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The Promise

Chapter One : Farewell

"Gomen for not being able to accompany you to find Yui, Miaka. I tried contacting Chichiri and the others but they were somehow out of reach." Hotohori whispered to Miaka, still feeling guilty for not escorting the Suzaku no Miko to her friend Yui, the Priestess of Seiryu who was some how kidnapped by the evil Nakago.

" Its okay Hotohori. I understand" Miaka replied for the 10th time, feeling a bit annoyed.

"Miakaaaa the horses are ready…"

" Take care." Hotohori gave Miaka a gentle kiss on the forehead and nodded.

Take care

Miaka ran towards the courtyard where a certain purple-haired man with a beauty mark on the bottom of his left eye was waiting patiently for her. That man was none other than Nuriko One of the Suzaku-seishi . Nuriko helped the happy-go-lucky Miaka up a white horse and settled himself on the next horse. After the final farewell given by the emperor of Konan, they hit their horses with the whip and begin their journey.

Miaka stared at the purple haired man..He's so… so differentfrom the time where she and Tamahome first met him or her. Miaka giggled at that memory. At that time, she was having a hard time going along with Nuriko as he was jealous that Hotohori loved Miaka more than him. But soon they managed to get along after Miaka realized Nuriko's secret--- She was a he. Then that time came, his death. Miaka's eyes started to puff up, as she remembered the bloody body in the snow, the time she lost a friend, no, he was not only a friend, he was a brother.

"Miaka? Are you all right? " Nuriko asked ,breaking Miaka's chain of thoughts when he noticed the tears in Miaka eyes. He looked worried.

"Hai... its nothing, must be the wind…" Miaka answered hiding her face from Nuriko.

"Here. Use my jacket to cover you face, the wind is very strong. "Before Miaka could reply, Nuriko took out his jacket and offered it to Miaka who's stomach growled in response. Nuriko grinned " Hungry as usual huh Miaka? Well I come prepared!" he pointed to the piles of food in his blue bag pack. Miaka's eyes immediately lit up at the sight of the food. "It's getting dark, we should camp here today. Tomorrow we will continue our journey." Nuriko stated while helping Miaka down from her horse and tying them in a secured knot around a tree trunk. " I'll go start us a fire."




In a moment Nuriko was back with firewood that could survive them for more than a night. Nuriko took two firewood and rub them together, in no time a big fire started and Miaka was munching on the food that Nuriko brought (some rice and fish).There was silence as they eat.

"Nuriko-san?" Miaka broke the silence.


"Promise me you won't d… die." Miaka almost choked on the last word. She started crying and rest her head on Nuriko's chest. " I don't want to lose you…again…"

"Baka. Nuriko doesn't die so easily. I promise." Nuriko flashed his big mischievous grin at the Priestess of Suzaku who was somehow comforted by the promise.

I promise Miaka, I promise.

Nakago smirked at the couple. How very interesting… "Sanyo. Your turn has come. Make me proud." Sanyo nodded and disappeared into thin air. Nakago turned and looked at the sleeping Yui." How sweet. They've come for you. Everything is going to plan." He threw his head back and laughed, an evil witch kind of laugh.

What is Nakago's plan and who is Sanyo? Find out in the next few chapters to come

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