Title: Won't You Be My Neighbor

Rating: T

Classification: Mystery/Angst

Spoilers: References made to information learned on Hiatus and Hung Out To Dry

Disclaimer: My therapist insists that I do not own NCIS

Summary: He wasn't going to leave her behind. Set Pre-Series.

Chapter 1: Night

Going sledding in a toybox down a flight of stairs." Shannon shook her head. "I know I put my parents through some scares, but I never tried that one."

"Nope." Gibbs sighed. "Me neither."

Their eyes drifted over to where their five-year-old daughter Kelly lay fast asleep in a hospital bed. A white swatch of gauze covered the gash and stitches on her temple, while her arm and broken collar-bone where wrapped securely in a sling. Shannon just sighed.

"At least the pain medication finally kicked in."

Gibbs winced. The sound of Kelly's cries still echoed in their ears. "And I thought it seemed long when I was the patient."

Shannon snuggled closer to him, or as close as she could in the hard plastic chairs. "You never did tell me how you broke yours."

A faint grin stole across Gibbs' face. "Well, it wasn't trying to go sledding."