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Summary: Bloom and Sky fight cause Sky betrayed Bloom, Bloom was angry and sad so she went back to Sparks. But she discovered she was pregnant and also got some kind of sickness. After she give birth, the doctor said that there is a non-magical realm which is Earth can help her to control her sickness so that she won't face any stress anymore. Bloom brought Jolin and Jason along, and live in Earth...

It's been a few years since the winx club and the Heroes graduate from Red Fountain. They got married and of course, to their love ones. Bloom became the crown princess of Earklyon after she got married to Sky. But one day, their relationship breaks due to a fight between both of them.

"Sky, you own me an explanation!" yelled Bloom at her husband.

"Well Bloom come on, it just a one night stand. I was drunk on that day, so I accidentally…"

"What? I thought you love me but you slept with another woman outside! I married to a wrong person, I hate you!" shouted Bloom and she slapped Sky's face hard.

"Bloom I'm so sorry I…"

"Shut up Sky, I had enough of you!" shouted Bloom and she ran out from the room. Sky wanted to chase her but tripped over something. While Bloom was about to leave the castle, she accidentally knocked on the king and queen of Earklyon whom just walked passed by.

"Father, mother?"

"Bloom? What happened?" asked the queen

"Go ask Sky!" said Bloom and she ran off

"Bloom!" shouted the king but Bloom ignored him and opened a portal then went off. Just then, they both saw Sky coming out from the castle.

"Sky what happened?" asked the queen

"Well I…"

"What have you done?" asked the king

"Well I got to go back to my room" said Sky and he ran back scared.

"What happened?" The king turned and asked the queen

"Don't ask me, ask Sky"

After Bloom went back to Sparks, her mum and dad were shocked that she came back without Sky along with her, and Oritel saw that Bloom's eyes were red, very red. It seems that she had cried before.

"Bloom what happened?" asked Oritel

"Sky, he-"

"He what?" asked Miriam worried

"He slept with another woman!" cried Bloom

"What? How dare he, the king and queen own me an explanation!" shouted Oritel angrily.

"No daddy, it was not mother and father-in-law's fault. They don't know-" Bloom suddenly fainted without finishing her sentence.

"Bloom!" shouted Oritel worried carrying Bloom up. "Go call the doctor!"

"Bloom, please wake up. Don't scare mum…" cried Miriam. Oritel and Miriam bring Bloom to her room and put her on bed. After a while, the doctor came and gives Bloom a checkup. Oritel and Miriam were waiting outside Bloom's room, and they both were very worried about Bloom.

"Miriam, relax."

"Oritel, I can't afford to lose Bloom this daughter, I can't!" said Miriam crying.

"Everything going to be alright" said Oritel hugging Miriam. Just then, the doctor came out from the room and Oritel asked.

"What happened to Bloom? Why she faint so suddenly?"

"Congratulations your majesties, you're going to be grandparents soon." Said the doctor and this confused Oritel and Miriam.
"What you mean?" asked Miriam
"Princess is pregnant for 2 months, and she is carrying twins."

"Really?" asked Miriam happily

"Yes, but…"

"But what?"

"She is not suitable to be pregnant, because I also discovered that-"

"What? Better tell me before I chop off your head." Said Oritel angrily

"I discovered that she got Leukemia too."

"What? You mean cancer, like how Daphne…"

"Yes, so I hope that you are mentally prepared. She needs to have a operation, but…"

"But what?" asked Oritel worried

"We need a suitable blood narrow to do this operation. So no offence if I can take a blood test on both of you?"

"Ok, we will take the blood test. As long as this operation saves Bloom!" cried Miriam

"To say the truth, I don't have much confident to save the princess. But I will try my best to save her."

"Don't say that you don't have confident, you must save her no matter what!" Shouted Oritel

"Relax Oritel, as long as these save Bloom." Said Miriam

"We will give her some under treatment and some medicine to control her sickness and prevent the cells to harm the twins inside her. We must let her give birth the twins safety before the operation."

"Ok we got it, can we have blood test now?" said Oritel impatient

"Yes sir." Said the doctor and he immediately gave Oritel and Miriam a blood test. After a while after the doctor leaves, Bloom wakes up and saw her parents sitting beside her.

"Mum, dad what happened to me just now?" said Bloom with a weak and soft voice.
"Bloom, your all right. You're just very exhausted and weak." Lied Miriam and Bloom can see through her mum was lying to her.

"Mum, I can see that you're lying. Tell me what happened, please?"

"Bloom, you're going to be a mother." said Oritel

"What? Really?"

"Yes, you're carrying twins."

"I carried Sky's children? No I must abort them, I-"

"Bloom don't! They are innocence, they do nothing wrong." Said Miriam

"But I don't want them to learn from their father! I just-"

"Don't worry, you're staying here for some special treatment and-"

"Mum what are you talking about? What special treatment I need?" Asked Bloom and Miriam kept quiet suddenly.

"Miriam, can't you just shut your mouth once?" shouted Oritel angrily

"Sorry I didn't mean to, I just couldn't bear to see Bloom suffering." Said Miriam crying.

"Mum what is it? Is there something wrong with my children?"
"No Bloom, it's about you." replied Oritel

"What? What happened to me? Tell me!"

"Your not suitable to be pregnant cause your suffering from Leukemia." Said Oritel and he begin to cry. This news shocked Bloom and she can't accept it.

"What? You mean like Daphne, cancer?" asked Bloom and they both nodded.

