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"Blah" -- Normal speech

'Did I leave the iron on?' -- Thought

My Little Ball of Sunshine

The full moon shone bright over Konoha. Everyone, no matter what their age or occupation was asleep, for tomorrow a huge mission was to be initiated. Many viewed this mission as the most important one of its time.

The mission: an invasion and retrieval. The place to be invaded: The Hidden Village of Sound. What was going to be retrieved…..a certain traitorous ebony-haired ninja, Sasuke Uchiha (Author: BastardWhackOW!! Who hit me?!Sasuke: Shut up or I'll kill you.Author: Try it and I'll tell everyone that you wet the bed until you were 10.Sasuke:…….I never did that!! Author: But I'm the master of this story and you abide by my rules.Sasuke: Damn it!)

However, there was a certain kunoichi who remained awake. She tossed and turned in her bed, her long blonde locks strung out messily around her, her sapphire blue eyes hidden behind half-drooped eyelids. Ino Yamanaka, 15 years old member of squad 10, which was lead by now deceased jounin, Asuma Sarutobi. There was a reason Ino couldn't sleep, she was worried about the mission the following day.

Recently, Ino started to harbor feelings for another blonde-haired ninja, and she couldn't help but have this sense of dread looming over her. Because this certain shinobi was at the heart of the operation along with his team. She had a fairly close relationship with him, but as only friends. She had yet to reveal her true feelings for him and him, being …..well, Naruto Uzumaki, was oblivious to her "hints". Her closest friends, Chouji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara, had told her that Naruto would be fine, heck even Naruto himself said he'd make it back alright.

Naruto was crucial to the plan, for he would be on the team to break into the Sound Fortress while the other Konoha ninja fought the Sound army. Naruto, Kakashi, and Sakura would break in teamed up with the fifth hokage, Tsunade and the perverted Toad Sage, Jiraiya (Jiraiya: Why does everyone call me that?!Tsunade and author sweatdropTsunade: Maybe because you are.Jiraiya: You're so cruel, Tsunade-himefake cries) The two sannin would confront their former teammate, and the third sannin, Orochimaru.

Ino and her team would infiltrate the outposts of the fortress, taking out the lookouts, allowing the Konoha forces to begin their attack without much detection. Then once the attack began, she and her team would fall back and support the other offensive teams. So, she wouldn't see Naruto at all after the invasion begun.

It was maddening, lying there with a feeling of impending doom around her. In her mind she was debating whether she should tell Naruto her true feelings for him.

"I have to tell him," she said as she sat up," but….what about forehead? Would he acknowledge my feelings or will he reject them?" The thought of Naruto rejecting her feelings crushed her, as a silent tear slid down her cheek. "After all, he did make that promise so Sakura could be happy," she muttered, saying her rival's name with slight disgust.

After a few more minutes of debate with herself, she found her resolve and stood up. "I will tell him, now." Grabbing a jacket, she silently left the house. She reached Naruto's apartment with no problem, and now there she stood right outside his door.

Her heart was beating hard against her chest, her nerves getting the better of her. Slow, she raised a quivering hand up and knocked. She bit lightly on her lip to block out some of her nervousness. Footsteps could be heard on the other side of the door. Soon, it slowly creaked open.

"Ino?" came a groggy voice.

To say Naruto was surprised was an understatement. No one hardly ever visited him, especially at night. But there he was answering the knock at his door in the middle of the night to find…Ino standing there looking nervous, or maybe it was the moon's lighting. He stood there, tall at 5'11" nearly 6 inches above her, in only a pair of black sleep pants. His lean muscular chest and long powerful arms in full view for the blonde girl to see. It took everything she had not to blush looking at him.

"Ino?" he asked again, "what are you doing here?"

"I…I…May I come in?"

"Oh, sure" he opened the door wider and moved to the side allowing her to enter his apartment. Walking inside, she heard him close the door behind her, and she turned to face him. Naruto also had turned to look at her.

"Ino, is something wrong?"

Ino looked into his cerulean pools, and found them full of concern, concern for her. "Kind of….uh…Naruto?" she managed to get out in a shaky voice.

"Yes?" the whiskered-faced boy replied taking note of her nervousness.

"Do you…" she paused,"…do you still love Sakura?" She turned her head slight away as she quietly spoke those words.

"Is that what you wanted to ask me?"


Silence was all that could be heard for the next few minutes until Naruto spoke up. "Well I love her still but only as a sister, I've decided to stop going after her. Besides she'll spend all her time with Sasuke after tomorrow."

Ino let out a quiet, but not silent, sigh of relief. Naruto noticed this but chose to ignore it, and looked at Ino. She saw him gazing somewhat intently at her. She felt her cheeks flush, and became aware that she felt a little hot. Taking off her jacket she let the cool air caress her skin.

Naruto turned his head away for a moment as to hide the slight coloring that now rose to his face. Ino had on a pair of navy sleep pants and a lavender cami, whose neckline was low enough to give the blonde boy a decent view of her cleavage. Seeing him look away, she looked down and saw the reason he had turned his head. She smiled slightly that he would be embarrassed about seeing part of her breasts, since she had long thought they were small compared to some of the other kunoichi.

"So, uh…Ino, is there anything else you need to ask me?"

She looked at him while he turned to look at her. Their eyes met and both blondes felt an unknown heat in the atmosphere around them. The feeling disappeared when Ino spoke again.

"Yes, Naruto, are you worried about the mission tomorrow?"

"Not really, I'm going defeat the Sound Village, and bring Sasuke back, even if I have to brake his arms and legs! Believe it!"

Ino watched the boy raise his arm and clench his fist in the air as he made his confident statement. She chuckled lightly at his antics, but soon returned to her more solemn mood.

"I'm worried about tomorrow" she said looking down to her feet.

"Why? Tsunade-baa-chan and ero-sennin planned this out to the last detail. And plus if you get into any trouble, Shikamaru and Chouji will be there to help you."

"I'm afraid that someone close to me will die….again" she said, remembering Asuma, causing her to raise her arms and embrace herself.

Remaining silent, Naruto didn't know what to say, he had never had some one close to him die. Sure Sasuke betrayed him, but he was going to bring the Uchiha back. He wanted to be optimistic, for Ino's sake, but he knew that undoubtedly there would be causalities.

"I know that in these kinds of missions people die, but….I don't want to lose anyone. Chouji, Shikamaru, Forehead,…." She looked directly at him and added,"…you…"

"Ino, I told you, I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."

"How can I not worry?!" she practically screamed, tears beginning to fall from her eyes.

Naruto looked shocked at this sudden outburst, seeing as the girl was far from her usual mellow self.

"Ino, what's wrong?" he asked, moving closer to the teary-eyed girl.

"Naruto I….I…I love you!"

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