Chapter 8...It's been too long.

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The chief sat up in his large bed yawning. It was 7:00 am, the time when he always woke up, everyday. It was part of the routine. He squinted his eyes as the light from the sun fell into his eyes from a crack in between the curtains. He lazily drew back the covers and climbed out of bed. A voice sounded from the small electronic amplification system on his wall. "Good morning chief...breakfast is ready...will you be going about your usual daily activities?..." The machine waited for his answer. He sighed, and spoke aloud. "Yes." The machine beeped. "Very well..the meeting is set for 8:00 that to be remained unchanged?..." He responded. "Yes, leave the meeting as is..and get Cedric in here for me." The machine sounded again. "Yes will be done...anything else you require?" He shrugged. "No." Ending the daily conversation he walked to his bathroom took a quick shower as he always did then emerged wearing a black bathrobe. There was a knock on his door and he figured it was Cedric. Tim called out, "Cedric is that you? Come in." A head poked out from the door, it was Sam. She smiled, "Can I come in?" He nodded. Sam walked into the chamber and closed the door behind her. She struggled to walk in a straight line, her lack of sleep making it very difficult.

By the time she had gotten home it was 3:00 am and since it was 7:00 am now she had only gotten barely four hours of sleep. She stopped about an arms length away from him smiling. He greeted her simply. "Hey Sam." She smiled as she gave him a one over. His dark brown hair was wet, water droplets falling from his bangs onto his black bathrobe. His broad shoulders moved up and down rhythmically with every breath he took. The large V-neck of the robe exposed some of his well muscled chest. She looked up into his eyes, which always held mystery and depth. She thought to herself silently. "Wow he is magnificent." Sam stepped forward and placed his hand on his cheek leaning in to kiss him, he complied letting her kiss him. A few seconds later she leaned back he mind fuzzy from the contact. It happened every time she kissed him, she ended up craving the feeling more than she should knowing that this was only her job. He sat down on a couch and reached for the towel to dry his hair when she reached out for it at the same time. He gave her a curious glance and she smiled. "Let me do that for you." Sam walked behind him and began drying off his hair with the towel. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the simple gesture. When she was finished, she bent down and wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind, her cheek pressed against his as she whispered in his ear. "All done." He smirked, his eyes still closed. No one ever dared to get this close to him, everyone was afraid of his power but not her. He figured that he liked that, at least for now.

Sam frowned when he said nothing and gently kissed his cheek snapping him back to consciousness. He sighed. Yes, she was driving him insane. Just as he was about to speak, there was a knock at the door and Cedric stepped in. "Sorry I'm late I -" He stopped short. He stared at the woman embracing the chief. He smiled. "You! Wait you're the one from the party...right?!" She smiled. "Yeah Sam." He smirked looking over at his friend. He had no idea that things could have gotten this far this fast. Wasn't it only two days ago since they had first met at a party and now she was in the chief's room before anyone else? Did she spend the night here too? Cedric spoke. "Well...well...well...look here. Tim why didn't you tell me?" Tim shrugged. "I figured you would have found out on your own, news travels like wildfire around here anyway." Cedric shrugged. "Now that you mention it, I think Clover was saying something...never mind." He shrugged then pointed to Sam. "I'm glad you finally found your choice." She smiled. Cedric continued. "So what did you want to meet me for?" Tim crossed his arms over his chest. "Positions for the new raid X-MAR." Sam thought. "A code for the location of the new raid."

Cedric continued. "You have the positions worked out?" Tim nodded. "Yes." Cedric smiled. "Well, let's here them then." Tim continued. "I will be leading as usual, you will be my back-up." The other man nodded. Tim continued. "The rest of the positions will be the same as last time. Sam that means you will be working alongside me. She smiled inwardly. "Excellent, he trusts me." Cedric grinned. "Well I'll go tell the others k? He began walking away until Tim stopped him. "Wait." He turned. "Yes." Tim continued. "I want to change Sam's role in the group. Sam blinked while thinking worried, "What does he mean?" He continued. "She will now be second-in-command after me." Sam gasped and Tim smirked. "I'm guessing you like your new job?" She threw her arms around him happily. "Thank you so much!" He smiled. On the other hand Cedric was frowning. He wasn't so sure that was a good idea. Somehow he just felt that he couldn't trust Sam yet. After all she was still a newcomer. He wondered if he should tell Tim his feelings, then he remembered the fate of the other members that had dared to challenge the chief's orders. He chose against it and smiled. The chief always knew what he was doing, nothing was unexpected for him...right?


