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Summary: True, he was a bit of a goof. But Kid Flash wouldn't trust her without a reason. And Robin trusted his friend's judgement. And so, they would need another communicator. Flinx one-shot-drabble-thing.

AN: Set straight after Titans together… like, before they go back to the tower. So, quite literally, after they defeat the BOE.

Jinx took a few uncertain steps before stopping again. She looked around the crowded hall, scanning it for the red-and-yellow spandex-wearing boy. She carefully avoided her eyes as Beastboy and Raven walked passed, heading to Robin, both raising their eyebrows at her. Squaring her shoulders, she walked on; barely taking five steps before she was forced to jump out of the way of twin speedsters. Said super-twins jumped at their fellow Titan East-er, Speedy, knocking him to the floor in a super-glomp. She eyed the team; the twins hugging their friend, Speedy trying to catch his breath and Bumblebee and Aqualad laughing behind them, before continuing.

Beastboy grinned at Robin when he and Raven caught up with the Titan leader. Raven simply nodded.

"Jinx is here." She told him carefully. He sighed.

"Yeah, I know. Cyborg already told me."

Raven paused and then continued. "So… what do we do about her?"

Robin shrugged, smiling as Starfire and Cyborg joined them. "Kid Flash trusts her… he would never endanger us." His masked eyes swept the hall in search of said boy. "I trust his judgement."

Starfire tugged on his sleeve and, once he turned to her, she pointed across the hall. There was a flash of red and yellow as Kid Flash ran through the hall. Five pairs of eyes followed him as he headed for Jinx. Before she or the Titans could register what had happened, he had his arms round her waist. With a cheeky grin, he tilted her back, forcing her to grab on to his neck to stop herself from falling onto the ground. Living up to his name, he quickly ducked his head, pressing his lips to hers in a true Hollywood-type kiss.

The kiss lasted several minutes, during which many honorary Titan cat-called - Beastboy included - , some pulled faces - Robin, Raven and Cyborg included - and some girls squealed - Starfire leading them on. Jinx's normally pale cheeks were bright red by the time Kid Flash allowed her to re-surface, Kid Flash, however, was simply grinning more widely.

Raven, Beastboy, Starfire and Cyborg tore their eyes from the couple to look at Robin who ran a hand through his hair.

"We're gonna need another communicator."

AN: 370 words of flinx goodness. Random one-shot that took… :looks at clock: 10-20 minutes, tops. Hope you liked. R n R, if you please.