Chapter 28. I object

The Kings chapel had been filled to capacity long before the sun set. Fae nobility from every corner of the Fae Realm had come to witness the event of the millennium. Few had ever thought the Goblin King would ever truly take a bride. There had seemed so little need for it. He was known to be a pleasant partner in a tryst, yet few of the Ladies whom he'd ever graced a bed with had ever had the notion of making her place permanent. For it was one thing to have a tryst with the Goblin King…it was another to desire his kingdom.

Two sleepless nights and constant reading had taken its toll on the King. His eyes were bloodshot and ringed in red. His delicate pale features now looked even more pallid and colorless. He face was gaunt and sallow, his lips ashen and pasty. Even the brilliant hue of his fancy wedding clothes did little to improve his pallor.

There was little time left, and he would be tied to a woman he loathed forever. To the chamber he waited in he had called only a few attendees. Raggo, whom he considered a close ally, Sir Didymus as a Knight of his realm. He called for Hoggle, just because he was the most aggravating dwarf in the realm. Ludo was called for no other reason than Sarah loved the beast. Jareth poured a dram of liquor for each and raised a toast in the private chamber of the Bride groom.

"To Sarah," He said raising his cup.

"To Sarah." They toasted in unison.

Jareth drank the liquid to the dregs, placed the empty cup down and pulled straight his Slivery white grooms frock coat. "Hail Creaser." He said mockingly. He pulled his white kidd gloves straight, and shook his head so his hair would fall wildly about his face giving him a halo framing.

Hoggle stood in his way, looked up and said sadly. "I'm sorry."

Jareth looked down, for a moment the haughty look disappeared. "Me too." He assured the dwarf before reassuming the hauteur.

Sir Didymus sniffed. "Cold." He complained not wishing to admit to his sadness.

"Of course." Jareth said. "I appreciate you coming to stand with me during your illness."

Ludo moaned and wailed, as he opened his great arms to hug the king. "King sad…Ludo sad too…."

Jareth didn't struggle to free himself, but buried his face in orange fur.

Raggo peered out the door. "Sire, they are ready for you." He announced somberly.

Jareth sniffed. "That cold must be going round." Didymus nodded, so did a teary eyed Hoggle. "Gentlemen… shall we?"

Hoggle, dressed in his finest court tunic, stepped in beside the King. Didymus took his place on the other side. Ludo held the long flowing owl cape carefully behind the King. Raggo motioned the guards to open the doors and he led the King into the chapel.

Sitting on a throne beneath a stain glass window was Oberon, sober and solemn. He wore his most impressive Kingly garments. Beside him on a smaller throne was the High Queen. At his side a woman Jareth had never seen before. A veiled creature in long gauzy garments of violet. Her figure was womanly though she was most slender. She was not overly tall, but her naked hands were exquisite. One hand was on the sleeve of the seated High King. Jareth wondered who she was.

Sonia, on her father's arm, entered the chapel. Her gown was long and glowing golden threads. She had a crown of stars holding her veil over her face. She would have preferred to have been veil less but traditions were traditions. On either side of the isle, the Crème de la Crème of the Fae world, as she passed though they bowed to her.

"Show time." Oberon whispered to Tatiana, as he patted the hand on his sleeve.

Jareth heard the words and wanted to scream.

Oberon stood as the bride came to her marked place before him. He kept the somber face as he addressed the woman and her father. "Who gives this woman?"

Lord Glimmerstine bowed to the High King. "I, her father, do." He stepped back after placing her hand upon Jareth's cuff.

Jareth shuddered, and gagged on the rising bile.

All eyes were on the front of the chapel, few took little notice of the gathering assemblage at the back in the isle. The three Ladies in Waiting stood looking like pansies in their pastel gowns. The three young Lords like handsome men at arms. A young prince stepped into their center, dressed in a long blue frock coat, with diamante on the shoulders and cuffs. It was reminiscent of another frock coat, worn so long ago by a Goblin King. His blond hair was raggedly cut, but didn't hide the handsome blue eyes that peered into the chapel. Slow he raised his cuff and a woman entered the chapel.

