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Brother's Can't Be Trusted
Chapter One
Just Another Trophy

Serene and composed as he may have looked, he was nothing like that at all. After all he had been laying in bed, attempting sleep for what must have been three hours. And man was he tired, Kami knows how much he wanted to sleep. But such a simple request, was to remain ignored as long as he stayed under this roof.

Sasuke turned over on his side, his eyes pulled shut tighter to together as he wrapped his pillow firmly around his head. Even the thick stuffing was unable to muffle the constant noise that irritated the boy to no end. He growled detestably, wanting to suffocate the very next moving thing he saw, and if that so happened to be the very cause of the noise; then that would solve the problem of his sleepless nights.

"Itachi...," Sasuke hissed through his grinding teeth. He didn't care too much for the fact that he would have serious dental problems, since had been doing this more often. As long as he could kill his brother, he would suffer any other torture.
His bedroom walls rattled and shook, usually resulting in dust and pieces of his ceiling falling down. If it were possible, Sasuke would have gouged out his ear drums with a spoon just to keep from hearing the constant annoying banging against his wall. But it was all the more disturbing when Itachi's as well as his 'guest's moaning and cries seeped through the walls. Sasuke swore they would never shut up!

"That's it!" The furious Uchiha threw back his covers and stamped out of bed. If they had a bottom floor, Sasuke would have stomped right through the floor boards.

He made his way to Itachi's room, just beside his. Without so much as knocking or warning, Sasuke kicked open the door. "Will you two horny bastards stop fucking long enough for me to get some damn rest?!" Sasuke hollered at the top of his lungs.
This request might have been effective if only the two stopped long enough to look at Sasuke's maliciously glowing red eyes and the way his veins popped out just above his eye. Then again Itachi was never subdued by his younger brother's fury, after all the younger Uchiha learned it all from him. His guest, who Sasuke referred to as just another trophy on Itachi's shelf of victims, was too hysterical with pleasure to even notice the miner in the room.

By now Sasuke was use to being ignored, but he had yet to over come the anger when they not only seemed to ignore him, but get louder. "Urgh! I'll kill you Itachi!" Sasuke yelled; tugging back on the door knob and slamming the door closed. It looked like this would just be another sleepless night for both of them.

Sasuke walked down the hall and into the kitchen, the only thing able to calm him at a moment like this was a nice glass of hot chocolate. He raided the cabinets and drawers for the mix and marshmallows. Finally finding them, he jerked the carton of milk out of the fridge and quickly started to make the soothing drink. If not for this stuff, he would have long ago gone mad.
But no one could blame him with a brother like that. Thanks to his parents' sudden death in a brutal car crash, he had been forced to live under the supervision of his College Sophomore brother. Even before then, Sasuke had known his brother was just a freak. The guy could get any woman or man in bed. Even those older than him managed to be seduced by those serious, head-strong eyes and toned muscular form. Itachi was throughout history the Prince of one night stands.

Sasuke, unfortunately, was not proud of his brother's title or reputation as a man whore. Since it's their house, Itachi always tops his victims. Seldom did he ever come home alone, and when he did it was only because he got what he wanted at school. Itachi for one couldn't care less that his brother would be traumatized for life. Though know one knew for sure what went on in that madman's head, Sasuke had noticed his sudden distance and cockiness after their parents' death. If the boy hadn't known any better, he would have thought it was Itachi's way of coping. But he ditched that idea long ago, simply because Itachi had no heart in which to feel pain and sadness.

The young Uchiha slowly made his way into the living room and plopped down on the couch. He had favoured this place now more than ever, since it was almost entirely out of reach of Itachi's ruckus. Sasuke flipped on the TV and made sure to turn it up very loud, just in case Itachi was planning to taunt him tonight. Unfortunately the only thing on at three in the morning was boring soap opera repeats and the news. And Sasuke would be damned before he ever watched a mushy, lame-brain soap opera where everyone was some else's evil twin or secret lover.

