Disclaimer: Why, yes, I do own it all. That's why I'm writing this as fanfiction under an assumed name rather than just putting it all in the books. sighs and mumbles Of course I don't own any of it.

Harry walks into the room and smiles when he sees Draco. Draco in white and blue. Draco in satin and ribbon and tulle and tights. Draco with his hands tied to his ankles with the ribbons from his shoes. Harry sighs happily and steps toward Draco.

Harry slips a hand under the gauzy white tulle and runs it across the ass that's sticking straight up in the air. He can feel Draco quiver under his hand as he tries to keep his balance. Harry steps back and can see calf muscles flexing and relaxing as Draco strains to keep upright.

He smiles again as he bends down. He sees Draco sweating, clear beads forming on his forehead, as his struggle to remain vertical continues. He sees spit running up Draco's cheek where it has slipped out from around the gag in Draco's mouth. He swipes a line off with his thumb and nearly laughs out loud when it makes Draco jerk and almost lose his precious balance.

Harry tugs at the ribbons he tied a few hours ago and they fall gracefully to the floor. Draco still holds onto his ankles despite the loss of the ribbon holding them there.

Harry smiles and cooes, 'You may let go and stand slowly.'

Draco does, and Harry sees his face pale after a few moments. He runs a hand from Draco's neck to his waist and back up again.

'En pointe, third position, I think.'

As Draco raises to his toes and positions his arms, Harry walks around him saying nothing.

'I'll be back in a little while.'