a/n: This is a fic I wrote for some of the people at pureandpretty on livejournal who were dying to see fics about Chase and Cameron after "the kiss". Here's my version, and as usual, it's different. It's all fun and fluff, which seems to be my style. Sorry to all those that already read this on livejournal, but I have a following here too!


"You came back."

"Why wouldn't I?"

Chase shrugged as a humble smile appeared on his face. "Figured you'd change your mind."

Cameron leaned forward and gave him a soft sweet kiss. "Nope."

He took a few seconds to adore her beautiful face before realizing they were still standing in his doorway. He gently grasped her hand and led her inside. "Errand all finished?"

"Chase, I resigned."

His eyes lit up expressing his confusion and surprise. "Did you do that for me?"

She shrugged. "I needed a change."

"You need to go back and tell House you were wrong."

"Did he tell you he was wrong after he fired you?"


"I don't want to be there without you and Foreman." She moved in close, pressing herself against him while playing with the collar of his shirt. "You two are moving on, I need to as well."

He placed his hands on her hips and looked at her with uncertainty. "Are you sure about this?"

She gave him a reassuring smile. "We are two unemployed bums now. We are no longer Chase and Cameron. We are Robert and Allison. Let's have some fun."

He gave her a big smile of pleasure over the start of something else new in his life. "So, you've got time for that drink now?"


The dimly lit bar gave them a quiet and comfortable setting to relax and finally do something they've not done in a while. Enjoy each other's company.

"A third ostium? Wow, that had to be incredible to see."

"It was something. After working there for over three years though, nothing surprises me anymore." She watched him look down at his drink and smile. She guessed he was remembering some of those cases. "You don't miss it?"

"I haven't been gone long enough to miss it. I'm sure I will eventually."

She took a drink and decided to change the subject. "So, what have you been doing the last few days?"

"Not a damn thing. I've been running errands, balancing my checkbook, watching TV, you know, stuff I've never had time for."

"You haven't updated your resume or applied for new positions?"

"Nope. I'm not ready to yet. I just want to enjoy time off while I've still got it."

Cameron smiled and reached for his hand across the table. "Want some company for the next few days?"

"Sure, you've got someone in mind?"

He laughed at his quip while Cameron gave him a 'no fair' slap. "What do you want to do tomorrow?"

He leaned forward and gazed into her eyes with a modest expression. "Curl up with you and never let you go."

"Okay." She said, blissful over the idea.


Her eyes flickered as she tried to get her bearings about her. She knew this wasn't her bed, but that wasn't what was out of sorts. The bright sun blasted through his bedroom window, a brightness she was not accustomed waking too. She looked at the clock. 9:30 am. She was usually up by 6:00.

Chase was soundly asleep beside her. She's watched him sleep before, but never so peacefully. She remembered the first time she resigned. Sleep was so much better because she knew the pager wasn't going off. Given the amount of long nights they had worked in the last three and a half years, she was sure that he was catching up these days on years on sleep deprivation.

"You're awake early." Chase's tired voice said, half muffled by the pillow, his eyes still closed.

"It's 9:30. How is that early?"

"I've been sleeping til noon lately." He wrapped his arm about her petite waist and pulled her in tightly. She smiled over the feeling of his warm comfort just before falling back asleep.


"Days Of Our Lives? Are you serious?" Cameron couldn't believe the station he stopped at after playing channel round robin with the remote.

"It's way better than General Hospital," he said, his mouth half full from the Cheerios in milk he was eating while sitting on the couch. He wiped away a small drop of milk that fell on the bathrobe he was wearing.

"What else is on this time of day?" Cameron sat next to him with her legs curled under her, playing with the hem of the large t-shirt she wore, his large t-shirt, which covered just enough to make him question whether she had panties on or not.

"A lot of crap. I can turn on some music instead."

She could tell his offer was half-hearted. He didn't want to get off the couch. "You're still eating. I'll get it."

She picked up his iPod off the end table, found a playlist that she had created a when they were together a few months ago, and hit play after placing it in the speaker dock which was strategically placed for the best possible sound across the room. "Why'd you keep this playlist?"

"I like it." He replied, mouth full of a fresh supply of Cheerios.

"Its got a bunch of emo stuff that you hate."

He looked down at his cereal bowl, then back up, catching her earnest stare. "It reminded me of us being together."

She walked over back over to the couch and kissed him for his sweet honesty. "We should be together today. It's Tuesday."


Once they absorbed about thirty minutes of Oprah, which made Chase feel completely in touch with his feminine side, he couldn't resist anymore. "You have to admire my discipline."

"How so?"

