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April Tenth

A Fanfiction by Andrew J. Talon

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, or Final Fantasy. Those belong to their respective companies and creators. I am not writing this for profit.

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The Ancient City was similar in many ways to Atlantis. Indeed, Daniel could trace several features that seemed earlier versions of buildings and architectural structures now present in the far-off Pegasus Galaxy. As the Sierra drew closer, Daniel began to distinctly recall every event that had occurred within the huge ruins… Before a wave of turbulence shook the sleek airship.

"Cid!" Shouted Yuffie. "Can't you hold it steady?" Cid scowled behind the wheel of the ship, struggling with the tiller against still more shaking and rattling.

"Don't look at me! There's some fucking huge air distortion ahead of us!" Cloud looked forward, his ever-present scowl deepening.

"Oh yes, definitely a huge air distortion," Vala quipped, as a massive starship approached them, settling into a hover over the ancient Cetran city. Daniel gritted his teeth as the Ori battlecruiser barred their way, as though mocking the tiny airship and her crew.

"Take us in," Daniel ordered. Cid gawked stupidly.

"WHAT? Are you fucking insane?"

"If we don't get to the city control room before the Ori destroy it, we're all dead, so GO!" Daniel roared. Cid snarled and looked over at Cloud, holding onto a guardrail. The blond ex-SOLDIER nodded, to which Cid growled and spat.

"Fucking goddamned…"

"Uh… Ori fighters, incoming," Vala warned. Cid sent the Sierra into a dive, narrowly evading a salvo of burning amber energy blasts from a wave of sleek, falcon-shaped attack craft. Cid sent the airship down to the deck, the sands of the desert blowing up in the wake of the Sierra's passage. Yuffie tumbled into Daniel, both falling to the hardened glass deck while Vala was caught by a struggling Barret and Tifa. Cloud and Vincent were unmoved, as Red XIII slid into an undignified heap against the port bulkhead of the bridge.

"DAMN!" Daniel shouted out, pushing Yuffie away as he kept his eyes ahead. The vast desert separating them from the city was shrinking, Cetras' outer walls growing closer and closer…

"MOTHERFUCKER!" Cid roared, as the Sierra was rocked by an impact clearly not natural in origin. A screeching alarm went off as the Sierra's dorsal control fin was snapped off upon impact against a partially-buried rock formation.

"BASTARD SHIT!" Cid cursed once more, dodging another set of energy blasts that blew up great clouds of dost and debris ahead of them. The city's walls became closer and closer, but Daniel could still see the shadow of the Ori battlecruiser overhead. Any moment the warship would fire it's main cannon into the ruins of Cetras, taking them all with their last hope…

"HANG ON!" Cid roared.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE'RE DOING?" Barret roared back, just before the Sierra's belly scraped the desert floor and crashed through the city walls. The airship tumbled over, sending it's passengers flying about the bridge as the vessel finally, shatteringly, came to a stop.

Daniel blinked, instinctively snuggling against a soft, warm-

"Why Daniel… Do you think we have time for this?" The archaeologist cursed, as Vala, though in considerable pain, giggled at his reaction. Yuffie, rubbing her head, still managed a sultry pout.

"Really Daniel, I try to be a good wife and here you go cheating on me when we're all about to die!"

"Maybe not," Vincent intoned, floating in the ruined cockpit. Cid was cursing quietly but furiously, as he struggled to get to his feet.

"They're leaving," Cloud observed, frowning. Daniel looked out and saw that, indeed, across the city walls, the shadow of the Ori starship receded like the night before the dawn.

"But… But why?" Tifa asked, groaning as she rubbed her shoulder. Red XIII frowned and raised one of his ears. The distant sounds of weapons fire, booming in the air far above, registered. Energy based, creating sonic booms from the release of huge amounts of energy.

"Someone is firing on the Ori ship… Someone else…"

- - -

"I cannot believe this… I cannot-As if my life couldn't get any harder! Where's my goddamned easy button?" Rodney snarled. Michael sighed heavily, focusing on piloting the small Wraith scout ship out of the line of fire of both the Wraith hiveship they'd just escaped, and the strange, white starships now joining the battle.

"What kinds of ships are those?" Asked Ronan gruffly. "Asgard?"

"No, they're Ori! No way they could be anything else! Damnit, we are so screwed!" Rodney seethed. Michael sent the scoutship towards the planet below, barely avoiding the near-literal collision between dozens of Wraith and Ori fighters. The Wraith fighters swarmed the Ori vessels, dull blue attack craft buzzing about with sleek grey raiders in a growing thundercloud. The sheer number of Wraith fighters kept them in the fight, but Michael was somewhat pleased to see that the Ori vessels weren't being destroyed without Darts ramming into them.

"Screwed? Just how strong are these Ori?" Ronan asked.

"They're cousins of the Ancients, who ascended but want the rest of us to worship them as gods!" Rodney explained. Michael smirked somewhat.

"If that's so, the hiveships should be easily dispatched."