Sipping his coco lightly, his eyes were becoming hazy. He knew he would become an addict if he had to keep resorting to coco to get rest, but that would be worth it to get away from Itachi. After all, Sasuke had school in the morning and was known for his attendance and good grades. If Itachi planned to put on this stupid show for several more years, Sasuke was going to make sure he got into a college as far away as he could from his psychopathic brother.

As the final dregs of sleep tugged on the young Uchiha's eyelids, he finally gave in. Setting the cup down, he spread out on the couch, cradling one of the pillows and closing his eyes. Thank god the other's voices seemed to fade by then, allowing Sasuke to rest peacefully. Four hours of sleep were better than none, Sasuke had always told himself.

It was the unexpected rattling of pots and pans that suddenly woke Sasuke from his peaceful slumber. Groaning with great effort, Sasuke turned his head so to look at who was disrupting his sleep. His eyes immediately hardened and he was fully alert. Scavenging through their kitchen, probably in search of coffee or breakfast was the very poor sap that came home with Itachi last night. Even if Sasuke knew the guy was the real victim here, he couldn't sympathize with the enemy.

"Hey Kiddo, where's the coffee?" He asked with a long yawn. His short brown hair was unkempt and the clothes he had managed to find were practically falling off of him. This was the typical appearance of anyone who spent the night with his illustrious brother.

"First cabinet on the right." Sasuke hissed, his brows furrowing in hate. This is why he had to work his butt off at a part time job, because Itachi's little groupies always ate up their food. And Itachi was either too busy or lazy to get a job himself. Not that the scary looking male would be able to get a job with a glare like his. Any customers would be sent running before stepping through the door.

Sasuke sighed lightly and turned to look at the clock just above the TV. "Shoot!" It was already seven thirty and school was at eight thirty, and his bus was coming in ten minutes. "Damn, I should have brought my alarm clock with me." He complained, shuffling off the couch and rushing into his room.

In the course of one minute, he had managed to empty out his entire closet onto the floor in search of clothes he could wear today. He hadn't the time to check the weather as he usually did, so he had to find something that would work regardless of temperature. He would have picked out everything last night if not for his decision to get some sleep before Itachi got home, which hadn't worked in his favour after all.

Dashing into the bathroom, Sasuke hurriedly washed up and hopped into some loose, black jeans and a wrinkled dark blue shirt that said 'This is not the life I ordered' in black outlines. Since he was already notorious for his unusual hairdo, he didn't have to style it. Sasuke grabbed his bags and rushed out of the door. He would have liked to yell at Itachi all morning, but it he was still asleep and wouldn't be listening anyways.

"I better not miss it." Sasuke mumbled under breath as he ran down the sidewalk. The ground was soggy with rain from late last night, so he was careful not to slip. A smile graced his lips as he noticed the bus was just approaching the stop as he neared it. Maybe today would go in his favour after all.

Sasuke had never been so happy to scale the bus stairs and find his seat in the back where few were encouraged to bug him. He pressed his head against the window, panting. If his luck continued, maybe Itachi would be too tired to get out of bed all day. Even though that was a rare occurrence since Itachi was surprisingly serious about his school work as well as one night stands.

"S-sasuke?" He suddenly flinched hearing the hesitant female voice. Instinctively he huffed, there was only one person that had the nerve to speak to him on the bus, and she was always pretty damn persistent.

"What is it Sakura?" He restrained an impatient growl as his fearsome glare meet with the pink haired stalker.

"Well, Iruka-Sensei is going to start assigning partners for this year's parenting project and I was wondering if...you would like to partner up with me." She asked nervously. Sasuke was annoyed all the more by the visible red blush now on her cheeks. It didn't take much of a genius to notice the girl had a crush on him, but Sasuke intended to leave her hanging by acting like the thought never crossed his mind.

