Author's note: hey everyone here's my new NCIS fic i hope it goes as well as the last one!! I may be a little slower updating on this fic as i'm not absolutely sure where its going!! enjoy!

Gibbs had just dropped off to sleep when banging coming somewhere from the downstairs awaked him. He got up slowly, grabbing his sig from his bedside table, checking the clock as he did, the numbers flashing 0200. He made his way down the stairs and realised that the noise was coming from the front door. Wondering who could be visiting that early in the morning he cautiously opened the door, gun at the ready. It was hard for Gibbs to see who it was, as the only light was natural and not very helpful.

"Dinozzo?" Gibbs questioned after he gave his eyes a few seconds to adjust.

There was no reply, and Gibbs thought that maybe he was wrong. The man was leaning against the wall and made no attempt to communicate. Knowing he shouldn't let a stranger into his house, Gibbs flipped the light switch just behind him, turning to see if the man was his senior field agent or not.

"What the hell happened Tony?" Gibbs asked as he caught sight of his agent.

He stepped out onto the porch and grabbed one of Tony's arms, draping it around his shoulder and leading him into the house. Gibbs shut the door and propped Tony up against the wall, taking his appearance in more carefully. Tony had a split lip; a cut above his eye and half of his face was bruised. He was wearing a shirt and trousers, visibly shaking from the October weather, and they were both ripped and stained with blood and dirt.

"Tony, who did this?" Gibbs questioned, turning Tony's face towards his.

Tony stared at Gibbs blankly as if he didn't recognise him, and Gibbs noticed that his eyes were a little glassy.

After a minute Tony finally grasped who he was with. "Boss?"

"Yeah Tony, do you know what's going on?"

"Where…. Where am I?"

"You're at mine Tony, don't you remember how you got here!"

Tony shook his head, causing him to wobble a little, and Gibbs felt it was best to move his agent to the living room. They walked slowly there and Gibbs sat Tony down on the couch, perching on the coffee table opposite.

"I need you to tell me what your full name is."


"What's your full name?"

"Anthony Marco Dinozzo."

"Ok, now what's the date, including the year?"

"It's…. Friday… 12th October…. 2000…. 2007."

"It's Sunday, but you were close enough!"

Tony didn't appear to be listening, as his eyes kept wondering, dropping every couple of minutes like he was ready for sleep.

"Tony, I need you to wait here, while I make a call. Ok!"

"Uhhmm," Tony replied, and Gibbs realised that was all he was going to get.

Gibbs got up and made his way to the phone, picking it up and dialling a familiar number.

"Hello," a sleepy voice replied after a couple of minutes.

"Hey Duck, it's Jethro, I need a favour," Gibbs asked, hoping his friend would be able to help.

"Ahh Jethro, I'm guessing you realise the time?"

"Yeah Duck, sorry."

"What is it?"

"It's Tony, he's turned up on my doorstep and he's a mess. I don't know what happened Duck and he can't tell me. I was hoping you'd come over and look at him."

"Of course Jethro, mother's at a friends so it's just me, I'll grab my bag and be there as soon as I can."

"Thanks Duck! See you soon."

Twenty minutes later the ME arrived and was shocked at the sight his friend was in.

"What happened?" Ducky asked, approaching Tony.

"He's not very coherent Duck, I thought he might have a head injury," Gibbs replied, letting Ducky look at his agent.

Ducky started examining Tony trying to decide how badly hurt the man was.

"Jethro, I think I may have found the reason for his lucidity," Ducky said, holding onto to Tony's right arm. "Needle marks!"

"Damn it!" Gibbs exclaimed.

"Quite. We need to get him to a hospital Jethro, I'm not sure what, if any internal damage there is, and we'll need to do blood test."

"Ok Duck, I'll get dressed, you look after him."

Gibbs left the room hurriedly, wanting to get ready quickly so he could find out what had happened to his senior field agent. Ducky remained with Tony, trying to get some answers out of him.

"Anthony, can you tell me what happened?" Ducky asked, holding Tony's wrist between his fingers so he could take his pulse.

"Ducky?" Tony replied after a minute, looking confused.

"Yes Anthony, do you know what's going on?"

"What's going on?" Tony repeated.

"You don't have a clue do you!"


"What does? I can help Anthony."


Dr Mallard sighed, realising that he wouldn't be getting much sense out of his young friend, not until they got him to the hospital.

"Is he ready to go Duck?" Gibbs asked as he came back into the room.

"Yes, but we'll have to help him," Ducky replied. "Have you got a blanket Jethro, it's freezing out there."

Gibbs nodded and left the room, returning with a thick blanket, which the two friends then proceeded to wrap around their team member.

"Come on Tony, lets get you to the hospital," Gibbs said gently, a voice he didn't often use.

Tony looked up at him, seemingly at a complete loss as to what was going on, but allowed his boss to pull him up and steer him towards the door.

"I'll follow you in my car Jethro, try not to drive too fast," Ducky said as the settled Tony in the passengers seat of Gibbs's car.

"Try and keep up Duck!" Gibbs replied with a smile.