Lost in the Fog

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+ [ t e a r f u l . g o o d b y e s ] +
chapter twenty-five

Chihiro couldn't find her words; they were stolen by the angry voices that pulsated out from the crowd. She had never been subjected to such hateful emotions and it made her want to rip her skin from her body to stop the terrible slashing sensations they threw at her with their forceful stares.

The crowd began to abate slowly, one by one. They threw her a disdainful glare, a muttered curse, and stomped off back to work under the watchful eye of Yubaba. Once they were all gone, Chihiro let out a sigh, clutching at her chest. Her nerves were so twisted and shot, she didn't know how she kept standing without even so much as a twitch.

"You have until morning. You best be gone when work resumes at dusk, or I shall forcefully do so myself," Yubaba said, her words punctuated with the point of her finger.

"Don't worry, we will be," Haku answered, words edging on a growl.

With a haughty raise of her head, she took her leave. The trio watched her go and all at once, turned their gazes on each other.

"'Leave in the morning'? Are you serious?" Kazuo practically shouted at him. "We have no idea where the damn thing is or even where to start looking, and you think we can just stride out of here like we know what we're doing?"

Haku bristled at his words. "We can't very well stay here. Did you not see what just happened? Those workers were out for blood! They will no more tolerate me than they will Chihiro!"

"That's not the point. How can we just throw ourselves out there on some ridiculous quest when we're not even halfway prepared for a journey of this magnitude?"

Chihiro did not miss the implied allusion to her and tried to keep from glaring at him even though he meant well.

"I'll protect her." Haku stated this so matter of factly and full of confidence that she felt a rush of heat in her cheeks.

Kazuo merely gave him an unimpressed look. "Be that as it may be, we don't even have a clue as to where to find this damn necklace. You make it sound so easy. Have you not noticed how large the Spirit World is? We could spend the rest of our lives looking for it while Mr. I'm-so-evil burns everything to the ground!"

At the mention of 'necklace' Chihiro straightened and clutched at the one around her neck. It sparked something in her memory and she frowned. Wait a minute…

"Aren't you the Guardian of the Gate? Shouldn't you know where your own artifacts are located?" Haku shot back.

Kazuo glared, the amber of his eyes practically glowing in the falling light. "For the record, my powers are connected directly to the Gate. I can sense when someone is trying to cross over and as for the necklace…" He stepped up next to Chihiro and pulled the chain out from under her uniform, the tip of his fingers lightly grazing her neck. "I gave mine to Chihiro for safekeeping. It was the only way she could enter."

Even the faintest of touches had her skin tingling and she jumped awkwardly away from him. Haku narrowed his eyes. "How ridiculous. So am I infer that you have no idea whatsoever where the one is?"

Kazuo gritted his teeth. "Correct."

Their words flew fast and hard, increasing in intensity and vitriol as they argued with each other. Chihiro gnawed on her lip. Her presence was forgotten, they ignored her gentle attempts to intervene and all she could do was stand there like a nasty weed that towered over grass. She couldn't take this anymore. She had to speak up or this conversation was going to deconstruct in a hurry.

"Guys," she said hesitantly. They ignored her. "Guys!" she tried again, this time more firmly.

Her shout worked. They stared at her. Chihiro blinked, surprised at herself, and cleared her throat. "Fighting with each other isn't going to bring the answers any closer."

Haku and Kazuo glanced at each other without so much as a flicker of emotion but they kept silent, almost as if they were ashamed of their actions. Finally, Haku spoke up, "Yes, that is true. We should be discussing our next course of action rather than arguing senselessly over whom to lay the blame."

Chihiro nodded. This was it. The all or nothing. She sucked in a breath to fortify herself and then said, "I… I know where the necklace is."

"What!" the two males shouted together. Immediately, they stepped closer to her, almost overpowering her with their now chaotic auras.

"Explain yourself," Haku said sharply, eyeing her with a faint trace of anger.

"Well, umm…" Chihiro fiddled with the hem of her uniform. "I… I can sense where the necklaces are at any time, including the one that's missing."

Kazuo frowned. "Have you known this all along?"

