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Chapter 5: Here Comes Trouble

Faint rays of sunlight slowly began to creep through closed blinds and into a certain plasma wielding female's bedroom. The rays that managed to penetrate through landed lazily on the black comforter of her bed; more specifically, the rays landed upon the dishelved state of the pale fighter's bed.

Her pillows were scattered about the bed, some even taking up residence on the floor. More than half of her comforter was hanging off of her large bed. Since her comforter was all but off the bed, it made it easier to see how the sheet had come off the bed in one corner—exposing the jade colored mattress that was hidden underneath.

Once upon a time, this state of her bed wouldn't have been so surprising. After all, being the healthy in shape woman that Shego is, it wasn't uncommon for her to have certain dreams that brought about the same state of her bed if not worse. However, the reason for her bed being in such a state now had nothing to do with the former…and she doubted it ever would again.

Suddenly, an annoying beeping sound filled the silence air, causing the figure beneath the sheets to stir. A loud groan escaped the ebony haired thief's lips from being taken away from her sleep; then, without warning, a pale arm shot out and landed roughly atop the alarm clock on her night stand successfully halting the irritating noise…at least for the next five minutes.

Without bothering to pull her arm back into the warmth provided by her sheets, not that her arm was cold in the slightest…she did have an abnormally high body temperature thanks to her powers and nothing short of another Ice Age would be able to affect her, she left it resting on her clock. Shego released a deep and heavy sigh as she looked at the time on the clock and thought about how much time had passed—and she wasn't referring to the mere four hours of sleep she had gotten the previous night either.

Two months. That's how long it has been since Team Possible's death…her Princess's death the forefront among them. So much had happened within that time.

For the emerald eyed martial artist, it was night after night after night of restless sleep. No matter what she did or what she tried the raven haired criminal just wasn't able to sleep through the night anymore. Or, if she did manage to sleep it was only a dreamless twenty minutes worth. The only upside that she was able to come up with was that Drakken was still kinda down and out himself and had placed all his employees on paid vacation. Concerning the world however, it was beginning to come about slowly but surely.

It had taken some time, perhaps two weeks after the funeral of Team Possible was held, for the villains within the villain community to get back on the wagon…but they had—with the exception of a few of course. With the world still mourning and in shock over their beloved redheaded teen hero the villains were able to easily take advantage; and, when they did go up against local authorities they brushed through them with ease…there was no Kim Possible to stop them now.

Still, before the villain community could get used to prolonged success Global Justice stepped in and intervened; their actions reminding evildoers that they were only lenient with them because of Team Possible's funeral. Within no time, villains plans were back to being thwarted and they were being thrown in jail…though many of them didn't stay behind bars long seeing as how they escaped from GJ prison facilities within a few weeks.

Out of all the GJ agents sent out to fight against crime, and agent by the name of Will Du seemed to be the most prominent. Each mission he was handed was completed 100% by the book—section, article, paragraph, and sentence! He took on all cases, from going up again Dementor all the way to rescuing kittens from trees!

At first, when Will began saving people around the globe they didn't know how to treat him; they were torn between years of loyalty to Kim Possible or this new savior of theres'. One would have thought that it would have taken a couple of months to embrace Will when compared to the years of service and feats Kim went through and performed when saving the world AND managing the hellhole known as high school…but that was not the case.

Shego released a vicious growl, and though it was into her pillow, it echoed quite clearly within her bedroom. She reacted in such a way because she remembered how quickly and easily the world accepted Will—not so much so as him as a person, the guy didn't have the most win over personality, but more so as a person to latch on to for safety whenever there was danger.

Within two months the entire world was referring to the mocha skinned man as "The New Kim Possible". The first time Shego had heard somebody say that, she had literally beaten them within less than an inch of their life; how dare anyone think that anybody could replace her Kimmie! Hell, even such a thought was blasphemous!

The former hero was drawn from her heated thought by the sound of her alarm going off again. Instead of hitting the snooze button she decided to just turn it off. Once that was done she basically crawled outta bed, took the time to remake it—making sure to place Pandaroo up against the pillows—and then head to the bathroom for her morning shower.