"Actually, I think I might partner up with Hinata today." He was secretly cackling inside his head as he saw how distorted Sakura looked once he gave her that answer. It had to hurt to know she lost to a girl that didn't even like Sasuke. Whenever Sasuke wanted to avoid being stuck with one of his fan girls, he would pick Hinata, since she was smart and not at all annoying.
"Oh, okay Sasuke." Sakura nearly whimpered. "I guess there are always other projects." She turned back around in her seat, probably sulking over her defeat, which made Sasuke happier.

In a way he knew he was a player like his brother, but at least he didn't sleep with all the girls that liked him. That might lead Itachi to think he was the one that needed to deflower him. Sasuke shivered at the thought, rubbing his shoulders quickly. That had to be his worst nightmare, he knew exactly how rough his sadistic and masochistic brother was with his lovers.
Luckily an uproar of uncontrollable laughter from his fellow classmates brought Sasuke from that eerie realization. He looked around, finding it odd that they were pointing toward the windows and laughing. Sasuke got on his knees and looked out, immediately he felt an urge to laugh as well. Some poor fool was running after the bus. Sasuke couldn't help but scrutinize the boy; he should have got up on time like the rest of them.

But as he stared more closely at the boy, he noticed that he hadn't ridden this bus before. That was sad; some kid didn't even know his own bus. Despite how amusing it was to watch the determined blonde run after them, Sasuke knew karma had a way of getting him back.

"Stop the bus!" He called out to the driver, who reluctantly obeyed. It seemed even he had enjoyed the show, but what bus driver didn't like torturing the brats they drove to school?

The bus came to a slow then stop and the doors folded back. Everyone's laughter softened into brief snickers as they watched the boy catch up. They would have left him in the dust if not for Sasuke's pity. Unfortunatly the poor blonde wasn't skilled at moving his way around on slippery ground. He lost his footing and stumbled face first into the quagmire.

Once again the bus was filled with harmonious laughter. It was obvious they had a new jinx to pick on later. Sasuke felt badly for being somewhat entertained by the spectacle and held back his chuckling. As if to mock the boy more, the laughter died down as he stepped onto the bus. His face was smudged with mud and dirt, and his hair was slowly clumping together against his neck.

Though his appearance was all too funny, Sasuke had taken particular notice to the blonde's amazing blue eyes. Never before had he seen such sparkling aqua eyes. Even though this had to be the most embarrassing moment of the boy's life, he hadn't faltered as he walked to the back of the bus. His expression was calm, not at all frustrated or sad. Was this kid stupid or just impassive?

Sasuke had only realized he had been staring for a while when the muddy blonde made his way over to him, and sat down beside him. Sasuke blinked slightly confused for a moment. Who the hell did he think he was, sitting beside the Sasuke Uchiha?! There was no doubt this idiot was new to school.

"Just in case you didn't know...you're covered in mud." Sasuke pointed out sarcastically. His expression was flat and somewhat impatient. He didn't want to be so rude as to tell the kid to move right now, but he wasn't about to just let him think he was okay with it.

The blond blinked and rubbed his cheek some as if he hadn't heard Sasuke clearly. "Yeah, I know." He finally said. "What's it to you?"

Sasuke growled. When dealing with retarded blondes, there was only one way to get something through. He raised his foot onto the chair and slid it into the other's side, pushing him off of the chair. "I want you off, got it dobe?"

"I'm no dobe!" He quickly scrambled backup to his seat. "And I can sit where the hell I want to!" He exclaimed. He plopped back down into the seat. "And if your prissy ass has a problem with it, why don't you move?"

Sasuke was in no mood for stupid blondes. He stood up, shoved the boy out of the seat before laying down on it. Sure Sasuke thought he was being childish, but there was no way he was going to let some new student walk all over him when he already got enough of that at home. "You were saying?" Sasuke smirked as he watched the blonde stand back up with a heated glare.
"Since you have problems with hearing, I think I'll show you." The shorter teen threatened. He grabbed Sasuke's feet and tugged as hard as he could, pulling the Uchiha completely out of his seat and onto the floor. He was just about to sit back down in the emptied seat, when he was suddenly shoved from behind.

