returned to his other brothers. He blinked in surprise, realizing that the tails of Leo's old mask were now tied together with Mikey's orange ones forming an alternating pattern of blue and orange. A familiar cold feeling entered his stomach as he returned his gaze to Leo. The second difference was a small scar that graced Leo's brow and disappeared in his mask above his right eye. Don frowned. How on earth had Leo managed to get that?

"Last time we spoke it wasn't under the best terms," Leo said softly. Don shrugged.

"That was five years ago, Leo," Don paused, his eyes leaving Leo's face to look at the city before them, "honestly, what did you expect?"

"Things were good between us, Donnie. I don't regret anything."

"It was just hard, Leo. Getting used to having one heart instead of two, even after all those years…"

Don wasn't sure Leo would remember the reference, but then he caught the flash of emotion in his brother's eyes.

"I know, Donnie."

Don's gaze flickered to Mikey then back to Leo's face.

"No," he sighed, "you don't."

"There's been no one else, Donnie?" Leo asked in exasperation, "Not in all these years?"

Don's cheeks turned a darker shade of green as he blushed.

"Well, there's someone," he stammered, "work and all….I meet people…" he shook his head, "don't change the subject, Leo…"

Knowing that Don hadn't been alone all these years sent a wave of relief through Leo. Somehow he had always been afraid he'd burned his brother into never wanting to love again. He watched Don carefully, pausing a moment before speaking.

"I remember we used to do a lot of meditation and reading together," Leo said lamely. Don was about to reply sarcastically, feeling an old anger start to rise but then he stopped. His eyes widened ever so slightly as he realized what Leo was getting at.

"I remember," he said softly, "I became so used to you lying with your head in my lap while I read that whenever I wanted to get through a book I needed to be with you."

Leo smiled hopefully.

"That's right. I remember when you had to get through that one book, who was it by?"

"Stephen Hawking," Don replied quickly, the memories flooding back, "I volunteered to read it to you."

"Yes and I gratefully declined," Leo laughed, "I was forced to do a lot of extra medication that week. Not that your lap wasn't comfortable."

A stony silence followed as they both relived the past.

"So, Raph got all of us together. Who would have thought?" Leo finally said. Don nodded.

"Raph's just a big softie at heart. I think he's been back in New York for awhile now."

Leo gave him a questioning look.

"April," Don answered, "Don't worry, I haven't spoken to Raph in years either."

"Then we should head over there," Leo said softly. Don hesitated, biting his lower lip for a moment before moving forward to hug Leo. Don was relieved when Leo didn't hesitate to hug back. Don nuzzled against Leo's neck, taking in the familiar scent of Leo that Don had missed through the years. Don was suddenly thrown back to that fateful day when he had left the lair on Splinter's orders, a firm belief in his heart that no matter what Splinter tried he'd never break them apart.

"I have no regrets either, Leo," Don breathed against Leo's neck. Leo gently pulled away, smiling at his brother. For a moment they both forgot anyone else was on the rooftop as they stood together in a comfortable silence for the first time in nearly a decade.

"Hey! You two!"

Raph's yell jolted them from their little world, making them turn in surprise.

"Hello to you to, braniac!" he called and Don lifted a hand in greeting as they walked towards him. Mike stood next to Raph, who leaned over the roof's edge looking at the street below. Mike hugged Don warmly once he arrived and Leo stood observing the three, crossing his arms as a familiar feral grin formed on Raph's face.

"What is it, Raph?" Leo asked in a no nonsense voice. Mike laughed, nudging Don.

"Just like old times, eh Donnie?" he teased.

"There are some goons down there trying to break into a rather quaint looking store," Raph removed his sais twirling them effortlessly, "How bout we break up the party?"

"And after?" Mike asked hopefully.

"Then," Don said slowly, his eyes traveling from Leo to Raph before resting on his little brother, a smile growing on his face, "then we go home, Mikey,"

The three of them turned to Leo.

"Well, Mr. Head of the Family?" Raph asked. Leo nodded, keeping his face serious.

"Alright, let's do it."

Don joined Raph at the edge of the roof; the pair shared a brief smile before looking below.

"It's been awhile since I did this," Don muttered. Raph let out a booming laugh.

"It'll come back to you, Donnie, now let's go!"

Leo watched them leap out of sight and joined Mikey at the edge of the roof. Mike's orange and blue mask tails whipped behind his face as he watched the pair descend.

"Will he be alright?"

Leo knew who Mike was referring to and he quickly squeezed his brother's hand before reaching behind him and unsheathing his katanas.

"Yea, Mike, I think he's going to be just fine."

With that Mike nodded, removing his nunchaku.

"So are we all done growing up away from each other?" Mike asked innocently. Leo shook his head; leaning towards Mike, he captured his lips in a wet kiss. Pulling away, Leo smirked in satisfaction at the loopy grin plastered on his brother's face.

"I think so," was all Leo said.

Then the pair leapt off the New York City roof to join their brothers below.