Three men and a baby.

Summary: The R.V breaks down on their way to Jacksonville, Florida and they have to stop at a rest area to see whats wrong when Criss comes across it. What is it?

Chapter 1: Came back with a...

Crash... Boom... Pish...

" What the... what was that?" JD questioned as he looked towards the driver of the R.V who was swearing and went to check it out.

Criss yawned as he came from the back room. " That was loud..." he whined rubbing his eyes sleepily as he came and sat next to his brother Costa. They knew he was never aware of his surrounding when he firsts wake up. He gave an innocent look to the director who decided to ask him a question and cocked his head. They never usually see him before he's fully awake, but now they had the camera on him.

" In your own words what do you think happened? " The director asked Criss. Criss turned to the camera and smiled.

" Nikt flunk bombo flew..." Criss giggled happily into the camera and everyone stared at him like he was on crack or something. Finally they took the camera off of him and shut it off when he fell on the floor in even more giggles like a four year old.

" You said in his own words." Costa grinned as he picked his little brother off the floor and put him back next to him on the couch. JD decided to come back in and tell them what was wrong with the R.V when Costa shushed him real quick and asked Criss the same question the director did.

" Criss, in your own words what do you think happened to the R.V?"

" Nikt flunk bombo flew..." Criss signaled with his hands this time and stood in front of JD grinning from ear to ear like a maniac then yawned and then rubbed his eyes again.

Criss when back over to Costa, laid his head on his shoulder and drifted back to sleep. After about ten minutes Costa woke him up, " Come on, Wake up Criss you're drooling on me?"

" JD wanna help he's drooling on me." JD got up and lifted Criss' head, placed a towel on Costa's shoulder and then put Criss' head on the towel. " Thanks thats such a big help."

" Welcome." JD chuckled and decided it was time to wake their little brother up anyways.

" Hey Criss time to wake up... Costa doesn't want you to drool on him anymore." JD smiled as Criss rubbed him eyes and was now fully awake.

" How did I get out here and whats drooling on Costa?" Criss uttered as he got up and was about to exit the R.V when Costa stopped him. " You should know we are at a rest stop and the R.V broke down."

" Great..." Criss replied with fake enthusiaism as he exited the R.V and saw everyone relaxing and playing around. He smiled and knew they needed a day off, so he headed towards the restroom. He used it, flushed the toilet, and washed his hands then thats when he heard it. It was a soft wimpering sound coming from a few stalls down. He moved towards the sounds and opened the next few stalls and he saw it.

It was a baby wrapped in small pink thread-bare blanket in a open, yet slightly wet box. Without even thinking he picked the shivering infant up and took off his jacket then proceeded to wrapped it around the child. She looked to be about a three weeks to a month old. He cared her out of the bathroom and looked around for any other cars there at the rest stop, but saw none. He quickly ran past the others who called him over in from the park area and into the broken R.V where Costa and JD were with the baby close to his chest.

" Criss... what is that in your jacket?" JD questioned as they moved over to the bundle in his arms. Thats when they saw her, a little baby snuggling into Criss' chest for warmth.

" You go to the bathroom and come back with a baby?" Costa muttered as he watched the child grip Criss' shirt in her tiny fists.

Note: Hey everyone how was this for a first chapter? Huh Well I hoped you liked it Chapter 2 will be up soon.