While waiting for the water to heat up, Shego had gone about brushing her teeth. After that was done, she looked at herself in the mirror…getting lost in thought for a few moments before coming out of it.

"You know you should go see her," her reflection spoke to her…though it was really just a manifestation of her conscious speaking with her.

"I know I should…" she muttered to herself, eyes focused on her reflection.

Shego's reflection released a deep sigh, scratching the back of her thick mane while doing so. "It's been two months for crying out loud," her conscious argued in a tired voice, proving that they had had this talk before.

"But…if I do go…it'll mean that I've accepted it…that she really is…" she trailed off, not wanting to finish that sentence. She also tried to keep her voice from breaking.

"She is…they all are," her conscious pointed out the obvious. "You're not doing yourself any favors by not going, nor is your refusal to go and see her going to by some miracle bring her back…the Greek and Norris gods don't exist here."

"I-it's just so hard," the master thief admitted, as tears began to build up within her jade eyes—though she tried to keep them from falling.

She was met from a nod from her conscious. "Because your feelings for her…but you aren't the only one who's hurt, you're just cut deeper due to your feelings. But look at yourself, I've seen antique clocks held together better than you! You need to pull yourself together! What would she think if she saw you like this?" Her conscious all but demanded to know, voice hardening a bit at the end...having reached the end of "its" rope with herself.

A few moments of silence passed before a slight chuckle escaped from Shego's throat. "She'd probably wanna know if I'd been turned into Miss Go again," she joked. When she turned her eyes back to look at "herself" in the mirror all traces of tears and the breakdown she was about to have were gone. "But, I don't think she'd like seeing me this way at all…I'm 'tough as nails' Shego after all."

Her conscious smirked at her. "That's better…crumbling at the touch of a feather just doesn't suit you," her conscious remarked. "…So, you'll go see her?" it inquired just to be sure.

The reflection was met with a firm nod. "Yes, I'll go see her…by the end of the week," she informed her infuriating conscious…honestly, she was shocked she still had one.

"You'd better or you'll be hearing more of me than you like."

"That limit was reached when you opened your mouth."

"Smartass…I like it," came her conscious reply before it disappeared, leaving her "real" reflection in the mirror.

As the plasma powered martial artist began stripping out of her clothes, she had to admit to herself that that talk had felt good; she felt better than she had in a long time, aka: two months. Stepping into the hot shower and allowing the water to wash over her, she pondered over how she would properly say goodbye to Kimmie…no, Kimberly Ann Possible.

(GJ Headquarters)---------

Special Agent Will Du marched down the corridors of the base with a deep scowl on his face. He was both angered and embarrassed by the events that happened not even a good two hours ago. Adding insult to injury he was summoned to Dr. Director's office the moment he regained consciousness!

He arrived before the doors of the one eyed woman in record time. Taking a moment to dust off his uniform, and fix it up as best he could, he attempted to make himself look somewhat presentable before rapping on the large, thick metal doors, using his knuckles. The world saver got a response in less than 30 seconds.

"Enter," came the strong, yet feminine, voice of Betty Director.

With one final deep breath Will entered into the spacious office, the automatic doors immediately closing behind him. He approached her desk and stood before like the "good little soldier" he was; with arms behind his back, feet together, eyes trained on his superior, eyes still locked with his superior…not in a challenging manner, but to simply show respect, and business face on. Quite frankly, he looked like the biggest pompous ass one would ever meet.

The brunette surveyed her second-in-command taking in everything from his posture to how worse for wear he looked. His uniform was torn in various places and some areas even sported dirt and blood. The left side of his jaw was swollen and slightly discolored and a cut was in the corner of his lower lip.

She closed her eye and rested her chin on her interlaced hands, which were supported by her elbows being propped up on her desk. For the next five minutes the room was engulfed in thick silence and slight tension.

