So the actually wedding ceremony isn't essential to the story line so it isn't included. This is the reception and the final chapter of Come Sail Away. I planned to end it the way I did since the beginning, now I just don't know if it deserves an epilogue or how far in the future it should be. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!



Chapter 30

"Hey, foxy lady," Eric greeted Jackie when she dropped into the chair next to him.

"Oh my gosh, I never thought I would say this but I though they'd never finish taking pictures!" Jackie said shaking her head. "For our wedding we are not staying up all night the night before having sex."

"We'll see about that," Eric smiled, "You look beautiful."

"Thank you, baby. More beautiful than Donna?" she whispered the last part.

Eric nodded, "Absolutely."

"I know it's her wedding day, but I still have to be prettier."

He laughed, "I know. And you are."

Jackie was wearing a long, sleeveless gold dress. Her dark hair was caught up with baby breath, curls pulled artfully down around her face. Her eye make up matched the dress perfectly and brought out her eyes. Eric leaned close to her, giving in to the urge to kiss her pink lips.

"I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress," he said.

She smiled, "Me neither, I'll be so hot!"

"You're always so hot."

She rewarded him with another kiss.

The couple were talking and taking in the action around them when Hyde joined them.

"Hey," he said sitting down across from them.

"Hey, Hyde, what's up?" Eric asked, resting his arm on the back of Jackie's chair.

"Well, I wanted to let you guys know that Sam had the baby," he said, he looked both excited and nervous as he said this.

"When?" Jackie asked.

"She was early. On the 28th."

"She?" Eric and Jackie both asked.

Hyde nodded, "Holly Katherine Hyde."

"Steven," Jackie said, unable to keep the surprise and excitement out of her voice, "Does that mean-? Did you decide to keep her?"

"Yeah," he smiled. "Sam skipped town as soon as they released her, didn't even stick around to see if she could bond with her."

"Oh, man. I'm sorry, Hyde," Eric said and Jackie nodded sympathetically.

"Nah, don't be. They handed her to me right after she was born and I- well, I knew I couldn't let her go."

Tears sprang to Jackie's eyes, "That is so beautiful!" Eric put his arm around her shoulders.

"Yeah, well…" Hyde said, a little uncomfortably, "W.B. is bringing her. I thought I'd surprise everyone. What a great burn to get one up on Fez and Laurie." He grinned.

"Damn, this is officially going to make you the favourite," Eric said.

Hyde shrugged, "As if there was any doubt."

"I'm so happy for you, Steven! This is just such good news," Jackie said.

"Thanks. Really, I owe it to you, Jackie," he acknowledged, "So thank you," he looked towards the entrance of the reception hall where W.B. had just appeared, cradling a pink bundle and a diaper bag, "Oh, there's W.B. I'll bring her over in a minute. I have to run interference before Mom finds out- dammit, too late."

Kitty had run up to W.B. and was speaking rapidly with him. She looked shocked but pleased as W.B. answered her. She spun around to face the room.

"STEVEN!" she screeched across the dance floor.

"That's my cue," he said, leaving Eric and Jackie to themselves.

Jackie turned to Eric, "I'm glad he decided to keep the baby."

Eric nodded, "Me too. He'll be a good dad, a little scary, but good."

"Yeah," she said, "So… want to dance?"

Eric stood up and offered his arm to her, "M'lady."

They made it to the dance floor just as the music changed. The piano intro of "Come Sail Away" began to play over the speakers.

"Ah, just the song I wanted to dance to," Eric said, pulling Jackie flush against him.

"Eric! This should be our wedding song! The first song we dance to as husband and wife," Jackie said excitedly.

He nodded, "Agreed."

I'm sailing away

Set an open course for the virgin sea

I've got to be free

Free to face the life that's ahead of me

On board I'm the captain

So climb aboard

We'll search for tomorrow on every shore

And I'll try, whoa lord, I'll try

to carry on

Jackie put her head on Eric's shoulder, "Funny, how things work out, huh?"

"Yeah, funny, but good funny."

"Very good funny."

I look to the sea

Reflections in the waves spark my memories

Some happy some sad

I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had

We lived happily forever so the story goes

But somehow we missed out on the pot of gold

But we'll try best that we can

to carry on

"Do you think we'll always be this happy?" Jackie asked.

Eric pulled back a little to look into her eyes, "Do you want to be this happy?"


"Then yes, we will."

She smiled.

Jackie saw Brooke and Kelso also dancing, they looked so happy and so in love. Jackie felt such gratitude for the two of them. They had seen her through the worst of times and she doubted she would ever be able to thank them enough.

Her eyes wandered over to the front table where Donna sat with her new husband. She knew in her heart that she would always feel friendship for the red-head she had grown up with. While it couldn't be as it was, Jackie wouldn't exchange the experiences they had together.

Eric also considered Donna. There was no doubt she was his first love and what they shared together was real. But in the long run it had lead him to something even bigger. His relationship with her had lead him to the right person, the one who had been there all along.

They both watched Hyde being hugged and kissed by Kitty. He was now holding the small pink bundle, a tiny fist was waving in the air. He had a look of happiness on his face that neither had seen before and it made them both grateful that even though Hyde had a history of messing things up for himself, that he was given this chance at something that would be lifelong and enduring.

A gathering of angels

Appeared above my head

They sang to me this song of hope

And this is what they said

They said

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me, lads

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me, babe

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

"Look, I think Laurie knows," Jackie pointing towards the back of the room.

Laurie was sulking and Fez was attempting placate her with a piece of cake. When she continued to sulk, Fez shrugged and stuffed the whole piece into his own mouth.

"Guess she thought having the first grandchild would secure her the favourite spot," Eric said with a laugh.

"I guess that puts us in last place, huh?" Jackie asked.

Eric shrugged and looked down at her, "Eh, it's okay. Cause you and anyone else that comes along with always be first in my book."

Jackie smiled, "You always say the sweetest things."

"I know, pretty good, huh?" he smirked.

"Yeah, just keep it up and maybe you'll be able to get through life without facing my wrath, which translates into "not being cut off'" she said.

Eric chuckled nervously, "You're joking, right?"

Jackie raised an eyebrow.

"Please tell me you are joking."

She kissed him, "Well, you have quite awhile to figure it out don't you?"

"Bring it on, baby."

Jackie laughed and they kissed, swaying to the music very much in love and neither knowing for the moment that because of their late night the night before that in nine short months they would be joining the favourites list.

I thought that they were angels

But to my surprise

They climbed aboard their starship

And headed for the skies


Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me, lads

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail way, come sail away

Come sail away with me

Come sail away, come sail away

Come sail away with me


Once again, thank you to all of my reviewers who stuck with me and saw the story to the end!