Coming soon to a Wicky channel near you. (Simulcast on fan fic)

It's deadly.
It's silent.
It kills.

The intelligence community has never seen anything of this magnitude.

Will they be ready when it strikes?

Will You be ready when it is unleashed?

PD-2 is contagious and deadly.

The Russians did not stop with PD-2.

What they are about to unleash will forever change the intelligence community.

No one is safe.

How far will it spread?

Will it reach the general public?

How many will die?

An all-new Scarecrow and Mrs. King mini-series, set to begin broadcasting on a Wicky channel near you Monday night at 8:00 PM, CST. (Simulcast on Fan fic)

Programming schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights until completion.

Author will NOT change the programming schedule. Other SMK fiction responsibilities take precedence on Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekend until completed.

You thought PD-2 was a nightmare.

You believed the threat was gone.

You were wrong.

Join an all-star cast of familiar and not-so-familiar faces from SMK as they battle an even bigger nightmare: The Silent Killer.

Viewer Discretion:

Intended for Mature viewing audiences only. Adult language, suggested sexual content, and death scenes included.

No quacking, bowels, or les trois nuits appear within the content. (Inside Wicky joke)


Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson join an all-star cast for a brand new SMK mini-series!


"I've just gotten the prelim autopsy results. We've got a major problem Melrose."


"Billy, what's going down," Lee asked.

"Magna Alpha, double red, all birds to roost, ASAP."


"Frankly," Francine said as she ran her fingers under her nose and sniffled, "I feel like hell. Why are you calling me this early in the morning?"


"Smyth was at that meeting," Francine said. "Oh my God, when Amanda and I were leaving the other night, he came out of the elevator. He was sneezing nonstop."

Billy nodded.

"Probably contaminating everyone he came into contact with."


"The President is insisting that we have to."


"It's not PD-2, something slightly different. They've named it PD-3-TSK."


"A genetically altered pathogen of the same bacterium, Yersinia pestis. Nearly identical to what they injected you with six months ago," McJohn paused. "It's the plague."

"Damn," Lee shouted. "Amanda."

McJohn nodded soberly.

"Amanda and God knows how many members of the intelligence community," Billy said.

"And Lord only knows how many of the general populace," Dr. Joyce added.

"Fuck," Lee whispered barely loud enough for any of the others to hear.

"That's one way of calling it," Claudia replied.


Jamie looked at his father and, for a moment, tears seemed to tickle his eyes and threaten to spill. But, with another look at his father's glazed eyes and pale face, he knew that he was being counted on and this was really important. He had to do this, for his father and for Philip.

Jamie reached over and hugged his dad tightly.

"I can do this. I love you Dad."

"I love you too, Jamie. Now, get going and be careful."

Coming Monday night, June 4th at 8:00 PM – CST

Scarecrow and Mrs. King – The Silent Killer

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