Pintel was suddenly roused from his daydreaming of the past when Ragetti suddenly shifted in his sleep, moaning softly as he pressed in tighter against him.

Blinking he looked down at the man in his arms and he couldn't help but smile to himself.

He had been right when it came to his hair. What had once been almost a white blonde color was now gone and had been replaced by grime and grease from not being washed in years.

His face had also changed in the years; a scruffy goatee and a small mustache having grown where at first there had been nothing but smooth skin.

Pintel lightly rubbed his thumb over the hair on Ragetti's neck and in his sleep Ragetti giggled softly.

Pintel laughed despite himself and he lightly poked the tip of his nose and it was wrinkled as Ragetti woke up with a soft snort and he slowly sat up a bit, looking at Pintel with one groggy eye.

"Aye?" he asked softly, blinking like an owl for a moment that made Pintel laugh again.

"'ow does yer eye feel?" he asked. Ragetti blinked and frowned for a moment before he then shrugged and gave him a smile.

"Et feels much betta, Pinters." He said with a nod before he then kissed the tip of his nose. "Fanks."

Pintel nodded and returned the kiss on his friend's forehead before he then tried to relax and shut his eyes to finally go to sleep.

"Ye shouldn' blame yerself ye know." Ragetti said suddenly, resting his head back on Pintel's chest and over his heart.

Pintel's eyes snapped open then and he looked at Ragetti in confusion.


Ragetti slowly sat up then and he looked down at Pintel with his lopsided smile.

"I can tell." He explained softly. "Ye blame yerself fer no' goin' down there ta stop 'im afore 'e got me eye."

"'ow do ye know tha'?" Pintel asked, trying not to look guilty.

Ragetti gave him his knowing look and he leaned forward slowly, pressing his forehead against Pintel's gently.

"I loss me eye." He said simply. "Bu' I would 'ave died if ye 'ad no' gone down there a' all, Pinters. I was losin' a lo' o' blood down there! Could o' died easy loik; naked as the day I was born!"

"Tha' don' mean nuffin." Pintel sighed, looking away. "If I 'ad wen' when ye firs' screamed…"

"Ye would 'ave been 'urt loik me or worse." Ragetti finished calmly. "Remember? We both go' the lash because the quartermasta' made up a lie abou' us stealin' the doctor's morphine."

"Ye passed out after three." Pintel said softly.

"Bu' ye took the res' yerself." Ragetti added with a smile, remembering how his friend had taken the twelve extra lashes besides his own fifteen.

Pintel couldn't think of anything else to say and Ragetti merely tilted his head to one side as he looked him over.

"Big softy…"

"Oy! None o' tha' nonsense!" Pintel growled helplessly. Ragetti giggled and he shrugged as he kissed him on the lips, his tongue slowly slipping between his lips to meet his own.

The two kissed tenderly for a few minutes before Ragetti finally ended it and he gave Pintel a wink as he laid back down, snuggling into him tightly.

"Naow go ta sleep an' stop worryin'." He ordered Pintel. "Yer 'eart races when ye worry ye know!"

Pintel still couldn't believe how perceptive his seemingly idiotic friend was about people's feelings but he soon let it go with a shake of his head and with a final kiss on the top of his lover's head he shut his eyes and went to sleep.