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It had not been a particularly pleasant day at work.

Really, it had not been a particularly pleasant day at all.

Shuichi was feeling less-than-pumped, less-than-excited, and frankly, less-than-Shuichi about this whole sophomore album business.

The truth was, he'd heard so many things about the dreaded 'sophomore slump' and all of the artists who'd experienced it and subsequently fallen off the face of the music earth.

That hadn't happened to Nittle Grasper, of course.

But Grasper was...Grasper.

Shuichi was Shuichi.

And Shuichi was scared.

He trudged into the flat he shared with his Yuki, voiced a less-than-perky "Tadaima", and slowly made his way to the couch, his bed, buried himself under the covers, and cried.


Yuki got the feeling something was wrong when five minutes went by and his pink-haired lover still hadn't happily tackled him to the ground and covered him with loving, sloppy kisses.

Yuki knew something was wrong when five minutes later, he heard a few hushed sobs escape the living room, and somehow magically float down the hallway into his office.

He wanted to ignore them.

Gods, he wanted to ignore them.

But could he?

He pushed his glasses further up on the bridge of his nose.

Of course not.



The voice was soft, yet demanding. Quite demanding.


Very demanding.

Shuichi sniffed.

"I know you're awake, you idiot."

Slowly, agonizingly slowly, he peeled the blanket from his eyes, and found the frowning face of his Yuki.

Slowly, even more slowly, like a kitten just learning to walk, he clumsily made his way into Yuki's lap. He curled himself up into a little ball, with his hands resting underneath his chin, and upon realizing that Shuichi wanted to, God forbid, cuddle, Yuki wrapped his arms around the quivering singer.

"Yuki, you don't..." Shuichi sniffed again, blinking back some stubborn tears, "you don't really think I'm an idiot, do you?"

Yuki sighed. He thought for quite a while before answering, which caused Shuichi to blubber even more.

"No," he sighed again. "You're not an idiot. You can be, sometimes. But, even you can have moments of brilliance."


"R-Really?" Shuichi said, lifting a finger to wipe a tear that was trying to escape his eye. "Like when?"

"In bed, mostly." Yuki chuckled.

Shuichi did not look amused.

"And...your lyrics are getting better all the time," Yuki admitted. That was a shot, right to his ego, there. "And there are a few, very few moments, where you tell me the exact thing I want to hear when I'm pissed off, making me...less pissed off. And of course, when you kiss me."

Shuichi's bottom lip wasn't jutting out quite as much. In fact, he was almost smiling.

"You really like my lyrics?"

"I said they were getting better, brat."

Well, that was as good as it was gonna get.

And Shuichi was okay with that.

He snuggled into his lover's chest, tickling Yuki's chin with his hair. He then tilted his head upward, and gave his Yuki a kiss that was nothing less than brilliant.


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