Finally, she opened her eye and spoke. "What happened Agent Du?" she demanded to know in a calm tone. When one had as much power, not to mention respect, as she had…raising your voice was not necessary.

"We were attacked," the younger male answered without hesitation, in his usual tone.

"And Motor Ed?" Dr. Director inquired even though she already knew the answer…she had read the report after all.

"He was taken," the black eyed male responded.

Betty nodded and sat back in her chair, her fingers still interlaced with one another. A brief moment of silence passed before words exited her mouth. "Recount to me everything that happened Agent Du and leave nothing out," she ordered in such a commanding tone, a tone that she had developed over the years.

The shorter man hesitated for a fraction of a second, which Betty noticed, before nodding. Inhaling deeply, he began to recount the events that happened that lead him to being unconscious in the medical bay as well as the loss of his team and Motor Ed.


"Whoo! You'll, like, never catch me dudes. Seriously," Motor Ed hollered from his freshly stolen vehicle as he sped down the road with Global Justice agents in hot pursuit.

My team and I were chasing after Ed, trying to subdue him with the least amount of force as to not damage the stolen vehicle. He was not making things easy…plus, by the time my team and I had gotten there he had had time to modify the car.

Just as GJ cars had gotten up on Ed's bumper, he smirked and pressed a button near the steering wheel. It immediately triggered the nitrous and put a good amount of distance between him and the pursuing agents. "Told ya, ya couldn't catch me dudes. Only Red had a chance of doing that and she's like, long gone to that giant rockin out car lot in the sky, like seriously," he commented with a laugh, removing his hands from the wheel to play the air guitar for a few moments.

Seeing that Ed was about to escape, one of the junior agents in my team decided to act. Using his laser gun, he aimed it at the back tired of Ed's liberated vehicle and the blonde haired man prepared to enter a turn. It made contact at just the right moment, blowing the tire and also causing the car to spin out of control.

"Ahhh! Like, so not gnarly dudes! Don't you like know, to like, never come between a man and his ride? Like seriously!" Ed cried as he tried his best to regain control of the car, but it was of no use considering the speed the car was going. "Like, wipeout dudes! Bail! Bail!" he yelled as he dived out of the car as it spun into a metal light pole.

While it is unfortunate we couldn't save the car from being damaged, we were able to catch up to Ed…seeing as how it took him a while to get up and when he did, we were already upon him. He offered up some resistance but in the end we managed to subdue him and knocked him out. As we were waiting for the security truck to show to place Ed in that's…that's when things took a turn for the worse.

Suddenly, a masked figure seemingly appeared out of nowhere and stood before the 5 GJ operatives. The person was dressed in a dark blue jumpsuit, almost similar like the ones worn in prison except it wasn't orange. They also had on dark, fingerless gloves, and dark heavy boots. They weren't really tall, perhaps medium height at best. Whoever this person was truly looked like a slasher…all they needed was a chainsaw to make the look complete.

"You know, if you hand Ed over now, I'll make your defeat a quick one," the masked figure offered, voice light sounding as if they hadn't hit puberty yet.

Though this person was wearing a mask, I could immediately tell that this was someone new. There voice was unlike any of the criminals identifying voices I've heard…they sounded young. The person wasn't very tall either, perhaps a few inches beneath me…whether they were male or female I don't know because their clothes were loose just enough to keep their gender hidden.

Will frowned and stood forward. "You, whoever you are, are in violation of code 859-3 which states that any threats made to a Global Justice agent or employee is immediate grounds for arrest and up to 3 years in prison and a $1 million dollar fine," the brown skinned man stated as he quoted from the book word for word and line by fucking line.

"Oh really? …I wonder what kind of trouble I'll get into for kicking you and your fellow operatives asses? …Who knows, I might even kill one or two of you," the masked figure mused.

Before Will could give the order to attack, he suddenly felt a sharp pain course through his body; it was so much so that he instantly fell to the ground. All he could do was listen to the sound of battle around him before darkness took over and he slipped into unconsciousness.