"You little punk!" Sasuke yelled. Of course he wasn't expecting the boy to hit back; and so began a ruthless and completely pointless fist fight.

The students riding the bus, all watched in amazement as Sasuke was beating the crap out of some new kid, though the blonde was holding up on his part as well.

"You two stop it!" The driver yelled, stopping the bus. He stumped down the aisles and jerked both flailing boys apart. "Both of you are going to the principles office." He hissed. He dragged Sasuke by the ear and the blonde by the collar off the bus.
The rest of the teens shuffled off the bus and rushed to class, though they all wanted to know the outcome and punishment for the two boys.

"He fucking started this!" The blonde yelled; his arms and legs flinging haphazardly around as the driver pulled them into the principle's office.

"What's going on here?!" An irritated voice said. "Already causing trouble in my school Naruto?!" The lady asked, her eyes meeting maliciously with his. Sasuke calmed his tantrum, for he knew he would get out of this unscathed. No teacher would tarnish the perfect reputation of an Uchiha with charges of fighting.

He straightened finally as he was let go. "Sorry Ms. Tsunade-Sensei. I didn't mean to disturb the other students with our rough housing." Sasuke replied politely, taking a bow.

Naruto, Sasuke so happened to find out, was angrily fuming or how the raven haired teen could easily put up a disguise like that. "What the hell?! He was the one who attacked me first?! Don't believe a fucking word he says." Naruto claimed, pointing childishly at the other.

Tsunade seemed to favour the Uchiha automatically, mainly because he wasn't as rude as the blonde. "Next time either of you are brought here, you will be expelled. Especially you Naruto. It's your first day and already you are a thorn in my side. It won't be so hard to get you out of here since your paper work hasn't been logged in into the system yet." Her gaze hardened. "Now you two get to class. Oh, and Naruto get cleaned up, you're filthy."

With that said both Naruto and Sasuke rushed out of her office. "Thanks a lot you asshole." Naruto mumbled under breath. He crossed his arms and stumped down the hall. He'd be one very pissed off blonde if he had to finish the rest of his school day looking like this.

Sasuke sighed, well this was just great. He had already made an enemy with the new kid, not that he was much of a threat, just annoying. "You should have listened to me." Sasuke walked over to his locker and put away his book bag. "Come over here you runt." He demanded, immediately earning himself a deadly glare from the other.

"What is it?" Naruto hissed, stepping forward. He was surprised the next moment as Sasuke flung him clothes out of his locker.
"Put these on, unless you want to wear clothes from the lost and found." He explained bluntly.

It was fortunate he kept a change of clothes in his locker. It was only so he could have something to wear if he chose to spend a night over a friends' house to avoid Itachi. But he rarely had any personal friends, just Hinata and Lee, who he hadn't really found any attachment to. They were simply less annoying than the rest of the school, so they talked occasionally.

Naruto looked down at the clothes. Of course he was skeptical. For all he knew this is how everyone treated the new kid, only they hid itching powder in the clothes. But he would have to take the chance since he wasn't in the mood for walking around looking like a mud monster. "Umm...thanks..."

"The name's Sasuke." The Uchiha quickly interjected. "I expect those back of courseā€¦ after you wash them."

"My washing machine is broken." Naruto mentioned with a clueless gaze. Sure he appreciated the hospitality, but Sasuke did seem a little hostile still.

Sighing in frustration, Sasuke brushed back his mangled hair. "Fine, then come over my house after school. I'll wash our clothes so you can wear yours back home." He only hoped Itachi wouldn't be there. Kami knows he would never hear the end of this for bringing another boy over.

To Be Continued...

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