"Yeah, but the Ori are going to wipe out anything in this system. They're religious psychos. We need to get to the Ancient cityship on the surface!" Rodney said. Michael frowned and looked over the sensor readings he was getting from the planet.

"I see it… But an Ori ship is above the city." Michael stated.

Ronan frowned.

"Then we need to lead them away." Ronan turned to Rodney. "Can we get the hiveships to follow us?"

"Um, they're a might busy with the Ori right now…"

Far above the scout ship, one of the Ori battlecruisers had managed to turn its main gun on the lead Hiveship. It fired a full power blast, blowing off a "wing" of the huge ship as the Wraith vessel fired back. Its shots were easily absorbed by the Ori ship's shields, but it provided enough of a distraction for the huge ship to ascend out of it's enemy's firing range. It closed on the Ori, the second Wraith hiveship diving towards the planet and blasting away at the Ori ship hovering above the Ancient city.

"They are following us," Michael reported flatly.

"Damnit, how are we going to get around that thing?" McKay scowled, sweating heavily. Ronan glared at Michael, who shrugged.

"I'm going to see if we can," the Wraith stated flatly, before accelerating to full power right for the Ori starship. The small scoutship broke through the upper atmosphere, its hull displacing the heat without serious effort. The hiveship had to pull up, maintaining its fire on the Ori ship that was rising to meet its adversary.

"Uh, Michael… Can we pull up now? I mean, we're getting close… Michael? Michael!" Rodney squawked. Michael's eyes narrowed as Ronan moved closer to the Wraith.

"If you kill me, the ship will crash." Which was enough to make the Satedan back off, as Michael pulled up and skimmed the top of the Ori ship's shields. Michael made the vessel skip across the energy field, the air between them heating from friction and aiding in the maneuver. He brought it around the curve of the ship's shields, whipping down for the surface.

"That's the Ancient city?" Ronan asked in disbelief. Michael raised an eyebrow.

"Exactly how can we win with such a wreck?" Rodney just smirked.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"C'mon, c'mon, where is it…" Red XIII could appreciate the dire nature of the situation. They needed to find the control system for the Lifestream hidden within Cetras. However, he was still annoyed at the fact he had to carry the Tau'ri anthropologist around on his back. They raced up the side of the central tower, as the other former members of AVALANCHE followed, Vincent carrying a perfectly calm Vala with him as he flew.

"It should be… There!" Daniel shouted, pointing to one section of the tower's uppermost battlements. Like the head of a great giant deep in thought this section was bowed towards the west, with numerous windows and breaches decorating its gray, weathered exterior. Red XIII leapt for the breach Daniel pointed for and bounded along the dark, dirty corridor within, quickly followed by the rest of the team.

"Damnit, what the hell kind of control room are we going to find in this wreck?" Barret growled in annoyance.

"Hopefully, the one we need," Daniel stated simply. They at last came to a large, open chamber, which looked precisely like the embarkation room on Atlantis. Daniel smiled.

"Oh yes… This looks promising…"

"That's what we thought," said another voice above them. AVALANCHE drew their weapons as one, before Daniel shouted "No no! It's okay!"

Rodney McKay sighed and shook his head as he worked at a console above them.

"Seriously, when did my life become Star Wars?" Rodney asked flatly. Next to him stood Ronan… Daniel couldn't remember his last name, but he stood like a protective statue over the physicist. And, in the shadows stood a Wraith, his arms crossed as he observed the other people in the chamber with him.

"Uh… I take it the Wraith are the reason you're here?" Daniel asked. McKay nodded distractedly.

"Oh yeah… How'd you guess? Now then, Dr. Jackson, get up here, I need you help translating. The rest of you, please get to the power room. If you have Materia, we're going to need it."

"Hey! What right do you have to boss us around?" Yuffie seethed. McKay rolled his eyes.

"Because I'm the one who knows how to save this world. Okay? Okay…"

"Are you going to let him boss your wife around like that?" Yuffie protested. Daniel groaned as McKay gave him a raised eyebrow.

"Wife? What is it with you and alien women?!"

"Do we actually have time for this?" Daniel asked flatly.

"Not really no, but if we're all going to die I'd prefer to get in some last cutting remarks!" McKay responded. He quickly inputted some commands on the console, frown deepening. Cloud raised a single brow at Daniel. The archeaologist shrugged, as Vala walked up to the control deck. She smiled.

"Hello, I'm Vala Mal Doran. And you are?"

"Ronan Dex," he returned. She turned to Michael and frowned. The Wraith just stared impassively.

"… Michael," the Wraith said at last. Vala raised an eyebrow.

"And you're on our side?"

"He's on his own side," Ronan snarled. Vala sighed.

"Excuse me but can we get to the part where you go to the power room, use the Materia to power the defenses, and keep us from all dying?!" McKay roared.

"And how exactly do we do that?" Vincent deadpanned.

"Well, you just… Ah… Um…"

"Look," Cloud said with a sigh. "I have the Ancient Gene. I'll control the defenses, if you get down to the power room and get things working."

"Er, yes, well, that works," Rodney returned. Cloud looked at Vincent, who nodded with a barely perceptible smirk. After gathering everyone's material, he leapt up and stood next to McKay, who blinked.