(End recount)------

"That's the last thing I remember," Will informed his superior. "When I awoke again I was in GJ's medical bay and had learned that two of my team members had been killed, one is still in critical condition, and the other had lost their left arm and will never walk again. Not to mention the fact that Motor Ed was taken from our very hands," he all but spit out in anger though he was trying his best to keep himself composed.

It was downright disgraceful! A seasoned agent like himself, and top operatives of their division teammates, bested by a single person! They also thoroughly had their asses kicked and handed to them! Such a crippling blow to his male pride…and then to be called before his superior like a wet behind the ears rookie!

"I see," the coffee skinned woman commented. "And you're positive that person is someone who you've never encountered before?" she asked.

"Yes ma'am! I'm sure of it," he answered, his jaw tight as he responded. Oh, if he ever got his hands on this person he would make them pay dearly—tossing all protocol aside in the process.

The second-in-command was taken from his thoughts about revenge, though he thought of it as regaining honor, as Dr. Director arose from her seat. She placed her palms flat on her desk, her arms spread apart slightly, as she leaned forward a bit; she looked quite formidable…or it could have been the dim lighting helping make her look that way.

Taking one hand, she pressed a button on her communication system and began to speak. "Attention all Global Justice agents," she said, as her voice echoed throughout the entire speaker system of the headquarters…with the exception of her office of course. "As of this moment, we are on high alert, code: INDIGO. I repeat code: INDIGO. We have a new criminal out there that is HIGHLY dangerous, as I'm sure you're all aware of what happened to agent Du and his team, and must be captured and brought in at all cost. I want all high ranking officers of EVERY division to meet me in the meeting room in 10 minutes. That is all," and with that she released the button.

She held her head down for a few moments but quickly raised it back up when she heard Will walking towards the door. It didn't take a genius to figure out where he was going and what he was planning on doing. Still, she had to inquire.

"And just where to you think you're going Agent Du?" she asked, though she was really ordering him to answer her.

He paused mid-step, before turning to look at her. "To the meeting room," he answered. "You did call for all high ranking officials."

Dr. Director walked from behind her desk and up towards her subordinate. "Indeed I did…but, this does not include you," she informed him. Before he could open his mouth, either to protest or as to question what she meant, she held up a hand stopping him before it even got that far. Then she continued. "As of this moment, you are on leave for the next four days," she stated firmly yet calmly.

"But ma'am…" Will attempted to challenge her, for the first time in his career.

"No 'buts' Will," the brown haired founder responded, forgoing using protocol and calling him 'Agent Du'. "You've been through a lot today within just a few short hours. You need time to gather yourself. Not to mention that your mind is clouded by revenge, despite you protesting otherwise, and you'll be of no use to anyone if you can't push that aside and think clearly. Your will be taking the next four days off whether you want to or not…that's an order," she finished in a hardened tone, looking him in his eyes daring him to challenge her authority.

The onyx eyed male, clenched his jaw and for a brief moment it looked as if he was about to challenge her. Instead, he thought the better of it, especially knowing that she was right, although he hated to admit it. He straightened himself before the elder woman and saluted her. "Yes ma'am," he answered before turning and walking away again.

"Oh, and Will," she called out to him. He was about to exit her office when she caught him in mid-stride once again. "If I catch you defying my orders and find you anywhere near INDIGO before your four days are up, I'll have you thrown into a cell for a week…Dismissed."

He nodded sharply before continuing on out the office, with the metal doors sliding closed behind him. The patch wearing woman watched him go. Suddenly, a smirk appeared on her face.

"Everything is coming along nicely," Betty murmured to herself as she too exited her office and headed off towards the meeting room in order to form a "strategy" on taking down this new threat.


A painful groan escaped the lips of Motor Ed, signaling that he was returning to the land of consciousness; his body was sprawled out in the middle of what appeared to be a solitary confinement cell.

"Aw man, what hit me? Seriously." He inquired aloud as he placed a hand to the back of his head, burying it in his blonde, thick mullet. Rolling over off his stomach, he moved to sit on his butt still occupying the floor. Glancing around it was clear that he was indeed in a jail cell.

