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I watched as the old, wrinkled vampire bent down and kissed her neck. I was so friggin' scared. She looked relieved when he pulled up, no not releived, but sated (is that even a real word?). She was swaying on the spot and I ran forward and put my arms around her waist. The three people? in front of us took one look at Bella and streaked into the woods. They looked like mist.

Bella slumped in my arms, her head resting against my collor bone. She had passed out. I picked her up bridal style and turned back to the other guys. They all gave me this unbelieving look and Caleb broke the silence first.

"Did that really just happen? Or am I goin completally crazy?" Caleb let out a short laugh and turned back to me. I was stumbling slightly under the weight and Caleb noticed. "Do you want me to take her?" I just shook my head and started to walk back toward the bathroom entrance. "Are you sure?" Caleb asked again as I stumbled slightly trying to get the door open. I just nodded again as he held the door open. I walked back to the couches and laid her on one.

She was gorgeous, even more so upclose. Her long brown hair and plump mouth. I hadn't realized I was staring, a smile slowly creeping over my face until Pogue elbowed me in my side.

"Take a picture. It'll last longer." He told me laughing as he sat on the end of the couch, next to her feet.

"Shut up. She is really pretty though, you can't tell me you don't think she is?" I asked at at the smirks they were all giving me.

"Oh, there's no doubt that she's pretty. I just think it's funny that you like her after just knowing her about 10 minutes. Told yah so." Caleb told Tyler after a blush crept up my face. "Reid-ys in lovvvvee." He teased. I just stuck my tongue out at him. I know, five year old reaction but hey.

"Shit! I died, right? Please tell me I died. Plese tell me he didn't like bite me or anything. God it's bright! I must have died. Man, I thought the after-life would be more comfortable, not like I'm laying on some stupid uncomfortable sofa." Bella croacked out. Her eyes were open but she was starring at the light above our heads. Her eyes seemed to focus on Pogue at the end of the couch. She sprang up and looked around wildly. "Shit! I've been kidnapped and put in some sort of cellar with a bunch of witches. Hehehe, withches. That's kinda funny, you know?" She asked Caleb. He was tryoing to hold back laughter and Tyler was openly laughing at her statement. She looked around and a blush crept over her face when she realized where she was. "Uh...akwarddd. Dude, wait. I'm not dead right?" She looked at me uncertainly.

"What happens to be your defention of dead?" She looked at me in confusion. Then wild fright filled her eyes and she put her fingers to her neck. I think she was checking for a pulse. "No." I told her as I pulled her hand away from her neck. "You are not dead, though we all think you're crazy. That vampire would have eaten you, you know that right? Then I would have had to kill that stupid vampire because you are just too pretty to die. I mean that guy Edward must have been a idiot to leave you. Bastard. I think I will have toi kill him though. And possibly his family if he has an-" I noticed the looks all the guys were giving me and looked back at Bella. She was fighting laughter. The guys looked amused and were also fighting laughter. I turned back to Bella, who was regaining control of herself. "What is so funny?" I asked her. She looked at me and shook her head.

"Sorry. It was just you, against Emmett? He is built like a bear! Like a Kodiac. Which is also is favorite food. In the spring when they just woke up is the best, so I'm told. They're more irratable. Here I have a picture of the 'family'." I put air quotes around the word family and pulled my wallet out of my pocket. I always kept a picture of them in there. It was one we took the summer before the first time he left. We were all out at the meadow and gooing around when Carsile set up a camera and we all grouped around each other.

I was right in the middle, Edward on my right, Alice on my left, Jasper next to Alice, Carsile taking up the far left. Emmett was next to Edward, Rosalie next to Emmett, with Esme taking up the last spot on the left.

I looked so care-free in that picture. So happy. Well, then I was. Not now though, never will be after him. Stop. Not now. Those are the thoughts you think about at night. I scolded myself and handed the picture to Reid.

"Which ones Emmett?" I pointed to him and he shook his head. "Nope. You're on your own with him. Though I would love to have a go at the sandy haired one. The one with his arm draped over your shoulders and Emmett's. Who is he?" Tyler slapped him across the back of the head when he asked. Tyler must have seen the look on my face, despair mixed with anger, and connected it to the guy Reid was pointing at.

"Idiot. That's him. God, get some sense." Pouge told him and put an arm around my shoulders. I stiffened at his touch, no one had touched me, let alone hugged me, in...forever. He just squezzed my shoulders and pulled me close.

I was crying, sobs wracking my frame. I hadn't cried in front of anyone when he left the second time. I hadn't wanted to worry anyone again. I burried my head in the crook between his shoulder and neck. I had no idea why I was trusting him, a total stranger. He just gave off a certain...vibe. I knew I could trust him without actually knowing him. He rocked me back and forth, smoothing comforting circles on my back.

"Look what you did. God. I hate it when girls cry." I heard someone, I think it was Tyler, say to Reid.

"I didn't mean to! She showed me the picture. She's too emotional!" I stiffened at his words and looked up at the person who was cradling me. He was cute. Wide green eyes and a nice mouth.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled to Reid and started crying again. Pogue just shh'd me some more and glared at Reid.

"Idiot. Look what you did. Poor girl's been through enough. Just shut it!" I felt his chest rumble when he spoke and looked up at him. I just stared at him, neither of us looking away.

"Thank yo-" The rest of my words were cut off by him mouth. It was pressed against mine, gentle yet desperate. I sat there for a moment before kissing him back. His mouth was warm. His tongue flicked against my lips and I just shook my head, breaking the kiss.

His face was flushed and his lips were swollen from the kiss. A small smile spread across my face, as did his. We just sat there, again, just staring into each others eyes. A wolf whistle from behind me brought me back to reality. I had felt like I was faling into his eyes.

"Well...that was interesting. More than I wanted to see of Pogues tongue, but hey. Can we please just get out of this bathroom? The smell is starting to get to me." Caleb laughed softly and walked out of the bathroom. Tyler and Reid followed. I just looked at Pogue, he was just looking at me also.

"Bella?" He started, sounding uncertain.


" um...gooutwithme?" He rushed through the last part and had to concentrate to catch it all. I lookefd at him in surprise. He just asked me out. Wow. I looked him in the eyes for a moment until I knew my answer.

"I would love to go out with you Pogue." I told him and he leaned down and kissed me again. "You have to meet my father though." He just shrugged and leaned in for another kiss.

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