Okay People, LISTEN UP! Sanji Fans and Haters!! Inspired by Hogwart Shinobi, I've made a new Advice/Question Column!!

Sanji is actually on leave from Baratie. BUT WHY THE FRENCH IS HE FRIGGIN LATE?!?!?

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Introducing your favorite Cook/Pirate…


Sanji: Ohio, Everyone! (lights up cigar)

Neon: tsk. You're 10 minutes late!!

Sanji: So? I had a customer at Baratie! You have a problem?

Neon: sheesh. Your cue.

Sanji: heh. Okay, fans or not fans of mine, ask me anything!! Zoro or Luffy isn't here to

Irritate you or so. Well? Bring up the questions!

Neon: you seem confident, Sanji.

Sanji: of course I am! I'm not like Zoro! Tormented by the color PINK!! HAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Neon: oh yeah? What if the haters ask you about ya…

Sanji: STOP right there. I'm not answering your question. I'm asking my FANS.

Neon: SO? I'm a Sanji Lover TOO!!

Sanji: tsk. I'm asking my FANS or HATERS not LOVERS. Say one more word or I'll kick you from here to there.

Neon: (whispers) Long Legs…

Sanji: Did you say something?

Neon: (sweat drop) N'thn!

Sanji: Okay! Lets Get it ON!!!