A few moments later another figure made its way into the chief's chamber. It was Vivian. Her smile vanished as she focused on the scene in front of her. Her chief was being embraced intimately by that annoying woman. Sam. How she hated her. She shook with anger her blood boiling hotly in her veins as she tried to calm herself down. "I should just leave and come back later when she's not here." She wondered if she'd ever get that chance seeing that Sam was always there when she wanted to be with the chief. It was as if she was blocking her off. Vivian turned to leave but stopped midway as she heard the chief call her name. "Damn" she thought. It was the chief who called her had it been anyone else she could have chose to disobey, but the chief was the chief so she had to obey. She turned around, but not before plastering a fake smile on her face. "Yes chief?" He smiled and continued. "I take it that you have heard the good news." Vivian groaned inwardly while she thought. "What news?! Is he marrying her now!" She struggled to keep her face straight. "No, I didn't hear. What is it...chief?" He turned to Sam. "You tell her since it is about you. Vivian bit her cheek in worry. "This is it. The announcement." Sam smiled turning to Vivian. " Tim just made me second-in-command of Aces." Vivian flinched visibly holding back tears. Cedric and Sam noticed the chief did not. Sam stayed quiet waiting for Vivian to do something stupid.

She had noticed long before that Vivian was a threat to her plans. For once the aloofness of men was proving useful because Tim did not realize Vivian's feelings for him. Maybe he did..and ignored her because he did not comply. She knew that Vivian was deeply infatuated, and in love with the chief. All that time eavesdropping on her proved that beyond doubt. How could she be attracted to him, it was easy. Half the times she herself felt herself falling for his strong mysterious, personality compared to Jason's predictable one. He was the King of Aces for all the right reasons. Confidence, mystery, class, and brains. She could not help but think that her Jason lacked some of those skills. The very idea of being with him was tempting and she had to think very hard to stay away from it. Somewhere in heart she felt Vivian's pain. The need to be accepted by the man she loved. She could relate because she had felt the same way for Jason for many years until he returned her feelings. Now they were in love...although sometimes she did feel as if he was hiding something from her. She snapped back to reality. No. There was nothing else. They were in love. They were happy together. Right? Sam focused again on Vivian , she knew if she did anything stupid the chief would remove her from the gang. Exactly what she wanted. However Vivian understood Sam's thoughts and said nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Cedric grimaced. He knew what Vivian must be going through. He cleared his throat breaking the awkward silence. "I guess that makes you Queen of Aces." They all chuckled at that except Vivian. She slipped way from his chambers and walked outside to the hall. She raced to her room as quick as possible and slammed the door shut. The tears streaming down her face unable to stop. It was over. She had lost him. She sank to her knees on the floor sobbing. Her dreams flashed in front of her eyes along with her past. The time when she had first joined Aces and the time when she had first met the chief. She took in a shaky breath as she remembered every detail of that moment. She recalled how she had felt that she had never met a perfect and more superior being than him in her life. She had quickly begun to love everything about him. His looks, his wit and his presence. All those difficult hours she had spent training learning how to do crazy things for gang activity, she did only because she loved him. He was much more than a man to her. He was her reason for existence. She had come to realize that if she lost him she would die. He had become her obsession, she knew that.

Vivian sighed. God how she hated Sam. She hated her freedom in Aces, she hated the way she could smile at the chief without him glaring, spend time with him, kiss him and even say his name. She hated the way he looked at her, the way he...loved her. She saw it in his eyes. Pure love. She knew that she would never be able to do these things or win his love the way Sam had. He would never see her as anything more than a comrade. She shook her head wiping her tears. She would not give up. If he didn't want her fine. She was not going to let Sam have him either. She knew that Sam didn't love him, she was using him. She had a feeling. Now if she could only get the chief to understand. She took a deep breath. It was not over. It was not over yet...


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