"Hey, Global Justice dudes! How's about some grub for your prisoner?" the tanned skinned criminal called out to the guards on the other side; it wasn't like this was his first time in a GJ prison facility after all. "This is like, so, not good hospitality dudes," he added.

When he heard no movement to get his desired "meal", or at the very least, hearing the guards standing watch speak into the earpieces he decided to go and check what was up. This simply meant that he was going to stand at his door and talk enough to annoy the guards in order to get them moving. So, with his plan in mind, he removed himself from the cold concrete floor and proceeded to the door.

Once he got to it, he suddenly realized just how silent it was—which wouldn't have been a surprise since it was a solitary confinement cell. However, something felt very off and different about this situation; maybe it had something to do with how dark the corridor was, or maybe how there was a lack of sound anywhere, or maybe even how he didn't see or heard and guards at their posts.

Trying to get a better look at the corridor, through the small barred window on the cell door, he reached forward and grasped them. The moment he did, a sharp current of electricity coursed through him and sent him flying back into the opposite wall; his body was smoking as he landed roughly against it, coughing up a bit of blood, before sliding down to the floor.

"Do be careful, would you. Do need you dying before you've even been put to work," a voice spoke from an intercom overhead.

It took some time for the mullet wearing male to respond, and when he did, his panting. "GJ…what gives? …Like seriously…this violates some…Constitutional rights…" he all but wheezed out.

Whoever was on the other end, released an amused chuckle. "My stuck in the 80s loser…do you always assume that every time you wake up in a cell that you are in a Global Justice facility?" they inquired, daring to sound almost genuinely curious.

Their answer caused Ed's heartbeat to speed up just a bit; something definitely wasn't right here. Still, he tried to keep himself from panicking while trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his gut. "If not GJ, you must be like, the FBI? CIA? Or some other three letter government agency that supposed to be top secret and mysterious," he remarked, hoping that with each passing second that whoever was holding him prisoner was one of the previously mentioned agencies.

"Global Justice is of higher ranking than all previously mentioned government agencies. So, if you aren't in a GJ facility, what makes you think you're in the cell of a lower ranking agency?" came the persons counter and just from the way they were talking, Ed could tell that they were smirking; he figured he learned to tell such a thing by interacting with 'Green Babe' over the phone whenever he called his cousin.

Before the blonde could further inquire about anything the speaker over the intercom began to speak again. "The reasons you are here Ed are numerous, but the main to two being you are competition to myself and all that I have worked for and that you can be put to use while you are here," the unknown person stated matter of factly.

Now Ed smirked; thinking that he was about to throw a wrench in this person's gears. "So, but like Ed only works for himself dude," he countered.

"Motor Ed I assure you, that you will be working for me…you just don't know it yet but, I believe by the end of the week you'll be quite clear with that fact," came their response without missing a beat. "And just to show you what I mean I'll have a few of my people pay you a visit. Say…right now."

No sooner had the words left their mouth did his cell door open up. Standing in the doorway were two averaged sized men but the air surrounding them was anything but average. They moved quickly, fast than the criminal could even blink. The next thing the lawbreaker knew was immense pain occurring all over his body.

He had no idea how long the beating lasted but by the time he was allowed to be dropped to the ground, seeing as how his level of vision had changed, his entire body was numb. He was bloodied and bruised—he was even pretty sure that a couple of bones had been broken in the process as well.

"Like I said Motor Ed, you will be working for me…in fact, I guarantee by the end of the week you'll be begging to work on something," the voice rang out within the cell. "But don't fret, I promise you won't be the only one in my employ for long…you'll be working alongside many people that you know. Perhaps I should bring in someone that your close and familiar with…say your cousin Drew?"

The dark eyed mechanic didn't respond. Instead, he simply squeezed his eyes shut as tight as he could possibly get them. While he may be a clueless oaf at times and pretty dense, now was not that time. He realized instantly that whoever these people were were not the usual "take over the world villains"—these people were vicious and weren't above doing whatever necessary to get what they wanted…his battered form was proof of that.