Vincent grabbed McKay by the shoulders and flew off, diving through one of the numerous smashed windows in the tower. Vala went over to McKay's latop and looked it over.

"Can you run it?" Ronan asked. Michael sighed and stepped forward. Ronan shot him a warning glare.

"If necessary I can make adjustments. I am familiar with the technology, after all…"

"And we should trust the same guy whose part of the race that's fucking trying to kill us why?" Barret snarled. Daniel, now cautiously standing near Michael on the control deck, looked over the readouts.

"Uh, I hate to waste time but he has a point," Daniel noted. Michael sighed and inputted a few commands. The lights in the tower came on.

"Because I am no longer one of them," he stated simply.

Ronan's radio crackled.

"Ronan, you read me?"

"Yeah McKay."

"Right. It looks like the Materia are similar to ZPMs, only a lot smaller. If I had something to connect them all and conduct their power-Oh, thanks uh… Vincent? Yeah, thanks. Okay, hang on… You guys have lights?"

"Yes," Michael said.

"Great, that's all we're going to get for a while. Just from these early readings this material doesn't have anywhere near enough energy to activate the shields, let alone the weapons."

Cloud grimaced.

"Are you sure?"

"Unless someone has more Materia?"

All eyes turned to Yuffie. She blinked.


"Yuffie," Tifa said warningly. The ninja girl rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Fine… If the planet blows up I can't exactly make any money…" She emptied her pockets of several Materia. Tifa snatched one and growled.

"A Huge Materia?! How long have you been hiding it?!"

"It's not from you guys if that's what you're thinking!" Yuffie quickly said with a nervous smile. With a roll of her eyes, Tifa leapt out the window with the Materia in her hands. A few minutes later…

"Ronan, Michael, everyone… We might just be in business… Cloud, try activating the shield."

The former SOLDIER leaned back in the control chair, blue light shining down on him. He closed his eyes and focused. All eyes turned outside to see said shield forming like a gigantic soap bubble over the city.

"Shield is online," Cloud stated.

"Good. How about the weapon?"

"Not enough power," Cloud replied. Michael looked at the laptop.

"Just not enough raw energy," the Wraith stated. Vala shrugged.

"At least we have the shield right? And look! The battle's getting more interesting!" She said, pointing at a display screen. She could at least understand a little Ancient from hanging around Daniel so long. And the new icons were not reading as Ori.

- - - - - - - - - -

The Prometheus dropped out of hyperspace, spearheading the task force of three Daedalus-class starships and two Asgard motherships.

"Columbia, Endeavor, and Odyssey report readyGeneral, along with the Asgard," Sergeant Harriman stated. Walter smiled. He was actually happy to be back at the controls of the Prometheus. The ship was just as he remembered it.

"Good. What state are the Ori and Wraith in?" General O'Neill asked, trying not to fidget in his chair. Even after the Asgard helped the US Navy finish the two DSC-304s they had been building, they were still reluctant to let their ships follow a US Air Force general into battle. Still, they all agreed the Air Force had more experience in this arena and Jack in particular.

Still, he hadn't really wanted to lead the whole thing. Especially in this uncomfortable chair.

"Fighting eachother, sir. The two Wraith hive ships have suffered severe damage," Walter went on.

"And the Ori?" Jack asked. The crewman manning the control console next to Jack brought up an image of one of the Ori battlecruisers. An explosion ripped along it's hull, as it banked to avoid another salvo of Wraith weapons fire.

"They can punch through the shields?" O'Neill asked.

"Not exactly sir," Carter spoke up from a console behind him. "Looks like the Wraith are using their beaming technology to skim the Ori ships and put bombs inside. Since it's so direct, they can get their payloads through even though we can't with our Asgard beaming technology."

Jack frowned.

"Have our 302s launch, and tell them to set up a screen around the planet, take out any fighters from either side that approach. Carter? Are the Wraith doing enough damage to take down the Ori ship's shields?"

"Just on one sir," Sam reported. O'Neill nodded.

"Then that's our first target. Signal to all ships! Take out the damaged Ori!"

From each Earth ship, eight F-302s emerged, quickly accelerating for Planet. Their motherships pushed for the main fleet battle.

Prometheus engaged first, her Asgard-designed energy cannon firing bright blue bolts. The two Asgard motherships opened fire as well, blowing huge chunks out of the hull of the damaged warship. The 304s fired their rail guns and nukes at the ship as well, bombarding and tearing through its hull plating. Finally the ship exploded, the shockwave impacting the shields of the other Ori starships but doing no damage.

"Uh sir, I think we just made the others mad," Carter stated, as the ship rocked from a beam cannon blast.

"Shields at eighty percent!" Harriman reported. Jack scowled.

"I'm beginning to realize why I wanted to retire," he muttered. "Keep the Ori ships boxed in between us and the Wraith! Full power to weapons!" He then smirked.

"Engage! … What?" Jack asked at Carter and Harriman's looks.

- - -

Conclusion, next chapter! Stay tuned!