Someone in the back of the chapel looked up as the woman took the arm of the young prince. He felt the air freeze in his throat, for he'd just seen the most beautiful creature ever created. Her gown was mother of pearl, with that magical hint of opalescence that only the rarest of pearls possess. The bodice was tightly fitted with a revealing neckline that showed a womanly figure. The skirt belled out and looked like it was made of spun sugar made of pearls. In her hair were diamonds and pearls and slivery moonbeam decorations. There had never been another like her in the entire Fae Realm.

Oberon looked down at the bride, for a moment he felt pity for the creature, but only for a moment. "If there is anyone who can give protestation to the joining of this woman to this man, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

A moment passed, Jareth hung his head, surrendering himself to his fate.

"I do so here by object." Came the voice of the Fae princess in the back of the Chapel.

Jareth hear the voice, his head shot up, and he turned to look.

"Guards!" Screamed Sonia. "Arrest them!"

Jareth removed his arm from her hand. "Excuse me?" He stepped back. "By what authority do you order my guards about?"

Not one Goblin, nor Fae Guard had moved. They were staring at the woman who had dared to order them about. They looked at the King and shook their heads.

Sonia blinked. "As your bride…." Her tone was harsh toward the King and was answered by gasps from the assembled guests.

Oberon stifled his mirth. "An objection has been made," He stated. "Regardless whom has made it, it must be heard."

Sonia shook her head, "She's been banished. She has no rights here. We don't have to hear her trumped up accusations! We can just send her away."

Jareth looked at the High King, "Tell me that is not true."

"Not entirely." Oberon watched as Sarah and her entourage came forward. "What is it that you protest?" He asked as he winked at the groom.

Sarah came to stand before the High King, "This woman has broken the most high Laws of Escheat." The room gasped in unison. Sonia's father buried his face in his hands. "Her crimes are against Mortal and Fae alike."

Sonia rolled her eyes. "Who cares?" She shoved her bouquet into Jareth's hands. "You are nothing! You are just a human… you don't count…who are you to come here and ruin my wedding?"

It was just the opening Sarah had hoped for. "Me? Oh that's easy…I'm Princess Sorcha… daughter of the High King and his lover Lydia Kingsly. I'm also the espoused wife of Jareth, The Goblin King… and you are the one who is out of place here. And this ceremony is a sham and a insult to marriage."

"Daughter of the High King, that's a laugh." Sonia cackled then looked up to the High King who was smiling at Sarah.

Sarah tapped the girl on the shoulder. "You interfered with a bonding between a King and a Princess….you poisoned the Heir to the Goblin throne and plotted his murder… You broke laws left right and side ways. Not to mention, you tried to bribe the High King…into an act that is…well forbidden…Not to mention gross."

Sonia looked shocked. "I did not."

"Did too." Sarah was inching herself in front of the Goblin King like a shield. "Oh and Sonia…." She shoved the Fae woman backward off the dais. "Keep your hands off my King!"

Jareth was laughing the laugh of a mad man. "You really are a heroine, even coming to my rescue… how many times now?"

Sarah looked over her shoulder. "Who's counting?" She snapped her fingers, the King was ringed by her entourage. Oberon smiled as he watched his daughter in action. "So Sonia do you give up, or are you looking for a one way ticket into the Bog of Stench?"

Sonia snarled like an enraged beast. "You can't be a Fae!"

"Can be, and am you stupid self centered self righteous poor excuse for a woman." Sarah calmly replied.

"Oberon," The bride, still on her knees from having been knocked to the ground looked up to the High King. "Do something. He promised to marry me!"

The High King shrugged. "Ah but that was under duress…and seeing as he already has a bride, it was a promise he didn't have to keep."