She shook her head. "No, I –" Chihiro stopped herself. How was she going to explain that? No matter any which she went about it, there was no way that they'd be understanding of her discovering this via the help of a mysterious person in her dreams. No, definitely not. She needed to keep this to herself. "I don't know, I just started picking it up. I thought it was just the magic of the place like how I was drawn to Kazuo back in the Human World but then I realized it wasn't. The sensations were coming directly from my necklace and would get stronger whenever I was near it. I thought it was ridiculous but then I had to test out my theory so I started meditating over it in secret. As it turns out, I can sense the other necklace too and I've been fine tuning my abilities these past few days."

Kazuo seemed stunned. "Why didn't you tell us about this before?"

"I didn't want to lead you guys in a direction that would turn out to be fake, so I kept quiet until I knew for sure what I was sensing." She added, "It's not perfect though. Accurately predicting anything is difficult and I can barely feel the necklace right now as it is."

Silence. Kazuo and Haku could only stare at her then at each other. Haku sighed while the phoenix ran a hand through his hair.

"Well, that makes our job easier," Kazuo said.

Haku nodded in agreement. "That it does, but what else? Are we in agreement now?"

"Yes, we'll leave in the morning but I'm concerned. Chihiro, do you even have the faintest idea where we should go, at all?"

She frowned, scrunching up her brow. Closing her eyes, she tried to pick out the faint thread of magic, the telltale tingles that were always present. The cold of the wind and the pointed stares of the two males were enough to make her feel as if she were a glass sheet ready to be cracked. Sighing, she shoved them out of her mind and concentrated.

Left, left. Her mind was drawn to the left and she lifted her head in that direction. The prickles, faint but present, danced tantalizingly just out of reach. Chihiro knew. She opened her eyes. "They're that way," she said, pointing in the direction of far off mountains.

Kazuo and Haku inclined their heads and stared. "Then I guess that is where we must go," the dragon said.

"Damn, I so hate the cold," Kazuo complained. "So we meet here then? At dawn?"

Haku nodded. "At dawn. Make sure to have everything you need packed because we won't be coming back."

They set to separate but Chihiro grabbed Haku's wrist. "Wait."

She took her hand away quickly when he stopped. Kazuo echoed his action not too far behind him. "What is it?"

How could she say this? It was a big request and she didn't even know if he would find it worthwhile to do it. "When we leave… Do you think we could go to Imakane first? I want to know if Lord Tsuji is all right."

Haku shifted his weight from foot to foot. "You're really concerned about this, hmm?"

Chihiro nodded.

"I see no reason why we can't. It would be the diplomatic thing for us to see to the welfare of our neighbors. I think it should be fine." He glanced at Kazuo.

"I don't see why not. You wouldn't ask one of your friends to not see one of their friends that are hurt, so why should we do that to you?" he said, nodding.

"Good, then it's settled." The other male gave them a slight bow and a promise to see them later while the remaining pair watched him leave.

Chihiro glanced up at him. He had a frown on his face and he stared at her for a long time. "What?"

"Chihiro, have you ever wondered why these sort of attacks keep happening? Don't you think that, perhaps, there is a purpose behind them all? That maybe His Highness is trying to lure us – you – out there?"

"What are you trying to say? That we're walking into a trap?"

He shook his head. "Maybe not so much but you must be receptive to the idea of it. We have to be prepared for anything that might happen, and that could just be one possibility. Be cautious," Haku said, his gaze boring into hers. "Be aware."

The walk to Yubaba's door was a long and difficult one. Each press of a step was like a moment of infinity weighing down on her body. Her lungs burned with the overwhelming urge to cry and all she could do was suck in a sharp breath and repeat that it didn't matter, that it didn't hurt. She didn't know how she could look the witch without wanting to either burst into tears or burning her office down in a raging inferno of flames.

Chihiro knocked.


She stepped forward. She stood straight, fists clenched at her side.

Yubaba sneered. "You! What do you want? Haven't I made myself clear?"

Breathe, breathe. The mantra drummed in her head, cooling the rush of hot pulsating blood throughout her body. "I…" No! She couldn't let her see her tremble. She had to keep it together, "I want to say goodbye to Bou."

