Okay guys this just popped into my head with I was half asleep this morning. Really stupid. Twilight/Covenant cross. You know the drill, R&R. Edwad lef again and she has decided to just move on, after monhs of zombie bella. She wants to go swimming and has just found out that forks has a public pool. Who will she meet? More back ground info in later chapters, or this might just be a really long one-shot. Edward left right after he came back, didn't even stay for graduation.


It was warm and overcast today so I decided to go to the local swimming pool. I hadn't ever been so it took some time to find it. My nose did the work, picking up the smell of chlorean. It was pretty good sized, with just a few people swimming around lazily. There were some kids in the kiddie pool, giggling with joy when the water got on there hair. I had to smile at that, I loved children.

I got into the parking lot with ease. I climbed out and amost tripped on the slick ground. I made it up to the paying booth and gave the guy there $2. I had to giggle a little at how the lifeguard was looking at me. I wasn't really pretty, my body hadn't changed much. My weight had dropped some in last couple of months.I hadn't been eating properly after he left again. Other than that nothing had changed. I had just never worn a bathing suit before, and it looked like I had every male life guards attention.

My swim suit was a 3-piece. A black halter top, a black bikini bottom with a skull and crossbones and little stringy things on the side, and a black skirt that went to about mid-thigh on me. I didn't look bad for 19. I put my towel and bag on a lounge chair and started putting on sun block. If I didn't I would burn to a crisp. When that was done I got out of my skirt and inched my way into the water. It was really cold! Finally I just slipped on the bottom step and fell head first into the water.

It shocked me just how cold it was, taking the breath out of my lungs in one giant air bubble. I got to the top just as I was about to die of lack of air. I gulped it in and swam over to the steps again. I just sat there for about 10 minutes, trying to catch my breath. I swam back out and floated on my back for a while, just thinking about nothing. I didn't know how long I had been on my back with my eyes closed. I opened them and it was sunny! IT was about noon too. I had been her for 2 hours, just floating on my back.

I climbed out and put my skirt back on. I went to ask one of the female life guards where the bathrooms were.

"Excuse me. Do you know where the bathrooms are?" I asked a distracted looking brunette. She looked at me and just smiled.

"Yes. Over on the other side of the pool there's a gate. Go out the gate and to he right a ways and you'll find and long building. They're communal bathrooms." She told me, acting like she was speaking to a child.

"Thanks." I followed her instructions until I got to the wood behind the pool. I hadn't been in a wood since he left. I was too frightened of finding something I wouldn't like there, like a wolf or Victoria. Just the name sent shivers down my spine. I walked slowly to the right, careful not to trip over any sticks. After a few minutes I came up to a brown brick building. It was big, but it was communal bathrooms so it had to be big. I walked p to the door and pushed it open. The inside looked bad. The walls were a pale yellow and the stalls looked really old. The pain was chipping off the stall doors and the tiles were falling off the walls.

I had to watch my step or I probably slip on the floor. I heard male voices coming from the back of the building, on the inside. I saw at the end there were old looking sofas and that 4 guys were sitting on 2 of them, 2 each. There were 2 brown heired ones, a sandy colored head, and a blonde. It was the blonde that caught my attention, he was taller han me but not as tall as he was. They all stopped talking when they noticed me walk in. They eyed me suspiciously, one of the brown haired guys stood up. He was about 3 inches taller than the blonde. They all oggled at me for a moment until the blonde snapped out of it and looked at me fiercely. They all looked to be about 19, like me.

"Sorry." I mumbled as I entered one of the stalls at my end. I didn't have to go to the bathroom. I had been floating on the water when his image popped into my head. It made me want to cry when I saw it. It looked happy, without me. But I guess he grew tired of me again, and left me in the wood by my house again.

A small sob broke through my throat. I clamped my hand over my mouth. It was a habit, I hadn't wanted Charlie to hear me when I cried at night so I always camped a hand over my mouth when they did come. Tears were running down my face and onto my already soaked swim suit. Another sob got out when I heard a knock on the stall door.

"Are you okay?" It was one of the voices I had heard from the guys at the other end. It was deep and resonated through the bathroom. I couldn't answer so I just nodded my head. Supid, I thought to myself, they cant see you. I took my hand away from my mouth and took a deep breath.