"You've been sitting next to me all afternoon wearing nothing but a t-shirt and keeping me guessing about what else is under there. You're lucky I haven't tried to find out."

"What's behind that bathrobe?"

"Au naturale baby."

She laughed, reached over to pull the sash of his bathrobe off and straddled herself on his lap. "Ditto."

He pressed his lips against hers and the feelings of each other's warmth was all they needed. "We had to get up off the couch sometime." He stood up while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He tried to get them to the bedroom, but they didn't get beyond the edge of the living room floor.


"For you my dear." Chase handed her a packet of papers that was stuffed in his kitchen drawer.

"You order takeout from this many places?"

"You telling me you actually have time and energy to cook?"

"No, but how about I give it a try tomorrow? We can go to a market and actually buy ingredients."

"Novel concept. Are there markets around here?"

Cameron slapped his arm over his cheeky ignorance. "I'm serious. I haven't gotten to cook for anyone in ages."

"Why does that frighten me?"

"Can you cook?"

"Sure, macaroni and cheese out of a box, and I make a wicked tuna salad. All it takes is the right can of tuna and mayonnaise. I've also perfected cooking a package of ramen noodles exactly to the right tenderness, but my specialty is cereal au lait."

"Cereal with milk. Why does food sound fancier in French?"

"If there are two things I can't burn, it's cereal and milk."

"What about salad?"

"Nope, I've burned that before."

Cameron gave him a suspicious leer, wondering what slippery slope he was taking her down. "You've burned salad. How does that happen?"

"It all started one day with my mother's flambé, a large plate of lettuce that I refused to eat and my temper. She made me eat it anyway, but it wasn't half bad baked in a cognac sauce. I've tried it a few times since then with mixed results."

Cameron laughed. "You're pulling my leg."

"No really. I haven't tried it since I've lived here though."

Cameron noticed one of the menus indicating they handled special requests. "You think they would cook us a salad flambe?"

"It never hurts to ask."


"I could have taken us out." Chase knew that their dinner choice was not working out.

Cameron shook her head. "I don't feel like going out. I'm enjoying our day in. This is fine." She tried not to look too repulsed at the dish in front of her.

"You've never had Indian food before?"

"I'm a typical American gal. Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza…"

"Junk. There's a whole world out there you know. I've got vegemite in the cupboard if you want to give that a try."

Cameron scrunched her nose in disgust. "No, I'll take my chances on, what's this called?"

"Chicken Biryani"

"What do you have?"

"Chicken Masala."

"What's this stuff we are dipping into and what's the bread called?"

"Sag Paneer and the bread is Naan."

"I like it." Cameron said reservedly, not making her declaration convincing.

"You sure?"

"No," she said putting her fork down. "I'm sorry, I've had enough change in my life for one day. Accepting new food is just asking too much."

Chase laughed, completely understanding that statement. He had to admit, it had been a strange couple of days.

Cameron noticed his mind wander and had a good guess about what was running through it. "I'm holding out hope Cuddy will find us something."

Chase snapped himself out of his thought. "I'm not ready to think about that yet. How about I run out and get you a Big Mac combo meal?"

"With a vanilla shake please." She pushed aside the ignored part of her dinner.


"Stay still."

Cameron giggled like a schoolgirl. "Sorry, I can't help it. Where did you learn how to braid hair?" She was amazed how much she was learning about him just by spending one casual day with him. This was way more fun that just straight sex. "You're an only child, right?"

"I was a good looking teenager. All the girls wanted me to be their boyfriend, but some Catholic girls were shy about putting out. Learning how to do hair was sometimes the only way they would let me touch them."

"You learned this so you could be a perv?"

"It's working for you, isn't it?"

He had a point there.

"Next I'll paint your toenails." He declared.

"You have nail polish?"

"You left yours here once."

"Right. I don't ever carry mine around. Sure it wasn't another woman? Do you use the toenail painting ploy on everyone?"

"You sure it wasn't yours? I have no idea where it came from then."

"What color is it?"

"Starbright purple."

"Not my color."

"Sorry, I guess we'll skip that then. Too bad, because I'm quite good. It's the steady doctor hands."

"I can try purple."


"So what films have you got to watch?" Cameron examined his sparse movie collection neatly lined on the shelf.

"Do you like Kung Fu?"


"I'm a little short on chick flicks."


"Wedding Crashers."

She frowned. "Not crass comedies."

"We can always check pay-per-view."

Cameron mulled over that possibility. "Does your pay-per-view have any porno selections?"

"I'm not sure. I don't watch those much. At least not by myself."

"It's all the same. There are only so many ways you can do it and the plots are so predictable."

"They have plots? Personally, I'd rather be doing it than to watch someone else."

