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Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some Robert Fulghum

A brilliant sunset blazed across a lake with a surface like glass. Various faunal noises sounded in the surrounding trees. All in all, it was the epitome of tranquility. The serene evening was suddenly disturbed by a faint whirring noise that grew steadily firmer as a blue shape blurred into existence. A thin male figure poked its head out the door of the box that had resolved from the blur. His expressions moved from curious to recognition, and ended up on blank. The introspective look lasted as he moved out of the doorway, making room for a slender girl to join him, but when he turned to address his companion, his face showed nothing more than an easy-going cheerfulness that rang just a tiny bit false.

"Ah, Martha, there you are. So, you wanted to see something new, then, 'something alien that's not going to end up with almost being killed' was the way you put it, correct? Although I should be a bit insulted; we've had some peaceful trips. Shakespeare was a bit of treat, minus the hocus-pocusing, oh and how about New New York, ah, right, well, I'm beginning to see your point. Still, all of time and space at your disposal, surely the adventure just adds to the fun! At least, that's what Ro…" he trailed off, not willing to finish that thought. "Anyway, here we are. Librum. A kind of universal haven. The people here, the Librae, serve as guardians of balance in the universe and their homeworld is necessarily a place of peace. So, I can safely guarantee that there will be no running for your life."

Martha looked around eagerly, absorbing the passive atmosphere that lay like a blanket over the ground. "Great, Doctor, this is exactly what we need! No more nearly dying, no more offering yourself up to save the world. Just plain, old-fashioned rest and relaxation." She was too absorbed in planning what she would do with nothing to do that she missed the bleak, blank look return to the Doctor's face at her words. "Doctor, weren't the Timelords sort of guardians of the universe?"

"Yes, well, that's true, but the Librae are actually asked to interfere by the rest of the universe, while the Timelords just butted in and made events go the way they wanted. Besides, we watched over the timestream itself; the Librae are more concerned with the welfare of all beings in every present moment." He allowed himself a small moment of acknowledging the ever-present grief and pain left over from his previous incarnation. It seemed to be getting stronger again and had been for the last six months, after…well, not going to speculate on why, it just was. "Anyway, let's get moving! Can't see anything just standing in the doorway! The road goes ever on and on, down from the door… hang on, sorry, that's Lord of the Rings. You get my point though."

The Doctor set off, hands in pockets, with Martha dutifully tagging along behind. Each was lost in his or her own thoughts. The Doctor was doing his best to not think about a certain shop-girl who had for some reason become his motivation for living over the past two years. Martha, on the other hand, was thinking about the same shop-girl, although she had never met her. There we go, I reminded him of Her again. Brilliant, Martha, it's not as if he doesn't think of Her enough already. You know you don't have the right to be jealous; he loved Her and still does. You could at least try to not remind him you're not Her and spare him the pain. That's what friends do. You are friends, at least. She sighed, but these little internal pep talks actually were helping her make the most of what she had with the Doctor.

The twosome soon approached a town that reminded Martha of an ancient Roman village. The houses were plaster coated and sported cheerful red tiled roofs. The main thoroughfare was paved with large cobble-stones and cleanly swept. Here and there, small, elegant figures of the lightest shade of gold went about their business. However, all of these details were peripheral as the center of the main square drew all of Martha's attention. There stood a large, old-fashioned scale, the kind seen held by Justice in Renaissance paintings. She turned to ask the Doctor what it was, but saw one of the natives approaching.

The Doctor grinned as he recognized the approaching Libra. "Aurelia! Good to see you! How long has it been?" He pressed his palms together and bowed over them, giving the traditional welcome.

Aurelia reciprocated the gesture, saying "Far too long, Doctor. I see you have had many adventures in that time as you have changed yet again. I am glad to see you, however, as we have need of your talent for solving dilemmas. But come, introduce me to your friend."

"Oh, right. Aurelia, may I present Martha Jones of Earth. Martha, this is Aurelia, leader of the Librae." Martha copied his earlier gesture, looking more closely at the Libra. She was small, shorter than Martha, but of a willowy build. She had a slight gold sheen that emanated like an aura, giving her an ethereal presence. Large, dark eyes shone in marked contrast to her bright skin and hair.

"Pleased to meet you," she said, finally getting more used to meeting other species. "You said you needed our help? I thought this place was a haven, somewhere trouble didn't come?"

Aurelia's eyes darkened even more with sorrow. "Once, that was so. Now, discord has come to Librum. And he brings Death with him."