Yubaba let out a snort. "I see no need for that. The sooner you're out of my sights, the better. Who knows what sort of trash you'll tell my son." Chihiro's nails bit into the skin of her palms and she ground her teeth against each other. "You've been quite the bad influence on him and I would be remiss to let that continue."

Her vision practically turned red. What was she talking about? She had gotten him to read, a far better accomplishment than she had ever done. Heck, he was even writing and learning things on his own! Yubaba had nothing to defend herself with that would even be on par with what she did for her. Unless keeping your child dependent on you without exposure to the outside world or being allowed to think for themselves was something to be applauded then by all means she'd step back and bow in admiration.

Rage frothed and roiled in her and she wanted the scrub the dirty smirk of the witch's face, just like the work she forced her and everyone else in the bathhouse to do. But no matter how much she wanted to unleash the angry words, they died on her lips because if she said them Yubaba would gleefully use it as an excuse to deny her visitation to her son.

That didn't matter, though, when the entrance of the boy in question stood at the doorway of his room. "Mama? Chihiro? What's going on? She's leaving?"

Yubaba jerked up like she had been electrocuted. Wasn't expecting that now, was she? The boy loomed over his mother, his face twisted into a mix of confusion, dismay, and shock. Yubaba looked as if she wanted to melt Chihiro where she stood but, instead, sighed loudly.

"Yes, dear, but it can't be helped. She has to leave one way or another," Yubaba stated. "By the way, isn't it time for you to study? Mommy is very busy right now, so please go back to your room." She said this so sweetly the saccharine tones practically dripped off her words.

"No. I want to see Chihiro!"

Yubaba pressed a hand to her forehead. She sent the younger girl a glare. "But you have other things to do right now and so does Chihiro. She doesn't have time to see you."

The resulting look Bou sent the older woman was ferocious. "I don't care what you think, Mother. I'm not a kid, so you can stop treating me like one. I can think for myself!"

Yubaba blinked. Chihiro blinked. Bou had never talked back like this, not so vehement and articulate. It stunned them both, Yubaba mostly, that he had developed such a free thinking mind in so short a time.

"But, Bou, honey…" Yubaba tried.

He shook his head. "No, Mama."

Yubaba looked apoplectic. Her cheeks were flushed a bright pink and she seemed to struggle between strangling her son and ripping out her hair. Documents crumpled in her grip and she grumbled, tapping her cigarette brutally against the ashtray. "Oh, fine. Don't make it long. Dinner will be here soon."

Bou nodded. Chihiro grinned, a giddy rush of triumph tempered with a strong dose of appreciation flooded through her veins but stopped when she felt an icy stare on her back.

"I have a few words to say to you," she said, sharp and cutting.

"What?" Chihiro answered, bracing herself for the inevitable diatribe she expected to hear.

"Whether you return or not, you still are under my contract. You will pay off the remainder of your debts if I have to bind your soul to do it. Do I make myself clear?"

A chill ran down her, freezing her body, and making the hairs on her arm stand on end. Yubaba's words weren't a threat, they were a promise. Swallowing, she mustered up her courage even though she wanted to break down into a fit of shakes. "Perfectly."

"Good. Now see to my son."

Her dismissal was a mere half-wave. Abrupt and devoid of feeling, just like the persona she portrayed. It was almost like a slap. Didn't Yubaba care at all for her? After all this time, did she still think of her as a commodity to be exploited for profit? Chihiro's breath hitched, and she could feel tears gathering at the corners of her eyes.

"Come on, Chihiro!" Bou called, yanking her out of her thoughts.

She followed him to his room. It was such a surprise every time she walked into it when she considered how things there the first time she'd been in here. Toys had been stacked sky high in messy piles, while other trinkets would be scattered around the room in a haphazard fashion. Now, though, his room was clean, neat, and organized. His toys had been put away in chests or placed delicately on the shelves. He even had a desk in the corner, lamplight included! Papers, brushes, inkpots, and even books were stored carefully away.

Bou wasted no time getting to the point of discussion. "Are you really going?"

The soft plaintive tone in his voice almost broke her wall of strength. "Yes, Bou, I am. I can't stay here anymore, not without jeopardizing everyone's safety and incurring the wrath of the other workers. They have made it quite clear that they've tolerated me long enough and that it's time I get moving…"

Bou pulled his lips down into a deep frown. "But I don't want you to go…"

Chihiro could almost break. She pressed the back of her hand to her eyes, blinking rapidly. "I don't want to either but it's something I must do."