As he laid there, preparing for another trip back into unconsciousness, he wished for the first time that someone was there to save him; he wished that at this very moment the wall would explode and standing in that massive hole was his salvation. For the very first time in his evil career he wished, pleaded, and silently begged for 'Red'…for Kim Possible—but it made no difference, she was long dead.

(New Day)------

Billions of stars illuminated the night sky, reminding one of a field filled with fireflies. Amongst the stars burned the brightest one of all—the moon. It was full, looking a little larger than usual, and bathed everything in its light borrowed from the sun. All in all, this was a perfect night to have for the last few days of summer.

However, for some…this was anything but a "perfect night". Shego stood, looking out her living room window and into the night; her jade eyes mystified by the full moon. Eventually, she blinked, finally breaking contact with the enormous rock, and turned away.

She released a heavy sigh. Tonight's the night, she thought to herself as she grabbed her eyes and bike helmet off table.

The former hero placed the helmet over her ink flowing hair, though half of it did hang out. She zipped up her leather jacket and did a quick pat-down of herself making sure that she wasn't missing or forgetting anything. Once that was taken care of, the pale female exited her home, the door automatically locking behind her, and hopped onto her sports bike.

In no time, the engine had come to life and she was flying down the street and break neck speed; she didn't have to worry about too much traffic, to avoid or otherwise, because it was so late. This was one of those rare times that the entire world was quite from the roar and clank of modern technology and allowed those who were still awake to take in the quiet and peaceful sounds of nature until it too fell asleep and one was left with a serene quiet.

The master thief arrived at her destination in half an hour—she could have been there earlier than that but she had taken another route because she needed to steel herself first. Though, no matter how prepared she felt, this was something that the badass Shego didn't want to face; the last time she had faced something like this was when her own mother died and she swore then that she would never do such a thing again.

Slowly, she dismounted her bike. She lifted up the seat and pulled out a bouquet of flowers—they were still neat and in order despite her speedy and long drive. After she removed them from the compartment, she closed the seat back down before removing her helmet and allowing her ebony hair to flow freely once again. Sitting her helmet atop her bike seat she secured the flowers in arm, cradling them gently.

Her eyes shifted to the entrance, her eyes reading the name: Middleton Local Cemetery. Truthfully, she wasn't all surprised that Team Possible, Kim especially, resided here—the girl was a worldwide local hero after all—she was down to earth person. Taking a calming breath the martial artist exhaled slowly before walking through.


Shego stood before her former adversary's grave; even at night it wasn't difficult to locate where the redhead was buried…more than a large section had been given to Team Possible so that people could place whatever at their graves. For the longest time, the pale female simply stood there, unblinking, staring at the young adult's resting place.

Eventually, she said the first thing that came to her mind. "Hey there Princess," she greeted to deceased heroine. "I told myself that I would address you by your real name but…hehe…old habits are hard to break you know?" she added with a slight laugh trying to lighten the mood.

"Sorry, I didn't make a personal appearance at you guys funeral a couple months back…I had my reputation to think about after all," the older woman commented. "But, I did watch it from a distance and, I know this isn't a word used to describe funerals, but it was beautiful. People from all over the world came to pay homage to you…and your weirdo buddies too. Hell, even Drakken showed up! Never figured you to be this popular of a person!"

As the words just came to mind and she said them, Shego began shifting at bit, as if she was a teenage boy taking a girl to prom and having to be questioned by her father while she waited. "Ya know Kimmie, its' weird not having you here anymore," the plasma powered villain admitted. "I mean sure, Global Justice has stepped up to take your place…sending that 'in the closet homo' Will to take over your job, but he's not you."

"I mean let's face it, no one, with the exception of myself if I was still in the hero business, could do what you do. Everything you did was done out of selflessness for others. You did this for so many years without ever asking for anything in return…and you never placed yourself higher than others or acted above what you were. Guess you can say that's kinda how you earned my respect…while eventually became something more," the ex-heroine stated with strong conviction in her voice before it lightened and became considerably towards the end.

