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Chapter 10: Victory and Defeat

"REKKA SHINEN!" Tasuki sent a hot gush of flame towards Nuriko who avoided it easily. He had never fought with the purple-haired seishi before. In fact, he had secretly looked down on him ever since they had first met. He thought that Nuriko was just an ordinary superman without the abilities to fly, a slow poke, a slouch, unlike him, who was fast and quick, but the battle proof him wrong. Nuriko was no slouch, he was fast, very fast. Nuriko sent a deadly blow just under Tasuki's abdomen. The red-haired seishi coughed out blood, the blow sent him flying in the air, he landed hard on the grass patch. Tasuki stared at Nuriko's empty eyes, looking for a sparkle, a glint, a slight trace of hope, but he saw none. This means war.

Tasuki dashed towards Nuriko with the speed of light, fire following behind him. He ran around the now-confused Nuriko and surrounded him with flames. He didn't stop until he heard a cry of pain. Tasuki stepped back and looked at his piece of art, Nuriko was engulfed with flames, he grinned. Surely nobody could get out of his 'fire trap' without getting burned. Just as he was about to celebrate, he saw Nuriko coming out of the fire, his shirt torn but he was still walking towards him. NANI? He looked at the purple-haired seishi's eyes, they were red, blood red. Nuriko caught his gaze and grinned. It wasn't the usual happy-go-lucky grin, it was the evil grin.

Tasuki could only resort to one thing :"NURIKO! WAKE UP! I'M TASUKI!" as he expected, Nuriko's eyes were still cold and emotionless, Tasuki shouted again, this time louder, as if the louder he shout, the deeper the words will get into his friend. It was no use, words alone could not beat the kodoku. He clenched his fan tightly, eyes still locked firmly at his opponent. Rule no. 1: Always keep sight of your enemy. He reminded himself. Nuriko was slowly walking up towards him, brave and fearless, just when Tasuki was going to say his favourite words, Nuriko disappeared. Shit. He looked around frantically for his friend. He felt someone behind him, he turned around and saw Nuriko, Nuriko winked at him and sent a blow in his chest, ripping apart Tasuki's shirt. Tasuki screamed in alarmed. He crashed in a tree just 10m away, this time, he landed harder, this time, he fainted.


Hotohori sensed his friend's aura weakened, no matter how concerned he felt, he couldn't do anything, not for now. he was a well 30m apart from Nakago. And distance just wasn't his advantage. Nakago sent him chi after chi, Hotohori dodged and dodged, mostly by luck. He knew that if this goes on, it would be a sure victory for Nakago. Hotohori advanced slowly, covering the distance at a very slow rate, then again, Nakago could just step back and the distance would be the same again.

"Pathetic." Nakago said coldly. "You do know that your friend is down, right? You won't even stand a chance with me… or Nuriko." Hotohori remained silent, he knew it from the start but he wanted to safe his friend, he hated how Nakago say the name of Nuriko. He was angry all right. A gush of adrenaline rushed through his heart. He charged at Nakago with immense speed, avoiding the chi that Nakago had sent. If Nakago was shocked, he didn't show it, instead, he readied himself for the fight. The clanging of metals filled the night air, Hotohori, with his sword, and Nakago, with his chi. Hotohori slashed, slashed, and slashed, he couldn't think properly, all he can think of is Nakago's blood on his sword. Nakago used his chi to make a barrier to protect himself from Hotohori's attack. Hotohori was attacking blindly, it would be a matter of time before he loose his energy and just collapsed. Then, something blue fly towards him and sent him back.

Hotohori dropped his sword and lay on the mud. He heard footsteps and Nakago towered above him and grinned. Hotohori was too tired to move, he closed his eyes tightly and prepared for his death. Nakago used his chi to lift the sword, high above Hotohori's chest. Then, he heard someone in the bushes, it was Nuriko, with an unconscious Tasuki being carried along. Nuriko dropped Tasuki's body.

"Don't" Nuriko said, looking at the sword. Nakago looked at the purple-haired man with a puzzled look. Hotohori opened his eyes and saw his friend.

"Nuriko-san……" before he could finish his sentence, Nuriko punched his friend and Hotohori fainted.


Miaka looked at the beast with big, horrifying eyes, she stayed rooted to the spot as Kamitare walked towards her. Just as Kamitare was about to land his claws on Miaka, Chichiri pulled Miaka back and hit the beast with his staff. Kamitare showed no signs of pain, instead, he decided to aim for Chichiri. Chichiri dodged the claw when it was just an inch away from his left arm, he looked at Chiriko who nodded in agreement. Chichiri held his staff in both hands and started to spin it around, just as he was about to send a blast of magic towards Kamitare, he felt Miaka tugging his sleeves.

"Don't,… don't kill him, onegai…" Miaka sounded weak and tears gently rolled down her cheeks. Chichiri gave her a reassuring smile and he sent a blast of white light to Kamitare, who back up and covered his eyes with his hands. Chiriko took a leaf from the ground and started to blow a relaxing tune. Kamitare dropped to the ground, his hand still covering his face. Miaka ran towards the fallen warrior.

"Kamitare-san. Daijobu?" Miaka asked, voice filled with concern. She pulled Kamitare's hand from his eyes, it was then that she realized that he was crying. Kamitare had turned back to his normal self.

"Gomen, Nakago had given me the kodoku… I didn't mean to attack you…" then, Kamitare coughed, splatters of blood came out of his mouth.

"Don't talk… " Miaka signaled Mitsukake to come and treat Kamitare.

Kamitare closed his eyes, "It's okay… I'm going to die anyway, and I'm going to see Ashitare…" Kamitare's voice was very weak now.

"Yada… yada…. Baka… don't say such things, Mitsukake can heal you right?" she turned to Mitsukake who shook his head slowly

"Gomen, Miaka… it's too late now…" Mitaukake said softly and as gentle as possible.

"Promise me you will kill Nakago…" Kamitare's voice trailed off and he stopped breathing. Miaka looked at the lifeless body on the ground. Tears rolled uncontrollably down her cheeks, but still she remained silent. Being the suzaku-no-miko means having to see people die, good people, who risked their lives for her, good people, like Kamitare. After all, she's witnessed the death of 4 people very close to her. Chichiri, Mitsukake and Chiriko looked at Kamitare's lifeless body. They had lost a fellow friend again.

"Miaka-san, I know how you feel, but we must get going." Chichiri told the suzaku-no-miko gently. He decided not to tell her about Nuriko or Hotohori and Tasuki. He had felt their aura weaken and sensed that they were together.

Miaka nodded, she stood up and clenched her fist, her eyes determined. She will kill Nakago, for Nuriko and Kamitare.


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