Title: Parting Words.

Spoilers: 'I Was Made To Love You' and 'The Body'

Joss Whedon (The Body): This is the shot for people who don't know what a phone is. No, again, it's... To me, that's the moment she realises her mother's dead.

A/N: Thanks to Tabz for helping me with this.

Joyce was staring into the black coffee pit in her favourite mug. She was thinking about question that played on her mind ever since she was a sixteen year old girl. Should I call him?

"You seem all happy," Buffy said as she walked into the kitchen. "Are you high? Because the last time I saw swoony-over-a-man mom, it was Ted with his mini-LSD-pizzas."

"I don't think so." Joyce said.

"You sure he's not a robot, because there's a lot of that going around." Buffy wrapped a scarf round her neck and checked her make-up in a shiny round spoon. "Does he talk like Anya or throw bleach-blonde vamps through windows? Because if so, I'd like you very much to marry this Brain."

"I think your getting ahead of me there. And I'm sure he's not a robot." Joyce reassured Buffy.

"Too bad. He could still throw Spike through a window though, right?"

"That robot really throw Spike through a window?" Joyce asked.

"Ah, I'm think an award is due, she can even have my class protector one. I've got a couple of leads on this robot thing." Buffy looked down at the address in her hand and made her way towards the back door.

"Buffy," Joyce called her back, "Do you think I should call Brain?"

"Your a twenty-first century women. I say go for it."

"Right. I'll give it a while." Joyce said.

"That's also good. Right I'm going to kick so sleazoid ass, I'll be home for dinner, inless this thing ends more Terminator than I'd like." Buffy said grinning at her mom. "And don't spend all day staring at the phone."