"When are you leaving?"

She looked out the window. "At first light."

Bou stared at her then at the floor and she could see his shoulders tremble but when he gazed at her, his eyes were dry. "Please be safe then, Chihiro. Be safe and don't forget about me."

"Of course not," Chihiro promised.

Bou rushed off over to his desk and there was a mad scramble of clinking inkpots, rustle of papers, and quiet mutterings. She tried to peer over his shoulder but he shifted over, blocking her view. Finally, with a loud scatter he turned around with a whirl and produced his masterpiece.

"Here, take this," Bou said, handing her a paper.

Chihiro took it and glanced at it. Yuuki. The characters for courage. A word she hadn't taught him. It was still wet from the strokes of his brush. The black paint pooled at the edges, threatening to dribble down into her hands.

"Wherever you go, whatever you face, you'll need to have courage. If yours has run dry, just take this out and it'll always be with you. You won't fail then, not when I'm with you!"

The tears coursed from her unchecked and she crushed the young boy in a hug. "Thank you, Bou. I'll always keep it near."

He nodded, giving her a tiny smile. "And, Chihiro? Don't be too mad at Mama. I'm sure she doesn't really mean everything she says, she's always not nice about things that are important to her. This was probably the only way she could let you go without having others making a fuss."

Chihiro tried to absorb his words, tried to see the truth in him, but she just couldn't do it right now. Yubaba had hurt her so badly, she wouldn't be able to get over it until a long amount of time had passed. Her final threat had left a scar and she couldn't carve that out of her memory even if she wanted.

"I'll try."

Bou smiled more broadly this time. "Good. That's all I want."

They spent a few moments more together, and when the paint had dried, she carefully folded it up and placed it in her pocket. There was one last embrace and Chihiro took her leave, wondering if she'd ever stop crying.

By the time she had reached the stairs outside her tears had dried on her cheeks. Sniffling once, she entered through the doorway, the blast of hot air shocking the dreary emotions out of her.

Kamajii noticed her immediately. "Ah, Chihiro, so you've come."

"Of course I came, Kamajii! Why wouldn't I? You were the first spirit to befriend me and you looked after me and took care of me both times I wandered back here. I can't just leave you without saying goodbye."

Her response invoked a long stretch of silence during which the older spirit placed a hand over his glasses, tilting his head slightly down. "I know, Granddaughter. I know." His words were hoarse, almost as if they were pushed through a strainer. Smiling, he said, "I made something for you."

Chihiro took the proffered bottles. They clinked in her grasp and made watery slushing sounds whenever she moved. "What is it?"

Kamajii raised an eyebrow. "They're potions."

"But… aren't those dangerous?" she said, staring at them uneasily.

He chuckled. "Don't worry, these are nothing like the ones I gave to you. They're merely concoctions of the type you'd give pour into your customers' bath or offer to them as an added treatment. I have made one for illness, one for exhaustion, and one for hunger. It'll alleviate your symptoms but without using the energy of your body, instead it adds to your own via the magical combinations of the ingredients. It's not as effective but the resulting after effects aren't as severe. There's not much so ration them carefully. I wouldn't want a repeat of last time to happen – Haku nearly deafened me with his shouts."

She grinned. "Thank you, Kamajii. These will be a great help to me."

The old spirit nodded. "I think some friends want to say a few words to you." He gestured below him.

Chihiro followed his motion and saw a swarm of sooty black balls, jumping up in unadulterated excitement. They clamored for her attention with tiny squeaks and she stepped down, they all crawled over her body. She laughed as they clung to her arms and legs, the tickling sensation intense.

Something yellow caught her eye and she leaned over to get a better look at it. Chihiro gaped. It was her bag! She had all but forgotten about it as she acclimated to life in the Spirit World. She clutched it to her chest, closing her eyes as she did so, a broad smile breaking out over her face.

Glancing down, she said, "Thank you for taking such good care of it. I had thought my bag was lost forever. Thank you so much! This will be so useful on my journey."

