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Creation of Bloodlust

Chapter Ten – Attack of Arbitrary

Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Shadow, it's been two fucking days," he growled to the man who was standing at the head of the ship, gazing outwards to the endless, rolling sea. "I appreciate the food that gets tossed up on deck, but aren't we fucking THERE yet?"

"Patience, human," Shadow replied, still refusing to call Naruto by his name. "Another day. That's all we have left. Do you not feel it? The power in the air?" He turned back to the front, his arms still crossed, his fingers resting delicately on his arms. "It's gotten stronger."

Naruto paused and raised his head, gazing up at the clear sky as the wind passed through his ears.

The hum in the air – ever present around the ship – had gotten slightly louder.

It made goose bumps rise along his skin.

He looked back to Shadow.

"Yeah, I can feel it," he replied. "So that's your father's power?"

Shadow nodded.

"It is indeed," he replied. "It takes a great amount of strength… for it to be felt by a human."

Naruto scowled and looked away to the ground, not answering. Every word out of the other's mouth just seemed to piss him off lately.

Maybe it was because the blonde was a captain that couldn't command his own ship.

He closed his eyes.

No… it's not your ship. It's Calypso's.

He gazed down at the wood beneath his feet.

Still. It's gorgeous.


He whirled to see Kiba looking down at him from the Crow's Nest.

"What is it, Kiba?" He called back.

"A SHIP!" Kiba yelled back, pointing behind them.

Immediately Naruto whirled and bolted up to the back deck of the ship, raising himself up on the netting on one side and leaning out to see.

Kiba had seen right – there was a ship behind them.

And it was gaining.

He leaped down and dashed over to Shadow.

"How the hell are they catching up to us?!" He demanded. Shadow shrugged.

"How should I know?" He replied sarcastically. "I just woke up."

"FUCK you!" Naruto cursed venomously. "KIBA!" He called up. "WHAT KIND OF SHIP?"

"Modified cog, same as us!" the other man replied. "But it's moving really fast!"

"Fuck…" Naruto breathed. "They must have rowers." He looked back up at the Crow's Nest. "How many sails?"

"Three masts!" Kiba called back. "All are full!"

Naruto bolted back to Shadow.

"How come THEY'RE getting wind and we're not?!" He demanded.

"Father's power nullifies all other elements," Shadow replied simply, still looking ahead. "Wind cannot touch us."

"Goddammit…" Naruto muttered. "HOW FAR, KIBA?"

"They'll be on us in less than thirty minutes!" Kiba replied.

Naruto looked around frantically to realize one thing.

The Serpent Mage had no cannons.


"Will you shut up?" Shadow snapped. "You're obnoxious."

Naruto whirled in rage to him.


"That's no necessarily a bad thing," Shadow replied. "Stop wasting your breath. That ship might be coming with good intentions. Shut up."


Said blonde whirled to look back up at the Crow's Nest to see Kiba's frantic face.


Snarling, Naruto shot Shadow a look.

"So much for good intentions, huh?" He snarled. Shadow rolled his eyes.

"Don't blame me," he replied simply. "It's not like they've decided to chase you down because I'M here."

Naruto glared at him.

"Fuck you!" He growled before dashing back to the bottom of the mast that the Crow's Nest sat atop. "Kiba!" He called up. "Is there any way to outrun them?"

Kiba took his eyes from the telescope and looked back down at Naruto.

He shook his head.

"No," he called back down. "There's no way! Not if we don't get any more speed!"

"FUCK!" Naruto roared. He ran back to Shadow again. "What do we do? We have no cannons, no wind, and we're outnumbered at least ten to one! Any bright ideas?"

Shadow merely smirked.

"Just one," he replied before opening his eyes to gaze back at Naruto. "How about you let the Sholafi deal with them?"

Naruto blinked in confusion.

"The Sholafi?" He repeated breathlessly. "But, how-?"


"DAMMIT!" Naruto bellowed. He whirled to Shadow. "How?" He snapped. "How do we call the Sholafi?"

Shadow chuckled.

"You don't," he replied simply, lifting his chin to gaze at Naruto, his expression cold and daunting. "They're already here."

But they surely took their sweet time making a move. Ten minutes passed. Fifteen. Twenty. Twenty-five.

And then the pirate ship was on top of them.

"Well, this is random," Naruto commented vaguely as he saw the other ship ready her cannons. "Who'da thought we'd be attacked by pirates in the middle of nowhere?"

Shadow blinked at him.

"Isn't that what usually happens?" He asked. Naruto shot him a look.

"I know that! Shut up!"

Kiba appeared on deck after descending down from the Crow's Nest.

"Now what?" He panted. "They're about to fire."

Naruto glanced at Shadow, who gave a soft nod. Sighing, Naruto turned back to Kiba.

"We wait," he replied simply. "That's all we can do."

Then the first shot was fired, the sound of a cannon ripping through the still ocean air.

It didn't connect. The ocean seemed to reach up and swallow it, a massive wave suddenly leaping up from the side of the Serpent Mage and blocking the attack.

But the wound had been made.

Suddenly the water around the Serpent Mage began to vibrate fiercely, and something made itself known to the two humans on board.

It was a hum.

The song of the Sholafi.

Though it was recognizable, it was incredibly different from before. Now this hum carried a threat of death, pulsing with anger and rage and promising bloodshed as the vibrating water stretched towards the other ship.

It sent shivers down Naruto's spine.

God. Thank you I'm not them.

The rippling water touched the hull of the other ship.

Then the world seemed to explode.

Massive gashes began to appear in the opposite ship's hull, the figurehead exploded, and the main mast snapped in half as if sliced by some vicious, merciless wind.

The main mast fell over the rest of the ship, splitting it in two. Not only had holes appeared in the hull, but the overall frame had been severely weakened as well.

The Serpent Mage remained untouched.

Kiba and Naruto could only stare in awe as the other ship was torn apart, being ripped to shreds with an eerily cold speed and precision that carried the power of the most monstrous typhoon.

Then a massive wave rose from the depths, standing still for a moment as if frozen by time, before curling to crash down onto the wreckage of the ship with all the rage the ocean possessed, washing over the pieces and scattering them, dragging down every single member of that crew to their death.

Then the waters became very still, smoothing over like nothing had happened.

In a mixture of awe and shock, Kiba and Naruto turned to Shadow.

"That…" They stammered. "That…"

That could've been us.

Shadow smirked.

"That is the power of the Sholafi," he stated simply. "That's what happens when they become enraged. Impressive, no?"

Exchanging glances, Naruto and Kiba merely swallowed, their faces turning pale.

"Thank the Sea they're on our side, huh?" Kiba managed to breathe, his voice trembling slightly. Naruto only nodded.

"Yeah…" he murmured before turning to look to the front of the ship, the unseen force that Naruto could taste – like a bitter, spicy aroma – on his tongue continuing to pull them farther and farther south. "Thank the Sea…"

Suddenly the ship jerked, leaping forward and gaining speed ever so slightly.

Naruto's sea legs made sure he didn't lose his footing.

"Now what?" He snarled, the sword he found in the Captain's Hold sparkling in the scabbard at his hip. Shadow smiled.

"We are close…" he breathed, his eyes flashing. "Ready yourselves, humans. We near the gate." He looked to the front of the ship, the sun setting at his back. "We near the Gate of Gods."

End Chapter Ten – Attack of Arbitrary


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