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January 1st Apple/45.delta/66, 1:45am TARDIS TIME

Its seems barely five minutes since I sat down to write this tale but in truth it has spanned nearly fifty years, our lives so often forcing me to a pause and making me forget the work I have set myself. It is finished now however, this small glimpse into the lives of those long passed, a tiny tale that weaves into so many others but one that had to be written. So much happened to my family before and after the events of the Cyka-Idralas, my Father's history alone spanning nearly a millennia before my Mother was even born and their history so much more detailed than the scratches I have laid on this page. In some ways my Grandmother Dana's death both closed a chapter of our lives and opened a new one.

My sister and I began our schooling mere days after her burial, my Mother insisting that it was my Father's way of distracting himself from the pain he would bear silently from us all, such was his way with death when it came too close to home. We were soon facing the Prydonian syllabus that had been taught to my Father nearly a thousand years before, raising him to the ranks of Time Lord. Such a slave was he to our education that soon he and my Mother left their work with my Grandfather to dedicate themselves to us. We left the house we had been born into, living more or less constantly on the TARDIS we would soon come to love as home. Our Uncle Jack took control of our parents' roles at Torchwood, my Grandmother's TARDIS a gift to him from my Father on the day of his first promotion, a gift he used to its full potential and for the preservation of the universe he now served.

When my Mother gave birth to the child she had carried through our trials it was obvious from the start that she was indeed a child of Gallifrey. Freya Grace Tyler, perhaps the most mystical of the three of us as she grew, her abilities even surpassing my sister's. We were soon racing through the stars with our parents, the adventures we had too many to catalogue. We became legends in both universes, the rebirth of Gallifrey, the protectors of the light and good in the world. By the time Freya reached her twenties she was perhaps even more powerful than our Father in her skills, an amalgamation of my Grandmother's magic, my Father's logic and my Mother's compassion, so much so that she was often given her full name by my Father, Gallifreya, the spirit of the lost world.

We travelled on, our reputations proceeding us. The Doctor, wise and valiant, Rose, loyal and true, Jeanne Antoinette, passionate and caring, Freya, the ever young and strong and myself, Adric Tyler, the scientist, my Father's protégé. We were known far and wide, feared or loved. It was true though, as my Mother was told years before, the constant companion to anything as near to immortal as we is death and we had to watch on as those we loved faded and died. We mourned each one but it is our shame that as each passed it grew easier, the passage of death as essential to the balance of the universe as drawing breath.

Despite the new philosophy we found on death nothing could prepare us for our Mother's eventual demise. She had lived to nearly one hundred and two years old, staying within the confines of the TARDIS in her later years but her mind ever quick and alive. My Father's love for her was constant though he never regenerated again in her life time, remaining the same as she aged. When she died it was like a light had gone out in his eyes and we knew even before she had been laid to rest that he would never love again in the way he had her. We laid my Mother down beside our Grandmother in a small abandoned cemetery in Penrith that remained untouched for nearly a thousand years, my Father's science and Freya's magic ensuring its peace. The plaque still bears her name and two words, Love Immortal. She rests with the view that our Father said she once pretended was a view of Gallifrey, a truly ancient and moving sight that we still often go to when time allows.

My Father regenerated soon after my Mother's death and both Jeanne Antoinette and I soon followed him, the sensation the oddest thing for us both to experience but we soon grew used to it, six hundred years on from our birth and four regenerations between us we soon became used to the quirk of our biology. None of us know the number of lives we will be gifted, no test exists to establish it but Freya remains on her first life, still as beautiful as she was in her youth. We met and took with us many companions, the TARDIS always filled with warmth and love. Humans were always a particular favourite but we picked up aliens also, some stayed for a long time, others only a brief trip but each one was remembered, cared for and loved, their immortality found in ours.

We now only number three in the TARDIS, my Father passing to immortality not two years ago, his final life spent and his rest found at last. It was such peace when he passed that we none of us cried, our grief out weighed by the happiness and his insistence that death would reunite him once more with our Mother and Grandmother. He now lays beside her as he always did, over looking the small village where our story began, a small posy of primroses decorating both their graves. Freya often tells us that when the TARDIS is quiet she hears them still, my Father's off key singing joining my Mother's softer tones in the heart of the console room, swooping and lilting with the hum of the engines.

We travel on now in their memory, ever grateful for their influence but it is my Father who I will always look to for advice, his memory enough to educate me when I don't know where to turn. So we carry on our Father's work, his oath our inheritance and his actions our legacy and as for his sins, each was a sacrifice for the universe and of everyone I am truly proud.

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