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A soft voice tickled his ear. However he did not pay this much mind as he simply rolled over and continued to go back to sleep.

"Chrono" this time the source of the voice had decided to give him a light poke. Causing him to groan a bit as he finally gave up his attempt at good night's rest. Violet hair moved across the pillow as he slowly lifted his head. Turning towards his right Chrono was greeted with the shadow covered face of Rosette Christopher. Her form was covered by the rather thin blanket that covered the both of them.

"I'm hungry" so there it was the reason why he had been woken up. His weary eyes traveled towards the alarm clock next to him "3:00 a.m." he had to be up for work in like two hours. Sighing a bit, Chrono lifted himself off the bed and then walked around towards Rosette's side. Helping her up from the bed the blanket was thrown aside revealing her very pregnant form. Her sunshine colored hair falling passed her shoulders as she made her way towards the bedroom door. Walking out they came into the small living room of their humble apartment.

Finally with a flick of the switch Chrono's eyes were nearly blinded by the bright rays that were the kitchen lights. His feet hitting the cold tile, he watched as Rosette carefully sat herself down at their small dinner table. Walking over to the fridge the violet haired man opened the door and peered in "What'cha feel like having?" he asked.

"Do we have any watermelon?" she answered. Chrono nodded as his eyes fell upon a large bowl on the appliances second rack. "Yeah". Taking out the bowl he walked over to the table and set it down in front of her. The blonde girl reached into the bowl and pulled out a piece of the red fruit. As she took a bite her foot kicked out the seat across from her. Giving a sign to Chrono who was still standing next to her.

Sitting down in front of the blonde. Chrono watched as she dug into the numerous slices. A bit of a smile crossed his lips as he rest his elbow upon the table and his chin within his palm. Hair partially covering his eyes as he chuckled his amusement. This caused the blonde to stop within mid bite her blue irises looking over the table at him. Taking the piece out of her mouth the blonde tilted her head a bit and smiled back.

Stretching out her arm Rosette offered the piece that she had been chewing on. Looking at the piece for a second Chrono leaned forward on the table and took a bite out of the fruit. It's cold surface hitting his sensitive teeth, making him flinch a bit at the sensation. Seemingly satisfied with his portion the blonde once again resumed eating the pieces. "You know…" she said in between pieces "…We still haven't thought of a name".

Golden eyes rolled upwards as a pensive look came across his face. "Hmm…" he hummed, "How about Isabelle?" his companion said "That's if it's a girl of course".


Chrono liked the name. It was easy picture it now a small version of his partner running around causing a whole lot of god knows what. "I like it" he answered "and if it is a girl I really would like her to have your hair" he continued. Her face reddened considerably as her hand slid across the table. Grabbing his and entwining their fingers "I like yours better" she stated "But…I would prefer if she her father's smile".

"My smile?" Chrono responded, confusion evident in his voice "Whys that". Her thumb ran over the bumps that were his knuckles, as her unoccupied arm came up and tucked a strand of hair behind her shoulder "I love your smile" she confessed "Its just so comforting, like nothing bad could possibly happen". It was now his turn to blush at the compliment.

It was then that they fell into a comfortable silence. Simply just sitting their enjoying each other's presence as their hands stayed connected at the middle of the table That was until realization reared its ugly head on the happy couple "I'm going to be a mother" the words came out of seemingly nowhere. Although she said nothing after that Chrono could tell that doubt was floating through her. It was most likely from the fact that she did not really have parents when she was a youth.

"A great one" he squeezed her hand in reassurance "You'll see". He was going to continue however before he could say more a yawn creepy up on him. Weariness was now evident on his features, the blonde frowned a bit "You have to work soon". Once again Chrono smiled "I'm fine" she didn't seem satisfied with his answer. Carefully picking herself up the blonde tugged him off the chair. And soon started to lead him back to the bedroom.

Upon entering the room Rosette spoke once again "Now go to bed!" she ordered. However feeling playful Chrono crossed his arms in mock defiance retaliating with "What are you my mother?". The reaction he got however was not one he expected, for with speed that didn't seem possible for a pregnant woman the blonde managed to grab his ear lobe and with a hard yank nearly bring tears to the mans eyes "Only when I need to be" came her stern answer.

It was rather safe to say that Chrono soon found himself once again under the sheets. With her pressed into him as he ran his hand over her swollen belly. He watched as she once again fell into a deep slumber. Hugging her closer the violet haired man pressed a soft kiss to her closed lips smiling wearily as he tasted the faint taste of watermelons.

The fruit had never tasted so sweet.




Well this seems to be my first Chrono Crusade fic.hope it wasn't too bad since I usually just write FFX fics on my other pen name.

For those of you wondering this was just a little fic I created for the hell of it. the events are actually a bit true since when my mom was pregnant with me she would continuously drag my dad out of bed in the middle of the night and make him eat watermelons with her. and that is also when they thought up my name (and no its not Isabelle since I'm a boy).

Anyhow enjoy the fic and tell me what you think

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