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Chapter One

My name is Naomi Butler and I'm the victim of one of the worse atrocities that can happen to a woman, I am a rape victim. I was twenty when it happened and because I was the daughter of a religious couple, I what thrown out because my parents said "it is your fault. If you were at home this wouldn't of happened." So I ended up at the Center for Women. It is run by a woman, her name is Molly O'Brien and she is a rape survivor, in fact all the women here at the Center are survivors. When I came here I was so traumatized that I really thought that what happened to me was my fault and nothing anyone could tell me would make me think differently, that is until I met this one woman. Her name is Ishizu Ishtar.

Ishizu is also a survivor of rape. She was here at the Center when I arrived. The Center has daily meetings where we sit around and talk about what happened in order to help the others understand that what happened wasn't their faults. Well no one could convince me differently till I heard Ishizu's story. As she told us about what happened to her, it was like what happened to me and at first I wanted to run away and hide. I didn't want to face what had happened to me, but there was something about that gentle woman that made me stay.

Ishizu came over to me and we started talking and she was the one who got ne to open up and tell what happened to me. I was afraid to tell them but then she took my hand in hers and she said "if you talk about it, it will help." So I stared telling them what happened to me.

I told them about how when I was walking home from Church one afternoon, I was grabbed by three men and hauled into their car, and how they drove to a secluded place and one by one they raped me and as I was being raped how they laughed and laughed and told each other how great it felt to as they viciously said screw a virgin and then when they were threw, they just left me lying there on the ground. I had to walk home and when I told my mother, she started accusing me of being the one who must of led them on, because if I had been home with them this would of happened, and then the nasty names they called me, like whore, slut and so on. I wanted to die when they told me to get out of their home and that their daughter never existed. After talking, Ishizu I told me that I wasn't alone, that every woman here was like we are, and that we help each other.

One thing that was different about this Center was the fact that men came here to get help understanding what happened to their wives, sisters or other female members. Ishizu had five men who came with her. Shadi, was her fiancé, then there was Odeon, her older adoptive brother and three other friends. Molly was very adamant that when men were at the meetings that they also speak about what the rape did to them. As the men talked, I realized that not only were we women effected, so were the men in our lives. Odeon is a very tall and silent man. He has a very beautiful smile and has a gentle nature about him. As we were talking, Malik, Bakura and Yami who were three of Ishizu's friends would sit and they actually cried right along with us as did Shadi, Odeon and any other men that were there. They would also ask questions about how they could make our lives easier and how could they help in our healing process. It was a learning process for me especially since I didn't think that men gave a damn what happened to us or to me.

One time I was resting in the Court Yard and I started having a dream about being raped and I guess I screamed, because the next thing I remembered was Odeon sitting on the ground and he was gentle saying my name till I woke up and as I looked into his eyes I reached for him and he held me in those gentle arms of his and I felt save, which I hadn't felt in a very long time. Ever since that day, I've realized that I could go to any of the men there and they would be there to listen or even cry with me and that is a very special feeling for any of us.

Today we are having a party. It is Grace's birthday and as we decorate the Court Yard for the party, everyone is smiling and having fun. Grace is one of the women who with Molly started the Center for Women and if it weren't for them where would any of us be? The men have started getting the bar-be-cue going and as I help Ishizu and Candice get the food ready, I look around and right then and there I realized I've found my new family, a family who will never turn their backs on me or call me filthy names. We are all part of this big family and it feels good to be loved and to love all of them.

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