The super powered villainess talked to Kim's tombstone for hours; though, instead of seeing elegant cool grey with words carved into it, she saw the crimson haired woman standing before her…smiling. And, when Shego sat down, tired of standing for so long, the spirit did so also. It wasn't really a confessional, but simply a friendly talk with one of the few people who had ever understood Shego—as a person and criminal.

By the time the ink haired fighter was wrapping up, the sun was begging to chase away the darkness by slowly making its way up over the horizon. "Well, Pumpkin, it looks like it's about time for me to go," she informed the spirit in a much lighter tone than when she original began; she felt…at peace with the situation now.

The spirit rose from the ground just as Shego did. Silence engulfed the two because she wasn't speaking; the spirit was only there to listen and take it all in. It was something the ivory skinned female really needed.

Shego stepped forward and kneeled before the spirit, and with a gentleness few knew she possessed placed the flowers she had brought before the spirits feet. "I brought this so I could give you a proper goodbye. A few times I thought about bringing your Pandaroo, remembering how you can't sleep without it, but you know selfish me…I wanted to keep something of your to remember you buy," she informed the spirit.

"Well…I guess this is it," she began, standing at her proper height. "It's been a real treat knowing you Princess. I'm not really that religious of a person but I know you're in a good place and one day you and I will meet each other again. Until then…goodbye Kimmie," she bid her farewells, watching as the spirit became the cool grey tombstone once more.

She turned to leave the cemetery, feeling better than she had since she first learned of Kim's death. Once she was gone, there were no traces that anyone had just been there. However, the fresh flowers that lay before a certain teen hero's grave said differently.

It wasn't just the fact that a bouquet of flowers were lying there. It was their color pattern: unique emerald and onyx colored flowers, wrapped in black paper with a jade ribbon wrapped around them. The only proof that the grave had received a visitor…the only proof that Shego had been there to properly pay her respects—flowers that spoke her name without saying.

(GJ Headquarters)--------

Agent Will Du entered into the base with eager strides; he was so happy, though his face didn't show it, to be off a forced "vacation" that he was ecstatic. He had risen bright and early, eagerly awaiting the time that he had to be at work—Dr. Director had made clear that she didn't want to see him before 10am.

He was now strolling into the outer layers of the base three minutes after he was officially supposed to be at work. The young adult was eager to be out in the field and chasing after whoever the person was that attacked him and his team, but at the moment he'd settle for even something as simple as paperwork! So caught up was he in his thoughts, that he didn't notice the action, or lack of thereof, around him.

It was only as he got closer to the center of the base—where they had numerous agents in training, people working on computers, teams being sent out, and etc—did he notice how quite it was. This was something extremely unusual simply because Global Justice was never quiet…ever; and, hearing nothing but the swishing of doors closing behind him unnerved the second- in-command slightly.

Still, the hazel skinned man shook it off. If something was wrong the entire place would be chaotic, agents everywhere ready in battle positions, and alarms would be blazing; they had a plan for just about everything…even if many of the events seemed unlikely.

However, his beliefs were shattered when he opened the main door and a laser shot right by his head, barely missing making contact. The high ranking agent stood in the door frame in complete and utter shock; the center of the base was busy, yes, however it was busy with battle…not its usual work.

All about him movement was going on. His fellow agents fighting against unknown attackers. Papers were scattered everywhere, chairs and tables turned over, machinery broken…and bodies, both GJ and others, lay scattered throughout the place with the heavy smell of sweat and blood filling his nostrils. This battle had been going on for quite a while by the looks of things.

The sound of someone screaming painfully was enough to shake him from his initial surprise and have him take action; he was going to help anyone that he could while searching for their leader in the process. Carefully Will maneuvered his way through the carnage, encountering a few assailants as he assisted his comrades.

