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Creation of Bloodlust

Chapter One – Maelstrom of Madness

A huge wave crashed against the side of ship, nearly making the blonde topple over.

"What the hell is going on?" He demanded, peering over the balcony.

"It's bad Naruto!" His first mate – Kiba Inuzuka – called up to him, hanging onto a rope tied to the mast as he was sprayed with seawater. "We're caught in a maelstrom!"

Naruto's eyes widened, and his head snapped to the side of the ship.

His azure orbs were met with the swirling wall of a whirlpool.

Immediately, he leaped over the balcony rail and landed beside Kiba, gripping the lifeline as well as chaos whirled around them.

"How did this happen?" He demanded over the sounds of crashing waves.

"It's the guide!" Kiba replied, gasping. "He led us this way – forgive us, Naruto!" His voice turned bitter. "We were blind!"

No… Naruto thought as he glanced back to the wall on the other side and realized they were too deep into the maelstrom to force the ship back up against the powerful current and out of the storm. I was blind.

"Keep secure," he ordered Kiba as he released the lifeline, leaping over fallen cargo and expertly keeping his balance as the ship was nearly turned on its side.

He slammed his body into the door leading to the navigation room, forcing himself inside and pushing the door shut behind him.

"KABUTO!" He roared as thunder crashed outside.

The other surveyed him calmly – mockingly – as he stood next to the main table, unmindful of the rocking, doomed ship.

"What were you thinking?" Naruto demanded, making his way to the other. "You led us into the heart of a maelstrom – what were you THINKING?"

"This is what you wanted, isn't it, Captain?" Kabuto asked mockingly, languidly pushing his glasses further up his nose. "You wanted me to take you to the greatest treasure in the world, and I am."

"By SINKING my SHIP?" Naruto commanded. Kabuto surveyed him evenly.

"Yes. The greatest treasure lies at the bottom of the ocean. If you have to die to reach it, then fine – at least you'll have it. Blame your own greed Naruto. Your greed is what's causing everyone to die."

"FUCK YOU KABUTO!" Naruto roared.

It's not like that – it wasn't for greed!


Kabuto laughed.

"Heh – you wish. My lord was planning this from the very start."

"Orochimaru…" Naruto hissed as the floor underneath his feet jerked dangerously. "I should have known! Once a traitor, always a traitor!"

The medic surveyed him calmly.

"Awe – that hurts, Naruto. But I'm not going to die with you like this." He held up a small circular device. "Not ever in a million years."

Naruto realized what the contraption was.


The medic pressed a button on the device just as the blonde leaped for his throat, and he vanished in a flash of light.

Naruto collapsed on the floor where Kabuto used to be, cursing himself and Kabuto for all both of them were worth.

No… I failed… A picture of another, older blonde headed man appeared in his mind, and he closed his eyes. I'm sorry, Dad.

A sickening crunch of wood brought him back to his senses and out the door to see the top of the mast slamming into the opposite wall of water and snapping in half, falling to disappear into the darkness of the maelstrom's bottom.

"Damn!" Naruto hissed, running to Kiba, who was still holding on as the others scrambled to secure themselves.

When he reached his first mate he was embraced protectively, and he clung to the person he saw as a brother.

"Kiba, I'm sorry," he gasped into the other man's neck. Powerful arms weak with fatigue and fear tightened around him.

"It's gonna be okay," the other breathed to him. "The afterlife is probably better than this one anyway."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as the mast above them continued snap off into large chunks, and then the orbs widened when he saw one of his crew become impaled with one of the flying pieces.


His eyes shut tight.

"SHE'S COMIN' DOWN!" He heard another man bellow above the wind and water and thunder as what remained of the mast disrupted the flow of the maelstrom's whirlpool, bringing the water crashing down over the ship in a waterfall of madness.


Naruto felt the water rush around him and over his head, and he clutched tightly to his first mate even when he realized he couldn't breathe anymore – wasn't breathing anymore.

Or maybe it can.

Darkness overcame him.

End Chapter One – Maelstrom of Madness

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