Title: Behind Closed Doors

Rating: T-M

Keywords: Sara/Grissom Friendship; Sara/Grissom Romance

Disclaimer: I don't own them and I'm probably not the first GSR writer to have this idea but I'm probably the first one to it this way. LOL.

Summary: Sara moved to Las Vegas at a moment's notice…she had to live somewhere. My take on the Grissom/Sara relationship as it pertains to the individual episodes.

"Ug…" sighed a tired and frustrated Sara Sidle as she entered her drab apartment in eastern San Francisco. She just finished a long shift for a hard case that ended up with the police deciding their evidence was not strong enough to press charges or continue to hold the suspect. She knew the suspect was guilty but they had no way to definitively prove the date of the victim's death.

Sara opened her nearly bare refrigerator and removed a bottle of beer. After popping the cap she drank half of it in one swallow. She knew without a doubt the victim, April Mayer, had been murdered by her own father, but because the body had been left so long before it had been found the state of decomposition could only pinpoint months or weeks, not exact days. Sara had known, nearly to the day, of course. She had taken an intensive seminar in forensic entomology and could tell from the insects present. She even knew vaguely how to use them to back date a time of death nearly to the hour, still a six month seminar ten years ago did not qualify her as an expert on the subject.

She moved to her living room/bedroom an saw for once there was a light blinking on her answering machine. She pressed play and listened. She was surprised at the voice she heard coming over the speaker. "Hello, Sara. This is Gil Grissom. I know its been a long time since we talked, btu well call me back when you get this message please. You can reach me at 1-702-555-6119. Thank you."

The machine beeped again, "Sara, it's Gil Grissom again. Please call me back. It was…It is important. 702-555-6119."

That was the last message on the tape. As soon as it finished playing she got her phone and dialed. She hadn't seen Gil Grissom in three years when they had dinner one evening while he was in San Francisco at a conference. She talked to him for only a few minutes on his birthday the previous month. He had forgotten to call her on her birthday, but had remembered to send her a card. Before the time in August, the last conversation they had had been in March, that is excluding the occasional brisk e-mail. After two rings she head his deep voice, sounding tired and stressed. "Grissom."

"Grissom…It's Sara Sidle. I just got your messages," she told him.

"You mush have been busy. I left them quite a bit apart," he told him.

"You sound tired," she observed. "You said it was important. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he answered. "At least I think so, I'm not even sure anymore. I called…I need…When I left the first message I just learned one of my rookie CSIs had been shot. It was her first night on the job."

"Oh, Griss…"she sighed. "I'm sorry. Wasn't anyone shadowing her?"

"That's part of the problem. Anyway, she's at the hospital now in surgery, but they don't expect her to live. She's listed as critical," he told her. "I was certain that Captain Brass was going to want an IA investigation again my CSI who was supposed to be with her, but before he could order one..." He paused to catch his breath. The events of the last hours had taken their toll, and repeating it all was draining.

"You can slow down," she comforted, instinctually knowing that the rapid pace of events had his mind spinning.

He took a deep breath and sighed. "I know…I just feel like everything is so out of control. To make a long story short, as part of the fall out I've been made the nightshift supervisor, I'm going to run the whole unit. I can't do it by my…It now up to me how to investigate the shooting and…I need you."

Sara was shocked and momentarily rendered speechless, "I beg your pardon."

"I need you," he replied. "I need someone outside my own team to investigate Warrick Brown. I don't want IA involved. We're short handed as it is…I need someone I trust, someone who thinks like I do, who will respect the evidence."

"Well," she sighed thinking. "I just wrapped a case here and I have a huge amount of vacation time saved up. I'll pack up a few things and…"

"I booked you a flight out of Frisco in the morning just in case," he told her. "You can stay at my place for the time being."

Sara laughed, "Wow, you are desperate. You never take that kind of initiative. All right where do I meet you?"

"I'll probably be at the Hotel Monaco most of the day. A new jackpot winner took a swan dive," he told her. "Call me when you land and I'll tell you where I'll be for sure."

At that he hung up and Sara stared at the receiver. For their entire relationship Grissom had been an enigma, an unsolvable mystery that baffled her over and over again. Perhaps now, seeing him again in his own natural habitat she would finally collect the evidence she needed to crack that case.