"Why? I rather suffer cancer before I am pregnant. But now, I am bringing my children to the Hell Gate as well! Why am I so silly? Why am I so stupid that I-"

"Relax Bloom, don't cry. Everything would be alright." Said Miriam hugging Bloom crying. Just then, a servant came in urgently and holding a phone.
"Your majesties, someone from Earklyon are finding both of you." said the servant and Oritel just snatched the phone from the servant.

"Hello, save your explanation. I won't let Bloom go back to Earklyon and suffer again!"

"Oritel relax, it's me. Bloom is in Sparks now?" said the king on the phone

"Yeah, and she won't be going back. NEVER!" Shouted Oritel and he hanged up the phone.

"Is that Sky on the phone?" asked Bloom

"No, it's was his father."

"See? He don't even bothers about me, he doesn't love me at all!"

"Relax Bloom, care about your children first." Concerned Miriam

"Don't worry Bloom, I am going to make Earklyon suffer!" said Oritel angrily

"Dad like I said it's nothing related to Mother and father-in-law."

"Ok-ok. I shut up, ok?"

"I am tired, really tired. Can you guys give me a break?" Said Bloom and she lied on her bed and cover herself with blankets and cried silently. Her parents don't even know what to do so they left her alone. When Oritel and Miriam were about to go back to their room, a servant reported to them that Bloom's friends are here. At first Oritel and Miriam thought it was Sky and his family, they went to the hall and was about to scold Sky. But after they both reached there, they discovered that it was the winx club. Stella was pregnant too, for about 6 months already.

"Stella, why you guys…" speaks Miriam

"We heard all about it and we felt very worried for Bloom. May we see her?" Asked Stella.

"Well Bloom doesn't feel like talking to you guys now." Replied Miriam

"But we need to talk! I am afraid that Bloom will do something silly!" said Flora worried

"Don't worry, she is now sleeping. Now you guys need to go back now, especially you princess Stella. You're pregnant and you need to rest as well."
"But I-"

"Stella they are right. Sorry for disturbing you your majesties, we are going now. Come let's go or the boys will get worried, especially Brandon." Said Layla and they transport them their self back home.

"I hope that the doctor will give us the report as soon as possible." Said Miriam hugging her husband.

"Yes, I hope too." Replied Oritel

It's being few months that Bloom leaves Earklyon. The king and queen of Earklyon came to Sparks and begged Bloom to go back but got rejected dozens of times. Sky doesn't even dare to go to Sparks, as he was afraid of Oritel and Miriam. As for the winx club, Stella has given birth to a boy and Flora is pregnant for 2 months. Of course, Brandon and Heila were happy till they jump up, lol. As for the rest, they prefer not to have children, as they like to have more freedom. As for Bloom, she was getting weaker and weaker. Oritel and Miriam's blood narrow doesn't fit Bloom, so Bloom have to take medicine to prevent the infected cells spread to the fetus and other parts of the body. One day, she was walking around the garden sit on her swing. Then she begins to read her book.
"Eeh, I read this book before. What is it?" asked Bloom herself and look at the title. It was her favorite book, "The Goblet of Fire". Then she started to have flashback after she saw the title:


"What is it Bloom?" asked Sky

"My book, I left it on the chair during the party!" Said the worried Bloom

"Well it just a book" said Sky

"Well that was my favorite book! And I am almost done!" cried Bloom

"Ok ok, I will help you" said Sky and he ordered the servant to find the book for Bloom. After a while, the servant came back holding a book

"Is this the book you're looking for?" asked the servant and Bloom looked at the book.

"Yes it is mine, thank you!" said Bloom and she took the book from the servant's hands

"Well I think there is nothing else, just leave" said Sky and the servant leaves. Sky then noticed that Bloom is reading her book

"What book are you reading?" asked Sky

"The goblet of fire" replied Bloom, still reading her book

"Aww…" said Sky and Bloom looked at Sky

"What is it?" asked Bloom

"You sure a bookworm…" said Sky

"As if I am" said Bloom laughing

"It's getting late let's go to sleep" said Sky

"Ok but I need to change" said Bloom

End of Flashback

Now Playing" When there was me and you"

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
Once upon a song

Now I know your not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true
Cause now even I tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Cause I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that
I could be so blind
It's like you were floating
While I was falling
And I didn't mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

Bloom then get up from her swing and was about to go. "Bloom." Said a voice and she turned and look and got shocked, it was Sky. She was so angry that she wanted to go off, but Sky grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

"How you get here? I thought my parents banned you from Sparks?"

"As long as I get to see you, I am willing to sacrifice." Replied Sky hugging Bloom hard.
"Hands off me, I warn you!" shouted Bloom

"Bloom, I swear I won't leave you again. I swear that I will be faithful to you forever and-"

"What? You're unfaithful to me already, so stop your empty swearing!" Bloom struggled.
"Please Bloom, forgive me." Said Sky and Bloom pushed him off. Suddenly, she accidentally tripped on the floor. Sky helps her up, but it was no good. Sky then notice Bloom was bleeding and she faint suddenly on Sky's arms. Just then, Oritel and Miriam came and were shocked to see what happened.

"Bloom, Bloom!" shouted Miriam and she ran to Bloom.

"What you did to Bloom?"

"Well mother I-"

"I'm not your mother!" Miriam yelled at Sky and pushed him away. "Bloom please don't scare me…"

"Hey you! Why are you here? Guards, chase him out of Sparks and I don't want him to be seen again!" shouted Oritel and the Guards bring Sky away.

"Bloom don't scare me, doctor, call the doctor!" shouted Miriam worried and Oritel ordered rest of the guard to call for the doctor.

"Bloom, you will be alright…" cried Miriam hugging Bloom tight.

"Miriam, bring her back to her room first. Come on. " Said Oritel and he carried Bloom and bring her back to her room.