A Day in the Ice Cream Parlor

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Atobe can't believe it. He was going to ask Jiroh out! This is the greatest day of his life! He was all ready to talk to the lazy tennis player.

Great! Jiroh's right there! Now's his chance!

"Jiroh, Ore-sama wants you to…" He hesitated, and though, "What if he doesn't like me?!?"

"Huh? Did you say something?" The tennis player replied, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Yes, Ore-sama wants you to…." He stopped again, "Say it Keigo! Say it!"

"Buchou…did you say something? Because I really need to go." Jiroh asked.

"Ore-sama wants you to…get an ice cream with him!" He blurted out. "For a smart and handsome guy like me, I just said that dumbest thing ever…"

"Really? Can I have any flavor I want?" Jiroh asked, he was really awake now…wow.

"Yes. Of course…and since Ore-sama is so generous, it's would be my treat." Atobe said, brushing his hair to the side. If there were any fan girls, they would've fainted by now.

The two Hyeotei tennis members headed for the fanciest ice-cream restaurant Atobe could find. Wow, a little too much for ice-cream.

"Oh, I want this flavor…no this one! That one looks good too…" Jiroh said. "Hey, Buchou, which should I get?"

"Get anyone you want." Was his brief reply.

Finally, Jiroh decided on just regular vanilla. That took a long time to get… Atobe got chocolate because…it's CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM!

So they were, obviously, eating their ice-creams!

"So…" Atobe started.

"Hmm?" Jiroh look over his ice-cream and looked at his Buchou.

"So…." Atobe said again, "Think you handsome idiot! Think of something to say!"

"What is it Buchou?" Jiroh asked.

"Uh…How do you like the ice-cream?" He blurted out again.

"It's delicious!" Jiroh exclaimed.

"I'm glad you like it, this is the fanciest one I could find….what about next--"

Jiroh looked at the brown clock that hung over the counter. "Sorry Buchou! I have to go! My boyfriend is waiting for me!" He took his tennis bag and ran out the door.

"We should go to-- wait…what? Boyfriend?" Atobe said. "How can he deny Ore-sama?"

"Hope I'm not late…" Jiroh said as he reached his destination.

"Hey." A certain red-headed tensai greeted.

"Marui-san (1)! Sorry I'm late!" Jiroh waved to him.

"Let's go to the candy shop before it closes." Marui said, "Come on!"

The two walked toward the large and rather, colorful, building. The light were flashing, "Candy!" It was bright and colorful, just like the building. They both entered.

"Welcome!" A lady at the counter greeted.

Bunta immediately headed towards the gum section. Jiroh followed.

"How'd you get here so late anyways? Why do you have ice-cream all over you face?" Bunta asked. He licked Jiroh lips, "Hmm…vanilla."

They both just laughed.

"Ne, Yuushi? Why is Atobe walking around like a zombie?" A red-headed Hyeotei member asked his teammate.

"Who knows, Gakuto, who knows?" Yuushi shook his head.

AN: Yay, I put in the pairings! I'm so evil to Atobe. I think he's a bit OC…but he is lovesick, no?

(1): I don't know what Jiroh calls Marui. I seriously don't…

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