Cameron laughed. "You and watching. Must be a Catholic school boy thing."

She curled up next to Chase on the couch and he put his arm around her while both considered their next move. "I've got board games."

"What kind of games?"


"Left foot, green."

Cameron was so glad she was flexible. Stretching her leg that far back would really hurt most others. Not her though. Aussie boy was going down.

"Right hand yellow."

She found herself having to reach under Chase's legs to get her spot. They were both giggling like schoolchildren as she had his crotch in her face.

"Be careful down there." He warned laughing nervously. Chase took another spin of the wheel. "Oh shit, left foot red."

Chase wasn't about to surrender. He was going to reach it somehow. He leaned over, stretching out as far as he could go. Cameron went under his legs to easily get her place. The spot was in sight when…

"Ouch!" He jumped and broke form, thus surrendering the game. "You pinched my ass."

"No, not me." Cameron's false denial was less than convincing. "You must have pulled something."

She was still contorted in a strange way to prove her victory. She had to eliminate doubt plus show off a provocative pose. He grinned and then tackled her, both of them lazily falling onto the mat. They laughed together over the silliness of this situation.

"You've made me feel like a teenager again. I swear I'm at a slumber party." Cameron confessed.

"You are." He said. "Grownup ones are more fun though."

She looked into his brilliant eyes, leaned her head forward and kissed him. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Not telling you how I felt sooner. I had no idea how much fun we'd have."

"You're here now. That's all that matters."

"I used you for sex."

"You didn't, and that's all in the past. Ever since I got fired on Saturday, I've decided for a few days I'm not looking forward and I'm not looking backward. I'm enjoying the here and now while it lasts. So lets enjoy what we have right now."

Cameron's face lit up over his exuberance. "So what do you have in store now?"

"Ever play Risk?"



He felt the nudge at his shoulder. He chose to ignore it.

"Robert, there's someone at your door."

Chase's head shot up, his mind now slightly grasping what was going on. He jumped out of bed and grabbed the first set of clothes he could find. "Coming!" He shouted toward the doorway. Luckily the person tried knocking again.

Chase rushed over to his front door, mind still in a sleepy fog. He glanced at the time on his stereo before opening the door. 8:30. He and Cameron fell asleep about 3:30. Who would visit him at this hour?

Chase opened the door. "Uh, hi," he said with a confused expression. He figured she'd call first. Oh, that's right, he turned off his phone.

"I'm sorry Chase, did I wake you?"

"Yes, but it's okay. Come in Dr. Cuddy."

She entered and did a quick examination of the place while Chase closed the door behind her. "Nice place." She walked over to an armchair and took a seat.

"If you don't mind me asking-"

"Chase, I tried to call you yesterday."

"Sorry, I turned my phone off. It's still off."

"I would have tried to contact you earlier, but it took me a few days to realize House wasn't changing his mind. I assure you, none of this has anything to do with your performance."

"I know. I'm okay with it."

"Being fired for no good reason?"

"House was right. It's time to move on."

"Have you had any offers yet?"

Chase smiled and rubbed his chin while sitting down next to her. "No. I haven't looked yet."

"Good, don't do anything yet. I'm still working on options, but I'm sure there's a place for you somewhere at PPTH."

"Thanks. I'll keep an open mind."

Cuddy nodded, uncertain if Chase was serious. He was always a tough read. "You wouldn't happen to know where Dr. Cameron is, would you? I tried calling her too but got no answer.

Chase let out a little laugh and turned his head toward the bedroom. "Oh Allison!" He shouted.

Cameron came out acting slightly embarrassed. Her hair was messed up and she was wearing the same t-shirt as yesterday and a pair of Chase's sweatpants.

"I see," Cuddy said, not at all surprised. Rumors of their breakup were greatly exaggerated. "Did you hear all that?"

Cameron nodded.

"Same applies to you."

"What about Foreman?" Cameron asked.

"He turned down my option for him." Cuddy got up. "Anyway, I've got to get to the hospital. If either of you get any offers before hearing from me, talk to me first."

Chase and Cameron both nodded in unison.

Cuddy headed on her way and Chase closed the door behind her. He rejoined Cameron in the living room and they broke out in snickers.

"She's got something to talk about when she gets in." Chase said.

"I don't care." Cameron replied.

Chase gave her a long stare and then dropped his head with a slight smile, blushing.

"What is it?" Cameron asked with a curious smile.

"This is a real relationship, isn't it?"

Cameron nodded.

Chase brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, pushing away some of the messed up hair hanging on her face. "Good."

They both leaned forward, their long adoring kiss taking away any doubt about being together.