Before he could even make it too deep into the room however, he was hit seemingly out of nowhere and landed with a loud BANG against a destroyed console. Shaking his head to dispel dizziness he quickly got to his feet and into a defensive stance, now fully prepared for an attack.

"Well, didn't think I'd be seeing you again so soon," a familiar and unwanted voice spoke up. It caused will to scowl so deeply it was a wonder his face wasn't cut in half by the expression.

"You," Will's voice boomed, showing his seething anger; this was the person responsible for attacking his team and capturing Motor Ed.

"Glad to know you remembered me. I'm touched," the person said, mockingly.

Just as Will was about to go on the offensive, Dr. Director landed slightly behind him. Looking out the corner of his eye, he was able to take in her battered form; she wasn't worse for wear like most of the other agents but it was a far cry of her usual neat and tidy appearance. Agent Du smirked knowing that his commander was at his side.

"It looks like you are outmatched," the tan skinned male commented referring himself and Dr. Director against one of their many attackers.

A chuckle escaped the attacker. "Well, I don't know about that," came their reply.

Suddenly, the dark haired man was caught off guard by a painful blow to the back, dropping him with ease. He looked up and saw no one over him except his superior; her dark brown eye was looking down at him and her face wore a smirk.

"D-Dr. Director?" the fallen male questioned confusion evident in his voice and showing on his face. "I-I don't understand," Will began in a pained voice as he slowly climbed to his feet. The leader of GJ allowed it and even back up a little to put some space between them. "What's going on? Why are you doing this?" he all but demanded to know.

"What's going on is that GJ is undergoing some major changes…in both direction and its employees," the slightly taller woman answered him. "I did give everyone here a chance to join us, but they refused so…they need to be taken care of."

"So, you're going to kill me? Is that it?" the younger of the two accused. He made sure to be weary of other person as well as Dr. Director herself. She had betrayed everyone! Everything that Global Justice stood for!

"That depends on you," came her smooth reply. "You can side with us and help us be one step closer to our goals." She offered him.

Despite all the commotion going on around the trio, in that instance it felt like only Will and Betty existed; they heard nothing besides the others breathing. They simply stood there, staring at one another.

"No," he responded in a strong voice. "Under article six, section one hundred fifteen, paragraph eleven, sentence four…if the head of Global Justice fails in their duty to protect and uphold Global Justice's creed then the second-in-command shall set up and become the new head of Global Justice."

An amused sigh escaped her lips. "Always one to follow every situation by the book," she remarked. "I must admit, I'm glad because I've been wanting to kick your uppity ass for years." Betty added with a small half smile.

"I am a Global Justice agent. It my duty to stop and neutralize any threat that arises…even if that threat is you Betty," Will stated as he got down into his fighting stance.

"Using first names? …How informal of you William," she taunted her subordinate. "Kya, take care of the others…this one's mine," the mature female ordered, her eyes never leaving her second-in-command as she spoke to the other female.

"Right," came her answer before she was running back off into the war zone.

The two GJ dressed fighters began to slowly circle one another; each sizing the other one up. While Betty pretty much knew what to expect from Will, he had no idea what to expect from the one eyed female; this left him at a slight disadvantage. But no matter.

He would fight her and be victorious. Then he would battle and defeat the person called Kya; once the two leaders had fallen, it would be easier to round up the lackies. Will was not about to let what Global Justice stood for be tainted by anyone…even the person he formally admired. The younger of the two made the first move…he was going to save what he and the world believed in.


Having Betty as a traitor from the start, and not to mention the bead of GJ, allowed her to sneak her people in easily without them being noticed. Only when she posed the question to side with herself or remain loyal to the old GJ did they spring up; the agents never saw what hit them.

Not only was the main base attacked but all the numerous safe houses located all over the world; they were all attacked at the same time. This kept one from going to the others aid. Despite Wills' and his fellow agents' best attempts at taking out their former leader they were overrun and overpowered. Global Justice was no more…it had fallen.


Next Time: This next chapter is where things begin pick up. Shego decides to do some thieving...what she didn't count on was to have some competition.