Forget me not

In a nutshell, Carter gets zapped by a mysterious alien artefact, and her memory goes haywire. Any more would give the game away, and you wouldn't have to read it!

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"DANIEL!!! Don't you dare let her go!" Jack yelled at the terrified looking Doctor Daniel Jackson, who was clinging desperately to an unconscious Sam Carter, while perched on a ledge above a very big drop. Jack and Teal'c weaved their way up the cliff-face carefully and quickly, trying to reach them.

"Jack!" Daniel called down urgently.

"Just hold on!" Colonel Jack O'Neill called back.

A few rocks skittered down the rock-face as Daniel adjusted his position, trying to keep hold of Sam, who seemed to be getting heavier by the second.

Teal'c reached Daniel and Sam first, and tried to lift the Major out of Daniel's arms. "Release her to me, Daniel Jackson." He instructed. Daniel shook his head.

"If I move she'll slip, I can't hold her!" He was terrified of losing her, this was all his fault.

"Do it, Daniel! Teal'c won't let her fall." Jack barked at him from the other side of the jaffa.

Slowly, Daniel turned towards Teal'c, as Sam slipped gradually lower in his arms. Just as he feared he really would drop her, Teal'c bent low and relieved him of her dead weight, lifting her over his broad shoulders. Daniel visibly sagged in relief against the console in the rock-face behind him.

Jack moved out of the way as Teal'c began his descent, and then climbed up to where Daniel was clinging to the rock, shaking. "Daniel? You're alright now, you're safe. The worst bit's over." He patted his friend on the shoulder comfortingly.

"Ready to come down?" Jack asked. Daniel nodded shakily.

"What about this?" He asked, jerking his thumb back at the panel set into the rock behind him.

Jack looked at it with contempt. "Forget about it. Come on, let's go."

Jack held Daniel's arm to support him, and together they followed Teal'c down the cliff.

"Unscheduled off-world activation!" Walter Harriman called over the noise of the sirens, as General Hammond hurried down into the control room.

"Who is it, Sergeant?" He asked, arriving at the computers in front of the huge glass window overlooking the gate-room.

"Receiving SG-1's IDC, sir." Walter replied.

"Open the iris." Hammond ordered, and was answered by the metallic grating of the iris folding back on itself smoothly.

Three figures stumbled out of the event horizon, one (Teal'c) carrying a fourth. Hammond hurried down to meet them, as Walter called for a med-team.

"Colonel O'Neill, report!" Hammond called as he entered the room.

"It's the kids and their doo-hickeys again, sir." Jack replied. "Daniel and Carter climbed up a hill to play with some alien piece of technology, and it zapped Carter and disintegrated half the mountain."

The medical team rushed in, and Teal'c placed Sam on gurney as nurses surrounded them.

"Is she alright?" Hammond asked. The team shrugged helplessly.

"She has a pulse," Teal'c informed him, "but it is weak."

"All of you report to the infirmary. We'll debrief at 1400 hours." He said, and strode from the room.

Jack glanced at the other two, and with an inclination of his head beckoned them to follow the med-team out of the gate-room.

It was 1800 hours, and SG-1 were sitting around Sam's bed, where she still lay, unconscious as when she'd been brought in. Doctor Fraiser had been completely non-plussed – physically, Sam seemed fine. She didn't understand why the young woman wouldn't wake up, or what that device had done when it had 'zapped' her, as Jack so eloquently put it.

Jack groaned as he flexed his aching neck muscles. They'd all been sitting here since the debriefing, in near silence, praying that Sam would wake up. Daniel yawned – he had been checked out by the doctor too, and told to avoid doing any lifting for a while until his shoulders recovered from the strain of holding Sam up.

Teal'c looked at the young face of his friend, lying as though merely asleep in the infirmary bed. He sincerely hoped she would be alright, he had never met anyone quite like her. She had become a dear friend to him over the years, and he had a tremendous amount of respect for her.

Suddenly, Teal'c stood and moved closer to the bed. Jack and Daniel looked up.

"Teal'c?" Jack asked.

"I believe she opened her eyes for a moment." Teal'c whispered.

Daniel and Jack looked closely at Sam. Sure enough, a moment later her eyelids fluttered open briefly.

"Sam!" Daniel exclaimed, squeezing her hand in relief.

Sam groaned and frowned at the intense light. She dimly heard the voices of her friends, enticing her into the waking world. Everything was so woolly and vague . . .

"Come on, Carter, open your eyes again. Don't make me order you." Jack encouraged her.

Janet Fraiser hurried into the room, and shooed the three men further back from the bed. She leant over Sam and stroked her cheek gently.

"Sam, honey? Can you hear me?"

Sam heard Janet's motherly voice, and struggled to open her eyes again. The bright light shot through her eyes like needles and she clamped her eyelids shut quickly. She felt a light pressure on her hand, as though someone were holding it, and she tried hard to focus on the real world.

" . . . for me, okay? Just one squeeze if you can hear me." She heard Janet saying. She felt confused and disorientated and moved her head slightly, trying to clear the haze. She remembered Janet asked her to squeeze something if she could hear her. She tried moving her hands, but they felt oddly disconnected from her, and she wasn't sure they were responding.

Janet looked up at Jack, concerned. "She's not responding. I'm not even sure she's awake, she may just be dreaming."

"But still, that's better than before, isn't it?" Daniel asked. Janet shrugged helplessly.

"I really don't know. I'm going to give her an MRI, see if that shows up anything unusual."

Sam felt like she was losing a battle. More and more control was slipping away from her, and she couldn't keep focussed on listening for her friends. She slowly fell back into the hazy sleep.

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