The soot balls chattered excitedly, jumping up and down once more again. Her smile turned a bit melancholy as the seriousness of her situation returned. "I won't forget you guys either."

She turned to the older spirit. "And you, Kamajii. I'll miss my grandfather just as much as anyone else," Chihiro said, warbling her words.

"Aww, now. Don't cry, my dear. Haku and that friend of yours will take very good care of you," he said softly.

"But still…" Chihiro sniffed, swiping her fast forming tears away with the back of her hand. Her emotions seemed to be flooding out of her without control and she couldn't stop the constant hiccups and dry sobs that leaked out of her mouth.

Unable to bear it any longer she raced for Kamajii, wrapping her arms around his body and squeezing him as tight as she could. "I'm going to miss you so much and no matter what I say, I'm so not ready for this. I could die, Kamajii."

"Shh," he whispered. His long arms patted her on the back and on the top of her head. "It'll be all right, dear. You'll see. Just believe in yourself and everything else will fall into place."

Even though his words seemed to be a cliché, she couldn't help but take comfort in them. They were like a warm blanket, smothering the coldness of the outside world because nothing mattered in the tiny one she was living in right now. And, also, because they would probably be one of the last chances she would have complete security before it was swiftly stolen away from her.

Chihiro returned to her sleeping quarters, finding it empty. Everyone was still at work. Rin. She wanted Rin, but she was gone and busy with work, something that provided her livelihood, while she, instead, was stuck here in this room wondering which parts of her life was more important than the others.

In fact, it was almost a relief that she didn't see her. She'd spare the spirit the pain she'd bring her. After all her screw ups and mistakes, it was a miracle Rin was still friends with her. Chihiro had given her too much headache and worry as it was, maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

Sighing, she set down to packing. Chihiro rummaged through the closet set aside for the workers and opened her drawer. Her old school uniform, long stashed away was brought out again. She let her fingers graze over the fabric for a brief instant before depositing it at the bottom of her bag. More clothes followed on top of that. If she was going on a long journey, she definitely needed a change of clothes. The hygienic products were a must and were placed carefully above her layer of clothes.

Chihiro thought her world had turned into mass of water. Walls and floors blurred into wavy lines and constant splashes of tears pooled on her skin. Every breath barely escaped her tightly clenched lungs. How could she choose which parts of her life were more important than others? Were her parents more important than the thick jacket she had stuffed in her bag in case of extreme colds? How was she to decide?

In the end, she took the pictures anyway, gently stowing them in the front pockets along with Bou's gift. The potions were added to the top to finish it off and she zipped it up with heavy, empty feeling that seemed to drown all her emotions.

She had come to treat this place as her home, something entirely separate than her real home in the Human World. She would miss this place – maybe not the workers she resided with – but what this place represented to her. A place where her dreams and magic existed and that there was more to life than the everyday normalcy they had all been strapped with – where anything and everything was possible if only one believed in it.

The sliding door slammed open with a whoosh and Rin walked in. Chihiro's eyes widened. "Rin! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

Rin ignored her question and ran at her. The older woman threw her arms around her in a crushing hug. She was silent for what seemed like eons that Chihiro thought something bad had happened. Until she felt the wetness on her shoulder. Rin was crying.

Rin never cried.


She yanked herself out of Chihiro's grip, red eyes narrowed in a watery glare. "What d'you mean. 'What am I doing here?' Am I not supposed to be here? I'm your friend aren't I? I would think being someone's friend gives me the right to see them before they leave for a very long time!"

Chihiro flinched. Rin's had a striking ring of truth and having them thrown in her face was like being lashed with a barbed whip. She had been a horrible friend. She realized that now. She should have included her from the beginning instead of excluding her like she had done. She should've confided in her when she knew things were wrong, it may well have prevented a whole lot of the messes that occurred.

At her epiphany, tears spilled out, gushing in raging torrents. "I'm sorry. I just… I just wanted to you safe, keep you from the pain of separation because I've already caused you so much hurt and headache from my earlier problems that I didn't want to shove more of that on you."

"Oh, Chihiro," Rin said with a long drawn out sigh. "Don't you think leaving silently and without a word would have hurt me a lot more than seeing you leave in person? If you had done that to me, if you had left without letting me say goodbye on my own terms I really would have hated you, Chihiro. No ifs, ands, or buts."