Sonia pouted and whimpered. "But I want to be Queen…"

"One more word and I'll be sending you to the bog." Sarah warned.

"But…It's not fair."

"That's the word." Sarah flicked her wrist and the woman in the ornate gold dress vanished.

Jareth winced. "You didn't actually drop her in, did you?"

"Nagh," Sarah waved a hand at him. "Just hung her over it in a spider web."

"That's some spider." Jareth teased as he turned her to face him. "Sarah Williams, Princess Sorcha..." Too tired to fight, or think of a snappy retort he whispered. "Welcome home."

Oberon held his hands over the couple, "Let it be known, this two are joined."

David, Mark, Ian and Toby grabbed hold as exhaustion caught up with the King and he collapsed. They carried him between them out of the chapel and toward the throne room. Oberon followed with his wife and Lydia. Sarah looked at the guests, addressing the father of the Lady Sonia first.

"Sir, you daughter will be sent back to you for your supervision. Try not to mess it up this time." Looking at the guests she stayed calm. "I suggest you all go home. You're presence here is not at our request. Our King will address you when he is less fatigued. We thank you for coming this long distance but we would prefer to see you gone now."

Every Fae in the room vanished. She then addressed the Goblins. "Fear not, Jareth will be fine."

"All Hail Sarah!" Cobbs screeched.

"Thanks Cobbs." Sarah winked at him. "Now away, my little darlin's."

Scurrying feet and screeches echoed as they rushed away. Sarah looked at the dwarfs and gnomes and others of the magical community who were leaving. "Thank you all for coming." She waved at the good people of the Labyrinth who wore relief like a banner on their faces.

Oberon watched as Lydia tended her now son in law. "Is he alright? That witch didn't poison him as well did she?"

"He's just tired." Hoggle said pulling open the tunic. "He's been up for two nights trying to find a loophole!"

"Poor dear." Lydia said. "He's very handsome, isn't he?"

"He'll do." Oberon said…then smiled wistfully. "They will have such handsome children."

Sarah entered the throne room. "Well why did you put him there?"

"He's too heavy for us to carry all the way up to the royal bedchamber." Toby said grumbling.

"Well for heaven's sake why didn't you just use magic?" Sarah moved forward to stand beside the throne and look at her sleeping mate.

"In a word, fear…Moving a chair is one thing, making an orb,…easy… moving the King without turning him into ashes…" The boy wiggled his hand in front of his sister. "Not so easy."

Sarah looked at one and all. "Well, in the words of the Bard,…

Now the wasted brands do glow,
Whilst the screech-owl, screeching loud,
Puts the wretch that lies in woe
In remembrance of a shroud.
Now it is the time of night
That the graves all gaping wide,
Every one lets forth his sprite,
In the church-way paths to glide:
And we fairies, that do run
By the triple Hecate's team,
From the presence of the sun,
Following darkness like a dream.
" She placed a hand on Jareth, closed her eyes and they vanished from sight.

Toby smiled at Oberon, and said. "Now are frolic: not a mouse
Shall disturb this hallow'd house:
I am sent with broom before,
To sweep the dust behind the door.
" He spread his hands gracefully and a herbed broom appeared in his hands.

Oberon laughed lightly, gather to himself his Queen and Lydia. He motioned the six students to come closer.

"Through the house give gathering light,
By the dead and drowsy fire:
Every elf and fairy sprite
Hop as light as bird from brier;
And this ditty, after me,
Sing, and dance it trippingly."

"First, rehearse your song by rote
To each word a warbling note:
Hand in hand, with fairy grace,
Will we sing, and bless this place.
" The Fairy Queen and Lydia spoke in unison with soft glowing smiles.

Oberon led the group down to the Queen's Garden and called softly for Puck, who appeared with pan flute in hands. "A merry tune, good Robin!" The assembled court of the Goblin King and his chosen Queen danced. The High King and High Queen of the Fae realm joined in.

Somewhere off in the distance a faint cry could be heard…. 'It's not fair!'