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It was certainly somewhat chilly on the Weasleys' roof, but Hermione was quite sure that Fleur would remedy that very soon. She glanced at her lover, not quite surprised, but by the same token, very flattered by the incredibly blatant and strong gaze of lust. The lustful aura was emanating off Fleur like steam off a cake fresh from the oven. Hermione felt herself shiver involuntarily in anticipation at the strength of Fleur's smirk and lick of the lips.

'Do I sense a 'int of fear?' asked Fleur quietly.

Hermione shook her head, 'No.'

'I thought not,' replied Fleur, encircling Hermione in a hug.

Letting go, Fleur slid a hand under Hermione's chin, causing her to look up into her eyes, 'Oui. I see your pupils dilating already at such a speed, mon amour! Might I believe that I turn you on?'

Hermione couldn't say a thing, her voice abandoning her awe of Fleur's luscious body in the bright full moon, only capable of nodding in reply. Fleur gave Hermione her best Cheshire cat grin, 'Indeed. I turn you on. I turn you on. Imagine that. What could I possibly do to make you even more turned on, I wonder?'

Hermione whimpered in reply. 'What was that? I didn't 'ear a thing,' stated Fleur.

Hermione pressed her face against Fleur's ear, as if to stop anyone else from listening in, whispering gently, 'I said, you turn me very much on.'

Fleur pushed her lips forward provocatively, though feigning thought, 'Oh? I thought that you used to like Ronald. Maybe you still like him?'

Hermione tugged Fleur's ear lobe gently, 'No. I love you and you only. Only you turn me on.'

'Mm, I can believe that,' agreed Fleur, sensing the lust in Hermione's voice.

Hermione closed her eyes in delight and smiling in defeat allowed herself to be fondled ever so lightly by her girlfriend. She whined, aptly rewarded with a firmer touch and a nibble on her shoulder. She leaned into Fleur's touch, returning her own caress with a slide of the hand down Fleur's back, cupping her ass, a little cheeky pinch on the firm flesh. Fleur jumped a little, giggling, and then pushing Hermione against the more vertically slanted area of the roof. 'You taking charge. You know I love that,' whispered Hermione.

Fleur inhaled Hermione's scent, 'Oui. I do know that. Shall I do this, then?'

Hermione inhaled sharply at the rough thrust of Fleur's palm against the front of her pants. The pressure was released as Fleur's fingers moved to unzip those same pants. Hermione took this moment to flip them around, 'However, I must insist. Allow me.'

Fleur grinned, rolling her hips to rub up against her lover, grinning at the closed eyed, open mouthed expression that was Hermione in a state of lusty pleasure. Hermione returned her glance to Fleur's, keeping eye contact while she travelled down Fleur's body, unbuttoning her blouse. As each button revealed a patch of skin, Hermione licked and kissed it, welcoming it back out, all the while keeping her gaze intact with Fleur's. 'So intense, my lioness. So intense,' breathed Fleur, not daring to break the gaze.

To her great relief, Hermione blinked, letting Fleur relax for a moment. Hermione caught the slight sigh of relief and raised a brow, 'Too much?'

Fleur shook her head, 'Non. Not at all.'

Hermione grinned, dragging a finger down the dampened flesh, then lifting it up and repositioning her hands to Fleur's legs. She slid them up, down and up again, this time continuing up that path. Hermione let out a squeak of surprise as she encountered no fabric barring her way to her goal. Fleur chuckled throatily.

'Were you expecting something, mon amour?' asked Fleur huskily, her breathing starting to become laboured.

Hermione opened her mouth to reply, but couldn't think of anything that wouldn't sound dirty. Fleur glanced at her with a lazy gaze, 'Did I say stop?'

'No,' murmured Hermione, grinning at her girlfriend's pre-emptive dressing.

Hermione ran her fingers up along Fleur's legs, who shivered in response, 'Ooh! Your fingers are so cold, 'Ermione! Let me warm them up, oui?'

Hermione proffered her hand to Fleur with a questioning expression, to which Fleur merely smirked and took Hermione's fingers into her mouth. The warm wetness enveloped Hermione's fingers, she sighed in delight. There was something about Fleur's mouth that always made her smile or giggle, thinking about it or seeing it work it's magic. Fleur swirled her tongue around each digit, caressing and occasionally nipping. Hermione tried to keep her breathing from sounding too erratic, as Fleur didn't do this often. As Fleur finished licking and kissing the middle finger, Hermione cupped her girlfriend's lower extremities. Fleur gasped a little, leaning into the touch. She growled as Hermione kept the touch very light, 'Don't you dare tease me tonight, 'Ermione.'

'Now, why would I do that?' asked Hermione, continuing to stroke Fleur gently.

'Ermione Granger, if you don't...' Fleur didn't finish due to Hermione's quick thrust of two fingers entering her.

Fleur grabbed Hermione's shoulder, 'Ah... mon.. dieu...'

Hermione shrugged, using her other fingers to massage Fleur while the two inserted fingers explored familiar territory. She wiggled them about, and then grasped at the walls of Fleur's interior, mirroring the fingers outside. Fleur pulled Hermione against her, muttering French curses, tugging Hermione's hair and completely falling apart at Hermione's ministrations. There would be hell to pay when she was finished.

Hermione used her teeth to pull down Fleur's bra, licking the nipples as they appeared. 'Lo,' she giggled.

Fleur let out a noise of exasperation, 'Stop talking to my breasts and suck them already!'

'Will do,' replied Hermione, still causing Fleur to squirm and rub up against for added friction.

Fleur thrust her hips against Hermione's hand in time with Hermione's movements. It was quite a sight, enough to cause poets to drop their jaws in awe and wonder instead of writing copious amounts of literature to explain love and the beauty of sex. Fleur orgasming was beauty personified, though Fleur would say the same thing about Hermione.

Her hair cascaded down in golden silver waves due her to lifting her head in pleasure, chest heaving from Hermione's talented tongue. She gasped continually and more frequently, which Hermione took as the signal to quicken the pace and bring her to the edge and give a big push. Hermione's eyes were bright and alive as she watched her girlfriend come.

It had taken Hermione quite a few lessons to figure exactly what made Fleur moan, groan, scream and scratch. She now knew how to draw certain reactions from Fleur. This thought made her grin with pride. She held Fleur close as she finished riding out the waves of ecstasy.

'You are brilliant, mon amour,' whispered Fleur, panting slightly.

Flushed and warm, Fleur started kissing Hermione passionately. Tongues touched, sliding over and under each other, while lips met with glee. 'Now 'ow can I reply to that?' asked Fleur, eyes roaming over Hermione's body.

Hermione sat down, pulling Fleur to straddle her, 'I think I have an idea.'

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