Chihiro couldn't take it anymore. She rushed forward, openly sobbing. "I'm sorry, Rin. I'm sorry…" she whispered over and over again.

Rin stroked her back and patted her softly on the back of her head. "It's okay. I forgive you." Even with the shiny gleam of tears in her eyes, she managed to smile. "I know I should have gotten something for you but I wasn't able to – no time and too much work pretty much ensured that."

"Oh, you didn't have to get me anything!"

"Shush," Rin said. "I may not have been able to give you anything but I can still tell you this: be safe, be aware, and always listen to whatever Haku and Kazuo tell you. The Spirit World is a dangerous place so don't wander off to places you don't know and don't trust anyone you meet. Be wary, but most of all… Don't be stupid."

Chihiro drank in her advice but her thoughts were shattered when noise in the background rose in skyrocketing increases. Silhouettes moved in the shouji papered walls and across the sliding doors. Dawn was coming.

Rin grabbed her hands before she could say anything. "I love you like the sister I've always wanted. You'd better come back or I'll chase you out of your own grave."

She smiled. "I will. I promise! No bad guys will tear me down."

The older woman nodded and placed the gentlest of pecks on her cheek. "Farewell then, my friend. May the way always be open to you."

Chihiro hauled her bag over her shoulder and said through rapidly forming tears, "Goodbye, Rin."

The early morning temperature was blisteringly cold. Goosebumps rose on her arms and Chihiro constantly rubbed them to get the warmth flowing once again. Her constant shivering didn't help matters much either.

It was a good thing Kazuo and Haku showed up not that long after. Haku noted her red and puffy eyes but refrained from commenting, instead tossing her a bundled up robe.

"Here. Wear this tunic, it should keep you warm."

Chihiro flopped it open and swung it around her shoulders. Ah, the relief! The thick and rough fabric settled heavily around her form like a too large jacket. The chill and strong winds had no chance of penetrating the thick layers and she felt much better.

Eyeing her, Kazuo said, "Don't forget this as well."

He handed her the bow and quiver he had previously given her to use for practice in her training sections. He gently maneuvered the bow around her shoulders and made sure to rest it over her bag and also tied the leather quiver to hang down next to it. Chihiro grimaced. This was heavy. How was she ever going to move around with all this stuff on? How was she supposed to run with this? She'd be dead after thirty minutes.

"And your weapon," Haku added, strapping her small sword around her waist. She tried not to groan out loud.

"Well, are we all ready?" the phoenix asked, running a hand through his hair.

Chihiro and Haku nodded somberly. They had packed and prepared all they could and time was calling for them to move.

"Good, then let's go. We'll need to change forms as we don't have the time nor the tickets to wait for the train. At Chihiro's request we'll travel to Imakane." Kazuo nodded. Haku continued, "I'll carry her as my form is more suitable for it than yours."

Kazuo merely raised an eyebrow. They spread apart and with bright blazes of red, gold, yellow, and blue transformed. Chihiro glanced at the phoenix, his other half of him still eliciting awe and amazement. Haku, on the other hand, waited patiently for her, letting out a snort.

Chihiro bit her lip and slowly situated herself behind his shoulders, hoping all her gear wasn't prodding him. The feelings of nostalgia rushed over her. This was so familiar and momentous for her that memories raced out from their neatly kept drawers. Once as a child and now older as a teenager. The feelings back then were so vibrant and joyful but now they were bitter and darkened at the edges.

Take off was a heady gust of wind that swirled her hair up and sucked at her feet. It was so strong she was flung back and she grabbed fistfuls of hair to keep herself from flying off. Chihiro bit her lip to contain her exclamation of surprise. Yet as she leaned forward she had the strange urge to look back.

Rin stood, a small figure enshrouded in shadow on the veranda. She was waving her off and tears sprang from Chihiro's eyes. She waved back, watching her until she became a mere blur in her vision and her neck hurt too much to gaze at her any longer.

Chihiro wiped her tears away with a sniffled and lowered her head onto Haku's neck. She pressed her cheek onto the warmth of his scales and stared at the rippling blue ocean below.

There was no turning back now.

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