"Yeah. I'm fine." My voice sounded cracked, like I had just been crying. I leaned against the wall after he walked away. I could make out heir conversation.

"I wonder when dragons and the other mythical creatures were thought up?" One voice said. It sounded a little younger than the others that spoke.

"I dunno. Why?" This was the voice who had asked me if I was okay. It sounded incredulous toward the other boy.

"Well I was hanging out with this guy from the reservation and his dad told us some stories. He said that the 'Cold Ones' had just left a few months ago and that the werewolves now ruled Forks." I sucked my breath in at this information. "The kids name was Jacob Black. He also said that he was friends with one of the 'Cold Ones' ex-girlfriends. Her name was...Bella...something. Swan, oh her name was Bella Swan." I was furious by the time he got done telling the others this. How dare he tell him, he had no right. I stormed out of the bathroom with tear stained cheeks. The guys all looked at my face, it must have looked pissed-off because they all shrank back a little. I walked toward them.

"Do one of you guys have a cell I can borrow for a moment?" I asked them. I made my voice sound friendly and bated my wet eyelashes. They looked at me for a moment before the blonde handed me a phone. "Thanks." My voice sounded a little dry, but it would have to do. I dialed Jake's number and it rang about 3 times before someone picked it up.

"Hello." It was Jake.

"Hey Jake." He could tell my voice sounded weird because the line was quiet for a moment before he spoke again. I was still standing near the guys so I walked a few paces away.

"Is everything all right?" He sounded worried.

"NO! Everything is not alright. How dare you, how dare you. I trusted you enough to keep it a secret. But you go and tell some strange guy that I don't know, about the Cullens!" I was practically yelling at the end. I heard someone suck in air really fast. I turned and saw the younger one telling the others something.

"Guys, that's the name he used. The Cullens are vampires!"

Jake stuttered for a moment then started to talk.

"Bella Swan just calm down." He told me sernly.

"Don't you dare 'Bella Swan just calm down' me. I have had it up to here with you. First you try to break Edward and I up, then you go and tell people I don't know about him, his family, and ME! If you ever come near me again I will rip your head off. I don't care if you are a werewolf, I will kill you. Oh and I hope you know that I wanted to become a vampire. I loved him, I still do. Nothing will ever change that. NOT you or Victoria or anyone else. Now I came to the pool to enjoy myself and that is what I am going to do. But don't worry I will not forget about you." The warning in my voice was clear. The threat was real and he could tell. I turned to look at the guys and hand the phone back. They all looked stunned and I realized why. They had heard my whole conversation. "Damnit, crap!" I muttered to myself. I handed the phone back to the blonde and turned to walk away.

"Dude." I heard someone from behind me say and alow whistle followed. I spun around and walked back to them.

"You all know nothing about his got it?" I asked them. They just nodded their heads. "Vampires and Werewolves are not real to ya'll." I told them. I turned to go again when someone stopped me.

"Hey I'm Reid. This is Caleb, Pogue, and Tyler." He pointed them out one by one. The 2 brown haired ones were Caleb and Pogue and the sandy haired one was Tyler. Reid had his hand out, so I took it. My hand was engulfed in his and it was warm.

"Bella Swan." I told them. They all looked at me in suprise.

"I think we can empathize on you with the mythical creatures thing. Were witches." Reid told me looking a my face for a reaction.

"Thank god." I siad relieved. They all looked at me in suprise.

"What?! That is not the reaction we were looking for." Caleb told me. I laughed, I couldn't help it. They all must think I'm crazy.

"At least ya'll are human! Most of my friends were vampires or werewolves. I was dating a vampire for about a year before he left me once," My face must have gone into really sad mode because al the guys looked at me concered, "but I got him back. But a month later he and his family left again. I'm sorry! I've never had anyone know about all of this before. I'll go." I said in an apologetic tone. I walked out the door before any of them could say anything else.

When I got back to the pool I fell in again. I climbed out again and someone stuck a towel in my face.

"Thanks." I mumbled to the person. When the towel came away from my face I gasped at who I saw.

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